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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, Everything is in the title. I have a 3d scan and i need to clean it, but impossible to import so far. It is a 1gb .ply, approx 55M polygons, nothing incredible for a 3d scan. I can open it in Gom Inspect. In Meshlab. In 3d scanner's software. The mesh represents a boat hull which is 10m long. 3dcoat doesnt want to import it sadly. I tried to import it as a reference. I have the last version 2021.61 I have 64gb ram, gtx1080 with 11gb of vram, Ryzen 5800x, SSDs with different partitions, 3 of them have paging file (parameters : automatic size). I just took a one month license to use 3dcoat a bit more, i used it once for cleaning a 3d scan of a sculpture and it was ok (less heavy though). I planned to use it more in my work because i saw and heard a lot of good things on it. Is this a known limitations of 3dcoat (like a particular way to import mesh or something) ? I can decimate the mesh without problem but my goal with 3dcoat, as i heard a lot of good things about its perf, was to work on raw meshes to keep maximum details and then doing the remeshing/decimating.
  2. Hi everyone, thanks for taking the time to look, I am trying to find out if 3DC uses only the dedicated graphic card memory (Mine is 8GB) or what because I am having trouble with the program just non responsive for hours to bake an occlusion on the highest quality and when i look in task manager it is only using 8GB of memory even though i have 32GB and 8GB graphics card. Its really frustrating to think my PC cant handle this and its not that complicated a scene. What am i doing wrong please this is really frustrating me. I want a really good occlusion and curvature.
  3. EDIT: Misprint, its 20,480px x 20,480px TIFF RGB @ 300 DPI. Not 20,480kb !!! Sheesh! I make print designs for sublimation fabric printing and use large files - however, 3dCoat is unique in that it presents a limit on the file size I can load into the Smart Materials Editor - beginning with the COLOR texture map - if it is TOO large. Out of Memory with Win7 Prof 64byte, 32DDR3, GTX GeForce 1080ti, 500gb Seagate, loading any image file larger than 10,240px x 10,240px TIFF RGB @ 300 DPI. See illustrated specs & interface. Everything is updated and other than opening large files (1g sized files) everything is smooth, below the above mentioned file size. These files open in Blender and other programs (I.e., Adobe CS4 Fireworks & PhotoShop etc!) without a hitch! Just not 3dCoat! SUGGESTION: Why not have a setting in USER PREFERENCES to adjust the virtual memory allocation? NOTE: Here's a 50 USD tip for designers~! Happy to announce no import duty on clothing imported into the USA as long as its registered TradeMark in China! Phew! China just cut the trademark fees 50%! It's weekend, so not pressed (I'm in China, so holidays for a few days - )... got a few days off! Cheers & thank you!
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