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Found 6 results

  1. I need to change this to a more urgent topic because it actually prevents me from further work with texturing in Blender. I Autopoed some objects, auto-unwrapped their UVs and exported them along with baked normal maps to Blender and Substance Painter. All parameters and presets were set to Blender or OpenGL. However strangely, after applying the correspondent Normalmaps the objects appeared to have a lot of artifacts and seams in Blender than in SP. Details were also less clear than in SP. This stopped me from any further works in Blender. For your information, if I set the bake and export settings to Substance Painter instead, it also renders incorrectly in SP.
  2. I use Autopo to retopo some objects and export them to Blender and Substance Painter. All parameters and presets were set to Blender or Cycles. However strangely, the objects appeared to have a lot of artifacts and seams in Blender than in SP. Details were also less clear than in SP.
  3. I ran into this weird issue while baking a model in 3dcoat, the normal map comes out with weird breaking , i looked for a solution online but didn't manage to find any . its like im seeing the low poly topology after the bake . my friend ran into this issue aswell not too long ago and he also didnt find any solution so he just baked the normal on another program. would like to find a solution for this instead of having to bake normals on other programs . thanks in advance .
  4. OK, this is really bugging me now. Why does 3D Coat generate such weird normal maps when compared to other programs? These weird normal maps do work, but they cause shading artefacts in Blender Cycles, so I would like to know the reason. I have played with the normal map settings in 3D Coat's preferences, but I am no closer to understanding. To illustrate what I am talking about, see the three attached normal maps. These are all created from the exact same high poly and low poly meshes (basically a cube with some patterns drawn on in 3D Coat's sculpting room). All maps are 2k, and should be Tangent Space. The two that look kind of similar were generated in Blender and Substance. The one that looks totally different is generated in 3D Coat. To be clear, I am not just talking about the padding. I know that 3D Coat uses a different mechanism for the padding. I am talking about the actual faces of the cube. Blender and Substance seem to deal with this "correctly", and you can see a flat surface with the pattern drawn on. 3D Coat does not. Why is this? ModelFiles.zip
  5. Hi A little feature whish I have is to have clip masks for normal maps layers. It would work like that: A clipped normal map would just blend to the value RGB = 0.5 0.5 1 It would make normal and depth blending with the follwing layers easier. Thanks for considering -ray
  6. Basically what it says on the topic. Currently when importing coloro/normal/etc from file to paintroom the colormap is applied to the selected layer, but a new layer is created for normalmap, where the normalmap texture is applied to the color layer and applied to the model with a normalmap modulation. Mainly this is a problem when some changes are needed on a model mid texturing and it is exported with textures, edited and imported again and the exported textures are imported back to resume work.
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