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  1. Taros


    The bases are rendered in Blender 2.8 with the Eevee render engine. Not printed yet.
  2. Taros

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    I will contact you sometime next week and show you what I mean. Both topics. It's fast to show. I can provide you the example scene then. Removing undercuts needs very long to calculate too. Much longer then v4.8.20.
  3. Taros

    Sculptures for Tabletop Games

    This is a set of five 40 mm bases I've created for Tabletop games. The bases are created for a world of Lava or cold Lava, where Knights, Giants and Dragons fight for their power. But even if you are not fighting with dragons, the bases may fit into you Space collection? The "dragon egg" could be an Alien egg, right? Package includes The Dragon Egg - A Fire Dragon placed its egg into a lava base, but it could has been an Alien too. The Lava Stones - Some stones, somewhere in the lava sea... on a hot planet. Lava Chains - Who lost this chains? An escaped dragon or a fled Alien?! Lava Stream - "Slowly travels a lava stream, somewhere in the lava sea." The Broken Dragon Anchor - Someone tried to keep a proud dragon. Nice try... Turntable on YouTube The turntable is rendered in Blender. I've used Blenders new realtime render engine Eevee. The animation has 1.000 frames at 50/s in Full HD. Render time is 2 seconds per image!
  4. Taros

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    The current version has overall shortcut problems. My manually set shortcuts don't work always. 3DC doesn't activate my custom shortcuts after a time period.
  5. Taros

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Bug found in version 4.8.25 Sculpt area: "Deleting multiple layers - Bug" How to reproduce: 1. VoxTree: Mark multiple layers (three or more). 2. Click on the trashcan icon in the bottom menu of the vox tree. -> The first selected layer will be deleted only. -> What should happen: All selected layers should be deleted. If you are using the RMB menu instead all works and the selected layers will be deleted completely. Please fix this. Thank you.
  6. Taros

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Is there a reason why in the current version the "Merge Visible" function is much slower? Tried to merge some layers to a 32x voxel layer. No chance. Waited some minutes and closed the windows task then. In v4.8.20 same scene were managed in some seconds. By the way: Thank you for fixing the Preset saving bug I mentioned some days before but there is still a small issue there: I have to click twice to get the right background stencil (camera projection texture) size. This problem existed already before.
  7. Taros

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Thank you. Unfortunately doesn't work here. (v4.8.20)
  8. Taros

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Thank you Carlos. You are right. The bug is fixed in v4.8.23. At the moment I'm not using the beta for my projects anymore because of instability.
  9. Taros

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    "Delete Child layer bug" Can someone conform this bug please? Found in v4.8.20. Reproduce steps: 1. Start with a scene in voxel room. 2. Create a layer with a voxel object (layer A). 3. Create a empty voxel layer (Layer B). 4. Make the voxel layer (Layer A ) be the CHILD of the empty voxel layer B object. Layer B (empty layer) Layer A (object layer) 5. Delete Layer A (voxel object). 6. Press UNDO. -> No undo possible, object layer A is forever gone...
  10. Taros

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Hi Javis. Basically your idea to store the camera position is very important. Especially when working with texture projections. It's the only way to store the size and position. So I need it too. But I have found how to reproduce the ugly bug. I've reproduced it on a different pc of a friend. How to reproduce the tool camera store bug in v.4.8.20 (Master) and all later versions: 1. Choose the extrude tool e.g. Move the camera to change the position. Store the tool in the Presets tab. Use the "What to store->Store Camera" option, before storing the preset. 2. Now switch to a different tool. "Smooth" e.g. Change the camera here. 3. Switch back to Extrude, by clicking on the left main menu. -> Voila the camera change eo the "preset" position. WHY?! I've not clicked the preset, I clicked the main tool on the left. 4. Ok. Move the camera now and click on the smooth tool. -> Bam! Camera changes again. To the last smooth camera position... -> Bug So why this happen? Here is the reason and have to be solved very soon: As soon as you activate the preset option "Store camera" 3DCoat begins to save the camera for all tools you switch between from now. Even if you don't click on a preset it will load the last used camera positions. This makes an artist crazy. If you want to solve it temporarly you have two ways currently: 1. Don't use presets by using camera storing mode. 2. Update the preset by disabling the Store camera mode. Then 3D-Coat will update the tools click by click to the new mode. So. Actually it's still a bug, because storing the camera position is an important feature. Andrew, please fix it. Best wishes Chris
  11. Taros

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Can someone tell me how to switch off storing camera position when switching brushes? 3D-Coat stores the camera position individually per brush tool. I don't know who had this idea, but it makes me crazy. How to switch this function off? It's unfortunately on by default. Someone has an idea? Haven't found the option to switch it off. EDIT: It's a bug. I solved it by resetting the complete user data folder ( I renamed the old one and 3DC created a new clean user data folder). Not nice... EDIT: Bug not solved. It's still there and I have a solution. See my post below Javis post. Best wishes Chri
  12. Taros

    Retopo CartoonCar

    Hi. Falls Du meine Serie noch nicht kennst, schau mal hier rein. Teil 7 könnte Dir evtl. auch helfen.
  13. I close this thread now. All is said and the "discussion" is moving slowly into the wrong direction. People started again to compare one great software with another great software. This is not professional. Nobody is forced to use 3D-Coat nor zBrush or whatever else. And if you are a real pro you will always use the tool you need to solve your work in a fast way. In my opinion a professional user can like one special software more than another but don't place other tools into a negative light. But this is happening here very often. So well. Thank you all for your answers and opinions. Chris
  14. I can't confirm your bug in the pro version. I haven't tested it in the amateur edition. I've tested it with v.4.8.20 and the default sphere model, that is delivered with 3D-Coat in paint room. The ENTER key works like expected with the Spline Text Tool. The same result for Transform/Copy Tool. All is fine here, too. What system are you using? Wat is your hardware configuration? Especiylly the graphics card.
  15. Taros

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Visibility could be a solution. But it's a bit confusing for the common users if you have to hide the paint objects and show the voxels to use them for baking a curvature map in the paint room. Sounds not logic: Why should be someting baked on an invisible model? It must be a global solution that work for all baking methods. Better and more usable would be to set options in the tool that need them. In this case the curvature window e.g. Then it's there, where it's needed. Much easier to explain to users. At this point it would be good to have just one menu option in the retopo room: "Bake maps". An single assistant window would appear then and the user could just set what have to be baked and which options control the baking. But it's not time for ideas. About Andrew: No problem. I have time. More important is to mention the issues. We have no influence to the development shedule anyway.