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  1. Interesting, what is the padding like on the bake? In MODO, what settings are you using too?
  2. Javis Jones helped me out- thanks Javis! I figured out a good starting point. Used tube clay, and then created an alpha with some vertical type lines, turned the intensity down low, spacing set very low, and detail up. For a more "fur" like rake, I used a fallof curve so it starts out gradual in intensity and then ends quickly. Not sure how to save a preset...but here is the file from me going to my preset and right clicking-> save presets. 3DC Fake Rake LC
  3. I know it must be easy to create a LC rake brush...but I can't figure out how to do it. LC seems to take the alpha and space it nicely...and I just want to drag it out (with some of the stipple alphas). I mainly wanted to sculpt in some rough fur on an animal. Any thoughts on how to do this? Thanks, -g
  4. If I try to export maps via Textures->Export- I only get black files, or oddly, a weird solid purple/roayl blue color for displacement. I can export the maps if I go File->Export- though that has fewer options it seems, and still my displacement maps have a weird purple fill (see image). Normal maps using File->export and other maps seem fine...sans this weird purple fill in the displacements... Any suggestions?
  5. Down a little further on the list is vector displacement, which you could do before threw a third party node, but now with it more widely distributed, I think will get used more. AFAIK mudbox and 3DC are the only applications that currently generate such maps. Maybe a good time to press into the SI front and sell some 3DC licenses eh? I really think this is only a positive for 3DC.
  6. Sorry that was just a general gripe in my rant along with several other points that were not targeted at you. Sorry for the confusion. I will have to look up this tech you are talking about as it sounds interesting. I wonder though; since it was demoed by nvidia, does that mean it is something more well suited to GPU enabled applications?
  7. Don't you think there is s big difference between live optimization and putting it through the decimation in zb? I found the feature in zb amazing for things that were to be...not deformed...but if you were going to deform or add some modeling to it it's a nightmare IMHO. Besides, sculptris meshes are fairly light weight IMHO. Getting it to do quads, in real time, and optimized...well good luck to em! The rendering in zb is garbage IMHO, granted, some people who like to torture themselves find it rewarding, and produce amazing things with it, but I like using a standard render engine and scene, with real shaders etc. Besides...with GPUs around I think it's time they canned it and went with something more flexible and faster for the rendering side of things. I'm not holding my breath though on ANYTHING pixologic promises, or reports to be doing. Until it's released and in the public hands, it's hype or vaporware given their track record. The funny thing is that the sculptris paint tools, while = to ms paint when compared to 3DC or Bodypaint, is light years beyond the current half baked zb method- so hopefully that will improve for all of those people looking to detail their models in it. Almost none of this solves the on going and problematic issues of using zb though- how do you get, easily and reliably, all of the goodness from zb into your standard 3D program? Half of the good stuff still lives and dies at the edges of its windows or requires un-necessary voo-doo IMHO. No...the biggest things to me that would be gains for pixologic are: A: ditch their idea of what a UI should be and go with the sculptris version B: Use the adaptive subdivision tech to help relieve the sub divide to oblivion method C: Use real paint tool methods- stop trying to re-invent the wheel that already been done- and just use what sculptris has to offer.
  8. Only problem is...didn't mudbox 1 have a similar adaptive style...but when it came to actually doing more flexible things with the model and changing resolution they had to abandon it? Hey +1 that AD didn't get it. Fact is though...they didn't need it. -2 that the dude sold out so quickly. He could have made it further on his own or with his own small team OR even just sold it for more in a year or so. Oh well- I could care less to be honest. I'll be surprised to see a program with the functionality of sculptris AND zb in the next five years at the rate Pixologic works. They'll probably manage to make a detestable interface while their at it though! I also the "cool" factor is going to play out when something costs 600 bucks vs. Free. A lot of expectations change between those two models of funding!
  9. Thank you for posting this! I must admit, I've only read the first page, but it seems like a great line of thought on the creative process in general, and one that truly applies to things like animation/illustration. I'm not sure if it's totally kosher or not to have compiled it into a PDF, but I did, so it's easier to read etc. If there is any issues with doing this I'll be sure to delete the files etc., but I think it's OK! WD how to train an animator_compressed 2.pdf
  10. To be clear, AFAIK, the painting is very basic (No, not MS or Mac Paint basic...but basic). That said, it works, does bump maps etc. and would probably be more than enough for most hobbyist, or if a project didn't require anything nearly as robust as 3DC. Well I guess if you're also REALLY talented and like things basic then it would be good. It IS however much easier, and in my opinion, superior to using zbrush for texture painting (but that's not saying much is it). Not knocking zb by the way, just calling it as I see it! I haven't tried bringing in a model with my own UV maps yet to see how it handles things- and I'm betting it can't to overlapping UVs etc. but I could be wrong. Hopefully this guys road trip he's on has him passing through Kiev as I think he and Andrew could really talk 3D tech and math shop given their gaming backgrounds and abilities! -g
  11. Nice esp. for the price! I should probably learn some real sculpting methods and use references...and actually sculpt more often than once a year, but hey, not bad for the first time in the app (and my horrible skill level)- it's that easy to use. I never used the sub-divide button either...I think its a good amount of detail for just 85k in triangles! Did the horrible texture map in Sculptris too... I couldn't figure out how to zoom with my pen tablet either- I guess I'll have to set up a tab for it on the board? It shows since I spent too much time zoomed close in...gotta step back to see where you're messing up eh! I called her "Ezra- Queen of the Horrible and Evil Kinect E3 Release Show".
  12. But 3DC doesn't use OpenCL yet right, so I wouldn't really gain anything with a radeon card- correct? I love AMD, but I still am kind of weary of using any ATI cards...the drivers kind of mess with programs like SI too much... Now if it were for games alone...well then I'd be hitting it up!
  13. Sorry to jump in on your thread iangregory, but I was wondering...if you have to choose between two cards, one with less RAM but more cores, and one with more RAM and fewer cores, but otherwise that are not too different...which one would you opt for? Will 3DC in CUDA voxel sculpting only use your video cards RAM or will it use your system RAM too? I'm on a budget...and I HATE to over heat my system because of a large video card etc. So I'm looking at something like this: To put it in perspective, my current card only has 8 streaming processors! I don't play games, most of my 3D is RENDERING intensive not realtime intensive...still even this card should be a huge improvement right? Mr. Jones- I know you have that beefy card, but I'm not hacking my case or upgrading my power supply just so I can sculpt bacteria living on mites that are living on fleas, that are living on rats that are... In the end, I'd like to dip my toe in the voxel sculpting world a bit more and see if I can ditch zbrush with this card in my machine. Heck I'll probably ditch zbrush anyway since I need to upgrade some expensive software licenses soon. To be honest I only need to sculpt something once in a blue moon...and often it's only of moderate density (aka 2 million triangles or so). The rest I'd do with procedural textures or normal mapping anyway. So will this card get me over that hump?! Thanks, Gideon
  14. Will this maybe mean a version of 3DC with OpenCL enabled could be more of a reality, and thus open the doors of accelerated voxel sculpting to ATI users as well?