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  1. I tried both - licensed and learning, unable to reproduce. Try Edit->Reset to default settings But interesting to know what causes this, so please copy files Docs/UserPrefs/Preferences/ somewhere and if Edit->Reset really helps, send me that files please.
  2. Seems I don't understand. There really was the problem that alt+click state was not saved into the scene, so after opening the scene return with alt+click was not working. This is fixed. But from picture I don't understand what you feel correct and what - incorrect for you.
  3. The curves are marked as "In plane", so points are kept on the original plane. So they don't snap in space. I may set that "On plane" status will be removed for 2-points curves. Does if have sense?
  4. There is option for snapping in Measure tool. And it snaps in 3D (in comparison to older snapping). So now it is much more useful.
  5. Vox Clay is very specific brush, it does not use alpha intentionally. Instead, you may use any of Voxel Engine brish that may use alpha and similar to this brush. Look the Clay brushes, enable dependence on alpha in brush settings.
  6. Tried many times, works as expected... How have you frozen the surface?
  7. Please send me the scene to fix it (andrewshpagin@gmail.com).
  8. Please send me the scene to andrewshpagin@gmail.com
  9. Video may help (fullscreen to see settings). How often it happens? I tried a bit, but it works...
  10. And everyone who participates this thread actively and regularly may push me and ask for free license support extension as soon as need) Just drop me letter to andrewshpgin@gmail.com. I appreciate everyone's great help!
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