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Smart Material Preview won't close ever!

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Hi there gang,


I'm new to the forum but have been 3D Coat for about a year. I really like the program, I use it commercially for the game we are making.


The new PBR features are pretty good, I am however struggling with a couple of things.


1. I can't find a way to close the damned 'Smart Material Preview' window. It causes a lag every time i try to move my point of view in the viewport, while it re-renders the view. I realise you can minimise it, but as soon as you get out the fill bucket it pops back up and lags the crap out of my comp.


2. I can't see any reflections on my smart metals at the moment. I just get a flat colour. It's as though the reflections are turned off in the options somewhere. I have attached an image two show problem (2)



Please help!





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Hey thanks for the response, but the window continues to cause pausing/lagging unless it is minimised. So whenever you switch to paint bucket mode you get lag every time the Smart Material WIndow reloads the material.


I guess you need to be able to toggle the window.

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