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Animating in 2D and 2 1/2 D with Blender


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My personal journey into the world of 3D CGI was always motivated by an underlying love and appreciation for plain old, ordinary 2D animation.  For many years and even decades, now, I have looked at 3D only as a tool to accomplish what I've always wanted to do in plain old 2D - having been raised on quality Warner Bros. cartoons -  with a little classic Disney thrown in there (access to Disney Cartoons was quite  limited back then).

2D Animation Software that was both intuitive (simple to use) and highly functional has been mostly unknown and the focus, just like  it is in the 3D world,  has been on providing tools for Studios.  By necessity and by design, all such 2D animation  software has been aimed at Technical Directors, primarily - not directly at artists - since studios depend on T.D.s to figure everything out first - and then regurgitate their knowledge to the humble hoards of artists and animators - resulting in what we all have come to know and love - that thing called WORKFLOW a.k.a.  PIPELINES.

Any way you look at it - there will always be WORKFLOW to learn and techniques to master - when dealing with any kind of software.

I have dedicated a relatively new YouTube Channel to the goal of understanding 2D Animation Software - with a focus on mastering the simplest, most direct methods of producing desirable animation results.  Those who know me here, know that I really detest unnecessary complication - and try to  avoid it at all costs.  This is also a main focus of my YouTube Channel.

So far, I have featured 3 main software applications - OpenToonz - Moho 12 and Blender (Grease Pencil Animation Suite).  I have tried to be objective - demonstrating which tools are best for several animation tasks.  Since these videos are FREE - to view - and  COMMERCIAL FREE, as well - why not take a look and see if you find any of the videos to be useful:



Greg Smith


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