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Found 2 results

  1. Hey, I am really having a hard time getting 3D coat to work with any kind of scale value, I need to be able to sculpt to exact scales and dimensions. What I am trying to do is sculpt a terrain, and setting a sculpt brush to always sculpt to a max height. So for example I could sculpt to a max height of 300 meters and know when I export my heightmap and then import into engine, that the height will be 300 meters. There have been a few issues I have found, firstly I could not seem to export a heightmap where I could set white to be 3200 meters and black to be 0. Instead 3D coat always makes the heightst point value white. So I decided I would sculpt 2 spots on my mesh, one to be 3200 meters and one at 0 meters, which I would not sculpt above or below, ensuring white would be 3200 and black 0. Unfortunatly I then realized that brush depth changes depending on the radius of the sculpt brush and I have no idea how I am supposed to ensure I am working with correct scales. Please tell me there is a way to work in 3D coat with exact dimensions.
  2. Hello, when I open a 3DCoat project as a new session, and import an object, I get the prompt to preserve the scale of the object for export (Yes or No). Clicking "Yes" will ostensibly scale the entire scene — and in my experience when exporting, the relative size of the object imported into 3DCoat is maintained 1:1 in the origin app when exporting from 3DCoat. This is a great and very essential feature and saves a ton of scaling work or messing about with units, etc. However, here's my quesiton: Is this scale stored anywhere? Is it possible to persist it between sessions, like "loading" this scale setting for instance when working with something that is intended to be sent to Blender or something? I can find FBX export units mm/cm/m but not anything like scene scale anywhere. I'd much appreciate any info on where I can find something like current scene scale relative to default scene scale, or change it, if it exists Thank you for your time and any responses
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