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  1. Lizbot

    i cant get it to bake

    You guys might be all pros but i am a beginner. 1. I dont know how to upload a video of this. 2. There is not a lot of tutorials for 3dcoat and zero for using it in SL. the issue im talking about now is a separate one from the wallotext answer you kindly gave me last issue. I scrapped that project because i have two weeks left before i have surgery and wont be able to touch anything for 6 weeks. and ive wasted 4 with files being corrupted etc. In retopo room... my entire high res sculpt and retopo layer totally disappears for no reason intermittently... ive just updated my graphics driver as carlosan suggested and hopefully that will sort it. What is texel density between object and uvset how much padding should i have how do i flip the green channel (or even find it) I know SL uses OpenGL but thats then end of my knowledge about it. In the paint room i am using smart materials on layers and painting, i must be doing this wrong or something. i thank you for the answers youve given and sorry for not responding i got overwhelmed.
  2. Lizbot

    i cant get it to bake

    I am getting a lot of issues with this program its becoming impossible to know whether its part of the program and i have done something wrong or if its just a bug. In any case I am frustrated and wasted over 70 hours on projects in the last three weeks that end up having to be trashed because i cant get it to bake, or the normal map shows seams in the bake, but the same process worked properly before, Im so annoyed. I even updated to the new release and still happening.
  3. Lizbot

    PBR Smart Materials Store Beta!

    Your materials website does not accept my credit or debit cards from New Zealand. Please advise how I am supposed to buy your products?
  4. Thanks again for your reply, I have tried this both ways, but I am going to try again because i did overwrite the file and perhaps that could have messed it up.
  5. Yes I am making the UVs in the retopo room and then making changes afterwards in the UV room. Secondlife supports multiple faces on one object, the problem is i dont think 3d coat can do it. ive watched those videos before too, thanks. I used to make an object in maya, and be able to upload it with all the separate uv faces but one UV set, so that you could apply different textures to all those faces, which meant you could increase the resolution by splitting the faces up into their own 1k files, instead of just having a 1k file to do an entire object, it would be a few 1k files over the object. 3d coat cant do this. I have managed to make an object, with the surface split into 4 different uv sets to try an achieve this better resolution, only to have the mesh surface not correspond with the new sets/faces. but perhaps i am doing it the incorrect way by using images that arent large enough? Its ok to prioritize larger faces but some of the objects im making are large, like 64 metres by 64 metres so its not going to work doing it like that. i dont think 3d coat even lets you cut a mesh into pieces and export it like maya does. i build entire sim builds so if 3d coat cant do this, it wont work for me at all, ive already lost two weeks trying to sort this out.
  6. @Emi Thanks for explaining about the Paint and Retopo objects, I really didnt understand that
  7. Thanks for the replys. I managed to figure out what was going wrong with the UVs not syncing. First off, the different rooms are handy because they break the tools down and its not so overwhelming, but... the fact that some of them don't synchronize with each other is really confusing when you are trying to learn the program. I have to say im not a fan of the disconnect, its illogical to me. This is my bumbling workflow. 1. Sculpting room 2. Retopology - I do the UVs in here because.. why wouldnt you if it has the exact tools as the UV room? 3. Paint room - export low poly model and 2k textures 4. Upload to SL to discover the textures are not acceptably clear. 5. Go back to retopo and clear uvs and break them up into different sets, 6. Bake from retopo room 7. Got to UV room and update UV's 8. Go Back to paint room and export the mesh and textures again 9. Upload to SL to discover that the UV set faces did not translate to the mesh and is now a mess of stretched textures and black parts. 10. Scream obscenities into pillow 11. Delete project and start again in frustration.
  8. These are great suggestions, I didn't fully understand Plane offset, I understand how you are saying it works and the difference it has from the depth but, i still do not understand why it is better to do it with offset instead of depth when it seems to me to have the same effect. Keeping in mind i am still learning about mesh and only recently purchased 3d coat. I hope the team take on these ideas, thanks for taking the time to make the videos
  9. Hi everyone, thanks for the help... Ive made new uv sets, transferred the islands to the respective sets then used the update uv sets, then deleted unused sets, the new uv set applied and appears in the paint room but the old ones remain in the retopo room. When i try upload the mesh to secondlife, it appears the old UV set is the one exported because im getting black space and massive stretching on the texture. What have i done wrong for this?
  10. Tony all i have now is a low poly mesh island with a single 2k texture, doesnt seem to be any easy way to increase resolution with splitting the uvs up so i went back to my original and will just live with it. Thanks for your response though.
  11. dont worry im almost having a meltdown over it i combined the uvs and everyone can look at blurry texture. - I had been able to get the model into secondlife with all the corresponding textures by splitting the mesh into quarters as per uv sets. the only problem is the meshes dont line up anymore once they are uploaded so im giving up ive already wasted 2 days on this thing and im ready to throw my pc in front of a train.
  12. yes thats what i did. ive switched back to maya. What i have is a large round mesh island. the secondlife engine supports only up to 2k texture size so for an item 64 metres by 64 metres its pretty blurry. What i am wanting to do is have it split into quarters so each quarter has its own separate UV tile/set so that i can apply the exported 1k textures to each quarter of the large object. unless there is another way to get better resolution? sorry i have aspergers i cant always describe things accurately, thanks for your patience.
  13. Thanks Carlosan, ive already figured out how to make separate uv sets, i just cant get the texture to be seamless where the sets join on the face of the object. is there a way to match these uv set edges up so the texture will be a seamless join?
  14. Hi there, I'm new to using 3D Coat, im making a low poly mesh to upload to SecondLife, the problem is i need to make an object 64 x 64 in size have a better texture resolution than 1024x1024 across the entire surface. Ive discovered that you can make new UV sets and split parts of the object into quarter for the uv faces/sets but they do not sync up to make it seamless. I'm getting pretty frustrated and can't find any tutorials on this. Am I starting off with wrong resolution on the textures ive uploaded to 3d Coat and made smart materials etc and that is making my textures blurry? also one more thing, when i am in retopo room my model disappears completely and i have to load the save file, its getting so annoying. like this program is great but it has some major bugs and problems. please help...
  15. Lizbot

    PBR Smart Materials Store Beta!

    I'm a new user to 3D coat and i have to say... If i had have known how little smart materials came with the program i would not have purchased it. In the video showcasing it, makes it look like there are hundreds of really cool materials. Disappointing to find out not only that there is only a few, but anyway... this library seems like a good idea, but not if i have to purchase a subscription to use them.