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Found 2 results

  1. I'm not sure if it's file format related(if so is it a bug and what are the ideal formats to bring into 3D Coat from other programs?), but I have given 3D Coat many meshes we have that ZBrush can load much faster, other programs can manage some of the data as well(they take a while but no where near as long as 3D Coat). These files range from 400MB PLY to several GB, we've not bothered to try the full data without any decimation(40GB is one of our largest atm). I have tried "Import as Surface" and "Don't close holes"(not sure if that would result in faster or slower loading). A 400MB file is still loading in after 5 hours, it's peaked at 10GB of RAM and CPU usage remains around 10-15%(single threaded?). I've had one of these files take around 7 or so hours to load. Once loaded, it was very fast to move the camera around(some operations worked others seem to make 3DC unresponsive). If saved in 3DC's native format .3b a 700MB .3b loaded in less than a second... I'm not sure what is going on with the import time for original mesh data, but it is a big barrier for us to use your software which looks very capable. Can we possibly resolve this any time soon, or is it expected to take this long?
  2. Hi guys! I'm keen to know if this problem's being looked at for the next stable build or if it's been fixed in a beta already - I can't use the beta at work as we're mid project. Thanks for any news you can offer! I'm regularly moving between PC and Mac at work (we paid extra for the dual platform license) and in .19 I'm battling the problem of windows saved files crashing mac 3D Coat on load. The app just hangs and has to be force quit. Both have the latest stable build of 3d coat. The other way has no problems: Mac saved files open fine on windows. I'm only working in the paint room. Sorry I couldn't put this in the support/paint room forum, I don't have permission to create a topic. Thanks!
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