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I'm trying to switch from Substance Painter to Textura.
Is there a way to paint on 2D like in Substance Painter. I'm doing a tutorial that involves using a 'picture' like a stencil in Substance. I'm applying it in the 'texture editor' window because the model is a cylinder. It's doing all kinds of bonkers stuff, getting twisted up, warping, and then doing nothing when I hit 'apply'. It would be better I think if I could load the picture as a 3DCT stencil and paint it on in the view port - but can I make the viewport show a flat 2D UV layout like Substance does... or am I stuck using the texture editor window?

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Thanks, that's confirmed it for me. Texture Editor IS the same 2D view as in Substance.
I continued on with the tutorial I was on, most of the issues I was having applying a picture in the Texture Editor was due to me having a 'Strip' still active. Other issues were probably the result of back to front UV's, idk, wasn't my model.

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