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  1. Andrew Shpagin

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    7.07.20 4.9.54 (stable) - Activity bar disappearing fixed (I hope this time finally) - Possibility to disable axial translation bars. - fixed freeze with empty STL.
  2. Andrew Shpagin

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    6.07.20 4.9.53 (stable) - fixed color control issue. - Activity bar disappearing fixed
  3. Andrew Shpagin

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    1.07.20 4.9.52 (stable) - Primitives in Voxels got important improvement - good quality of edges even in low resolution. Edges are smoothed a bit instead of pixelation. - Cutoff with new curves improved, more accurate cutoff. For some time (not long) I will dive into UI refactoring/remaking to make the possibility of own customizable workspaces/rooms.
  4. Andrew Shpagin

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Do you use wireless mouse?
  5. Andrew Shpagin

    Bug: symmetry and Splines/Text

    Still works as expected... Try build 51 please.
  6. Andrew Shpagin

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    24.06.20 4.9.51 (stable) - Undercuts tool got the possibility to make injection molds/ This is a beta feature, present in 4.9 temporary just for testing and preview. 0-04-05-e30ebdabb250053b711f1a9121a406fb17556e274370e7e70eab87a96fa7c463_8d3d3534.mp4 - Projector tool, see the navigation panel, light icon. The description: "You may project any texture through the whole scene similar to the projector. This is just for the reference, it does not influence any color or material properties." - The activity bar on the top right presented. It shows the current state of mask/material/shader/vertexture etc. This is preview/beta feature, turn on on Prefs/beta if need. - Fixed problem related to the Merge down (empty layer). - Fixed problems related to 3D-lasso + hide. - Fixed crash in scenes that contain references - Fixed complex faces triangulation in paint and retopo room. - "Smooth All" in voxels got a degree that may be > 1. So you may repeat smoothing multiple times. - When the curve tool active the transform gizmo disabled. - View->Show voxels in the paint room stored in settings will be kept between sessions. - Correct resizing primitives icons. - Fixed problem when the user assigns a read-only folder as a data path. Now coat checks if the folder is writable. And in case if 3D-Coat not loads it offers what to do.
  7. Andrew Shpagin

    Bug: symmetry and Splines/Text

    Please send me the scene with text/curve. I am still unable to reproduce. Maybe fixed in my build ;)
  8. Andrew Shpagin

    Bug: symmetry and Splines/Text

    I tried, but my text is absolutely symmetric on both sides. I am trying to understand what is different from your attempts. What I do: 1) 2 symm cubes 2) Autopo, bake to paint 3) Hide sculpt objects 4) Add 3 points with text 5) Enter Everything is perfect...
  9. Andrew Shpagin

    [Solved] Can't open OBJ File

    File->Import For Vertex painting/Big reference works well for this mesh.
  10. Andrew Shpagin

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    10.06.20 4.9.49 (stable) - Unhide with CTRL+lasso problem fixed. - Possibility to turn off hard-coded keys assignment to gizmo (QWER). See the Preferences->Tools. - Gamma inverted in Textures->Adjust->Gamma for similarity with other applications. - Cavity/AO baking user settings stored for re-usage later (into XML-s) - Text-based STL import problem fixed. - Occlusion dialog got gamma correction control.
  11. Andrew Shpagin

    Retopo - next big Step

    Deforming geometry will be ugly because of polygons lack. Why not just do boolean? I understand instability, but diving a bit into the surface will solve the problem.
  12. Andrew Shpagin

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    7.06.20 4.9.48 (stable) - Fixed freeze+holes problem. - Fill tool got an important option - limit the expansion by the angle between faces. - New options in preferences for AO/Curvature layers - calculate default values/ask with dialog/skip calculation.
  13. Andrew Shpagin

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Thanks, reproduced, fixed.
  14. Andrew Shpagin

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    4.06.20 4.9.47 (stable) - Gizmos got some "invisible thickness" for ease of capturing.
  15. Andrew Shpagin

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Philnolan, I never seen similar problem... Looks like something with drivers. Try different versions please - DX, GL. Try also one of previous Coat's versions. Also, please show me the render settings.