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  1. This was happening before I moved to the updated version, but now its become a massive issue, all of the materials i purchased from the 3d Coat store, are broken. Have i installed them incorrectly? or is there a specific place i need to file them in order for them to work.
  2. Lizbot

    3DCoat 4.9 testing thread

    Thanks for the new version, quick question, when i installed it, it deleted all the custom brushes, models, materials etc i had saved, how do I get those back.
  3. Lizbot

    retopo bug?

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/wfs93q18vvaxp5v/tjunctionroad.3b?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/0otewrezu0fkunm/crossroad.3b?dl=0 Thank you, the crossroad file is the original, the tjunction is the changed one that wont snap the retopo. i dont even know if i am doing everything correctly i just learnt from watching tutorials and making errors, i just do what works, any suggestions are appreciated.
  4. Lizbot

    retopo bug?

    Yes sorry, i hope this is good enough, if not you will have to tell me how youd like me to share it, im sorry i had a rough day and this didnt help. Any help is appreciated.
  5. Lizbot

    retopo bug?

    i just updated to version 4.8.44 and same thing, its ignoring the changes i have made to the sculpt. did i put my SOS urgent request for help in the right area? you know, im just going to remake it from scratch, the amount of time ive wasted waiting for help i could have made it already. thanks anyway.,
  6. Lizbot

    retopo bug?

    I am using 4.8.37 that is the latest version i can see to download from the website. I purchased through steam and steam doesnt seem to push updates just as a side note. Can you give me a link to a version that does not have this bug, i have been unable to work on this file. i dont want to redo the entire thing.
  7. Lizbot

    retopo bug?

    Anyone please? it is urgent id be most appreciative if someone knew how to fix this
  8. Lizbot

    retopo bug?

    merge uv set didnt work n the last one i did, i had to redo the entire retopo mesh and i lost a day i really do not want to do that again. is it a bug or is it because i altered the sculpt and had already baked the un-altered object. I cant find any info or tutorials on how to add things into your scene, once you have already done retopo, uvs, baking and painting, i did it and got to baking part and it just replaced the paint object that was already in the paint room instead of adding to it. what am i doing wrong here. or can 3d coat not do this
  9. Lizbot

    retopo bug?

    yes im working on the right uv set, i dont want to merge it as it will take too long to separate it again
  10. Anyone.... I have altered a sculpt object then gone into retopo to change the retopo, add new faces etc, it is split into three different uv sets, when i try to add geometry it wont snap to the surface of the sculpt. Any reason why this is happening and how i can fix it please.
  11. sorry where are we getting version 4.8.39? all i can see is 4.8.37 which im using.
  12. Lizbot

    i cant get it to bake

    You guys might be all pros but i am a beginner. 1. I dont know how to upload a video of this. 2. There is not a lot of tutorials for 3dcoat and zero for using it in SL. the issue im talking about now is a separate one from the wallotext answer you kindly gave me last issue. I scrapped that project because i have two weeks left before i have surgery and wont be able to touch anything for 6 weeks. and ive wasted 4 with files being corrupted etc. In retopo room... my entire high res sculpt and retopo layer totally disappears for no reason intermittently... ive just updated my graphics driver as carlosan suggested and hopefully that will sort it. What is texel density between object and uvset how much padding should i have how do i flip the green channel (or even find it) I know SL uses OpenGL but thats then end of my knowledge about it. In the paint room i am using smart materials on layers and painting, i must be doing this wrong or something. i thank you for the answers youve given and sorry for not responding i got overwhelmed.
  13. Lizbot

    i cant get it to bake

    I am getting a lot of issues with this program its becoming impossible to know whether its part of the program and i have done something wrong or if its just a bug. In any case I am frustrated and wasted over 70 hours on projects in the last three weeks that end up having to be trashed because i cant get it to bake, or the normal map shows seams in the bake, but the same process worked properly before, Im so annoyed. I even updated to the new release and still happening.
  14. Lizbot

    PBR Smart Materials Store Beta!

    Your materials website does not accept my credit or debit cards from New Zealand. Please advise how I am supposed to buy your products?