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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, Still a newbie to 3dcoat, sorry in advance if this is in the wrong place to post this question. I have a few questions, I am not sure if my workflow is correct. What I normally do is take a decimated version of my high res sculpt into 3DCoat as a reference mesh, then I retopo it, I do the uvs from the retopo room and export out as an obj. Normally that has been working fine. I recently had some issues as the obj wasn't working for me with something else so I had to change the export to fbx to go into my other programme. My issue is that I have one model and I need 4 uv maps, which I created and named. so i exported out the retoped model as an fbx but when I took it into sub painter (version 1.71) the uv maps were broken up into lots of different parts.... Could someone point me in the right direction with the uving, I have watched multiple tutorials but still can't see the answer I need. Am I missing a step in the process with uving? Thank you in advance.
  2. Hi everyone, I have taught myself how to use 3d packages, and I have been making models for games, but as I am self taught I am not sure I am doing it correctly.I see other peoples uv/normal maps and they all look fabulously clean etc. Mine have all sorts of stuff going on. I have looked at my workflow, tried and tested lots of different variants but they always look rubbish. I do freelance work for a local company and they seem to be of the opinion its okay, but I feel like its the blind leading the blind.As I have only done work for them, I am not sure another employer would see it that way. My workflow : High Poly model in Zbrush 3Dcoat to retopo and uv Substance painter for baking and painting. (Client wants me to bake and paint in sub painter) I get nasty projection issues in sub painter- I have just been in 3Dcoat and done the lowpoly naming and also fiddled with the uv map padding /spacing but I still get issues. My Character is wearing lots of armour and when I zoom in I can see lots of artifacting and I know its because everything is so close together. How do I get a clean projection? Is there something I am missing in 3Dcoat or my process? Any advice /help would be gratefully appreciated and hopefullyI will be able to work for more than one client.:) Here is my normal map at last bake Thank you in advance. Test-bake uv33.jp2
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