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some beginner questions

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Hey guys I'm new to 3D coat,

I'll introduce myself first:

I'm Ramon from the Netherlands and I'm a 3D hobbyist for now (hope to work in the 3D scene in the future).

My main 3D package is Modo 401 (soon 501!!!).

I also own Zbrush which I'm learning atm.

After learning I'll try some voxel sculpting aswell.

Anyway I got some beginner question when I first opened 3D coat yesterday.

First I tried opening a mesh in the open gl version of this program but 3d coat crashed (I have GTX 470).

The directx version works fine though, so it's not a major issue.

Second question is about workflow:

Oke I have a sculpt from zbrush which is not so highpoly yet (about 300k).

I want to retopo it in 3d coat before I continue sculpting in zbrush.

What I did was:

import the mesh for retopo.

then I setup the settings and put some lines on the sculpt for the edge flow.

then I let it auto retopo.

after this I get a good mesh on it's got some tri's and ngongs. is this avoidable so I get a quads only mesh?

or should I clean it up?

Anyway the I want to export the retopo so I can use it in zbrush or modo again.

I went to the retopo pull down menu and selected 'export' and saved it as a OBJ file.

Then I tried opening this OBJ in Modo or Zbrush and it doesn't open.

Did I do anything wrong here?

Hope someone can help me here.

thnx in advance


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Hello Ramon and welcome to the community! :drinks:

> about tris and n-gons:

You can fix this manually with Retopo tools, or you may apply Catmull-Clark subdivision once (but it will increase amount of polys 4 times)!

> as for OBJ error:

I don't know what's wrong. You could post that OBJ here, and I will test it ASAP. :)

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