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  1. Bas-relief/undercuts will always be free, Molding will become payed after some time, now it is free until March 2023.
  2. Thanks, fixed almost all. In last case the valance is problematic. Regular cylinder primitive works correctly with multires, verts valence is 6.
  3. The proper texture filtering is in render room. In paint room there is no mip-mapping now to speed up realtime painting process.
  4. In my tests it gives clean result. Are you on Windows? Today I plan to release 2022.50, please check
  5. Thanks a lot for deep review! UV-s in sculpt space expected. More smooth options will be available.
  6. I discovered that if you have some object in scene, say "Volume5" and there is layer with the same name "Volume5". And you painted some color over the layer "Volume5". In this case the color from the layer "Volume5" will not be baked because this layer used to bake base color of the shader and it overwrites the painted color. Please check if this is your case. If no, please help me a bit more - make some video that demonstartes the issue. Every detail important, so fullscreen video is the best.
  7. 1) My work PC is AMD-based, AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX, so 3DCoat is no more just Intel optimized 2) We no longer use MKL, we use open-source Eigen instead 3) We no longer use CUDA, we calculate with shaders using the regular OpenGL 4) We use Intel TBB widely, but it should to hit the AMD performance. 5) On my side 3DCoat 2022 is much faster 4.x at least because of wireless devices slowdown in 4.x (related to 3d Connexion drivers)
  8. I tried both - licensed and learning, unable to reproduce. Try Edit->Reset to default settings But interesting to know what causes this, so please copy files Docs/UserPrefs/Preferences/ somewhere and if Edit->Reset really helps, send me that files please.
  9. Seems I don't understand. There really was the problem that alt+click state was not saved into the scene, so after opening the scene return with alt+click was not working. This is fixed. But from picture I don't understand what you feel correct and what - incorrect for you.
  10. The curves are marked as "In plane", so points are kept on the original plane. So they don't snap in space. I may set that "On plane" status will be removed for 2-points curves. Does if have sense?
  11. There is option for snapping in Measure tool. And it snaps in 3D (in comparison to older snapping). So now it is much more useful.
  12. Vox Clay is very specific brush, it does not use alpha intentionally. Instead, you may use any of Voxel Engine brish that may use alpha and similar to this brush. Look the Clay brushes, enable dependence on alpha in brush settings.
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