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  1. Taros


    Artworks created completely in 3D-Coat or in combination with it.
  2. It was in 2015 I posted this...
  3. Taros

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    What happened to the great unwrap routines in 3D-Coat? I have problems when unwrapping models in 3D-Coat since some time. First I was not shure if this was a real issue. But since I am working more in blender I have the feeling something is wrong with the unwrap routines of 3D-Coat. What I have done is to try to unwrap a special capsule model in 3D-Coat. I needed such a model for my current project and it was not possible to get a nice UV map in 3D-Coat. So I tried it in blender. I did not expect blender would make the job better, because I know the good 3DC routines. But I was wrong... blender made it much better. So please are you so kind and check, why a tool like 3D-Coat is not able to unwrap my example model well? I observe warped uv islands since some time in 3D-Coat but never thought it could be a problem with the app. But it seem so. In the future I will use the blender internal unwrap more. See my screenshot for the problem. I have attached the model to this post too. Thanks Chris capsule_unwrap.obj
  4. Taros

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    4.8.09 I am missing the stencil projection controls in the top viewport when using a smart material mask/texture. How to activate them? I mean the buttons to move, rotate and scale a mask/stencil.
  5. Taros

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    I do not use facebook so when I visit the link I do not see something.
  6. Taros

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    There is no new curves option to active in preferences... where can I find it? Or did you disabled it for safety?
  7. Taros

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    If the uv room is a kind of "uv workbench" then you are right. This should be communicated better, in my opinion.
  8. Taros

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    BUG in UV-Room: 1. Start with a default pixel painting sphere. Press Shift+W to see UV seams. 2. Got to UV room 3. Press "Unwrap" -> You will get new UV islands. That is ok. 4. Now go back to Paint room -> Press "Cancel" in the dialog to ignore your UV changes 5. View your UV seams -> All seems ok... but: 6. Go back to UV room again -> Chack your UV preview window: All UVs are still unwrapped but not like origin. This means: the "Cancel" button does not work!!! Can someone confirm this bug please? Best wishes Chris
  9. Taros

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    "Bug" Retopo room: "Use visible paint objects as retopo" is buggy. All objects will be used as retopo, not the visible only... So the sentence is a bit confusing. I would like to import the visible only or better: select the objects that have to be moved to the retopo room please. By the way: It would be very helpful to select which subobject have to be exported out of the paint room please. Not the whole scene.
  10. Taros

    UV select

    Im UV room: 1. Island auswählen 2. Links im Menu Selected->Hide Fertig... Wenn man nur das selektierte Island sehen will: auswählen, invert, hide... Alles wieder einblenden: Selected->Unhide/Unhide All Grüße Chris
  11. Taros

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Bug: Background->Ref-image can not be replaced, if using the same file name for replacing image. How to reproduce: 1. Create a background image: f.e. myimage.png 2. Set it to one of the axis in 3DC and close guides. 3. Edit myimage.png in your external program (photoshop f.e.) and replace the origin file with the update. 4. Edit image placement in 3DC and try to load the new version of myimage.png. -> No changes. 3DC seem to use the file in the cache instead of reloading it from disk. The only workaroud is to save myimage.png using a new name. This happend to alphas and stencils in the history too. I hope it was fixed there. Have not tried it. Can someone reproduce this? Best wishes Chris
  12. Taros


    Ich weiß, was Du meinst vidi. Ich habe hier Version 4.7.35 und da bewegen sich die Punkte ausgeblendeter Islands nicht mit. Das müsst jetzt eine Weile gehen. Aber wenn man sie einblendet, dann bewegt man weiterhin alle sichtbaren Punkte. Und sobald sie zu nahe kommen, dann verschmelzen sie auch miteinander. Leider...
  13. Taros

    3DCoat 4.7 (BETA testing thread)

    Hey Carlos. Thank you for the hint. Did not realised this option. How long is this feature already implemented? But even if it helps: It does not help to find materials in a fast way. There are still too many open tasks here. The idea to switch folders off is a nice workaround and helps, but it should be concepted out and implemented better to fulfill the most needs. I still hope for my idea will be implemented sometime.
  14. Taros

    3DCoat 4.7 (BETA testing thread)

    Thanks. What is "IL" 1.2 ? EDIT: Ok. Got it. You mean "Instant Light".
  15. Taros

    3DCoat 4.7 (BETA testing thread)

    Another try to improve 3DC gui. My attached concept explains a way how window folders should be displayed in the future. It is needed for all areas and one of the most important improvements in my eyes. Drop your 2 cents if you like it. Thank you Chris