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  1. Edit the Installation guide. cwax_gwax_B_set+hdri Shader set for modeling. Drag-and-drop to the 3D-Coat the .3dcpack. (Menu > File > Installation Extension > .3dcpak) Restart the 3D-Coat. Set the SMPL_W.hdr to panorama. Panorama does not normalize. Set the light intensity to 200. Lock Environment ON. Contrast is 100. Displays the Sphere. To place the highlight in the center of the sphere at the light angle. It is complete. @carlosan Thanks for your comment. @Aleksey Oh... I have been using the 3d-Coat-V4_5-37-64. It may not be installed in the drag-and-drop in the old version. Menu > File > Installation Extension > .3dcpak Please also try this method.
  2. Hi. I was adjusted to be easy to use the shader. ColorWax GrayWax Skin Shaders https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByfoaJzFSBD8SThiSUZ5aFl6M1E I think I became easier to modeling. Installation guide. cwax_gwax_A_set+skin It is a general-purpose shader set. Drag-and-drop to the 3D-Coat the .3dcpack. Restart the 3D-Coat. Please feel free to use. cwax_gwax_B_set+hdri Shader set for modeling. Drag-and-drop to the 3D-Coat the .3dcpack. Restart the 3D-Coat. Set the SMPL_W.hdr to panorama. Set the light intensity to 200. Displays the Sphere. To place the highlight in the center of the sphere at the light angle. It is complete. Enjoy! Old Shaders Files Links https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByfoaJzFSBD8dG5uX0xQb1o3QUE https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByfoaJzFSBD8RzN4LVIteG9fcU0 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByfoaJzFSBD8ajFLdnhxeThlY1E/ Koji
  3. Thank you for the comment. I do not own a 3d printer. I requested a 3d print from digimode.jp(http://digimode.jp/). The price of this model was 8800yen = 92.7256 dollars. Let's print a 3d model! Head study. Voxel modeling Sphere start
  4. Hi. I printed the 3d data of the cat skull by resin. It is very very small and is a half of an absolute size. All creation of this data was performed by 3dcoat. I was very glad that 3d data can touch my hand.
  5. Tony Nemo Thank you. I made this as correctly as possible. Your reply is glad. welchrs64 Thank you for seeing all. Garagarape Tadaima! Osokunarimasita ga akemasite omedetou gozaimasu! Honnen mo yoroshiku onegaisimasu! hennsinn ha siteimasenn ga garagarapesan no web site to sure wo miteimasu yo. Always thank you for your reply. I am modeling leather now. http://p.twipple.jp/sihyA Sculpture is zbrush. retopo is 3dcoat. The alternative thing was placed although there was no samisen. wave of light Thank you for a reply and the follow. I am thankful to you who looked at my work.
  6. Hello, everyone. Long time. The skull of the cat was sculptured by the low resolution voxel. This image is a rendering in 3dcoat. It finished by photoshop. sketchfab.com cat skull https://sketchfab.com/show/uScqMVmIcXOqHHt1HO9IzIVinmO Humboldt penguin https://sketchfab.com/show/1utsPSkhqOq9SN682MkNRq009Sa enjoy
  7. L'Ancien Regime Thank you. I am writing the tutorial for 3dcoat beginners by the blog. I looked at your WIP gallery. It is wonderful work. Garagarape Thank you for the advice. It is contributing to a request forum. http://3d-coat.com/f...showtopic=10098 日本語でのコメントありがとうございます、助かります。 英語さっぱり出来ないので翻訳機に頼りきっています(汗) 日本語でも説明するの大変なのに英語はさらにハードルがあがります。 ブログの記事が一段落したら、また作品の製作を再開します。 お楽しみに。 立体出力に関して http://3d-coat.com/f...showtopic=10055 こちらの方もリクエストしたのですが、 この機能がつくと日本の原型師は原型分割のときにかなり楽になるようです。
  8. 3DArtist Thank you. This Humboldt penguin is my favorite penguin. The analog paint of this texture was a theme. The Japanese figure artist's technique "SUJIBORI" was tried with the "curve" of 3dcoat. My blog http://hagenomyia.wo...83%AA%E3%80%82/ I desire how to change the radius of all the points. I desire adsorption to an object when moving all the points.
  9. Wow,Cool work!
  10. Garagarape Thank you. move tool has various possibilities. Arigatou,motto zoukei wo shoujin site mairimasu!!
  11. artman Thank you. LiveClay is very wonderful! chris_solo Thank you Garagarape Yes, that's right. He is Katsumi Takahashi, a Japanese actor. http://www9.nhk.or.jp/umechan/ wakarimasitaka sugoi desu! taishou de tukutta node amari nite imasen... Low resolution voxel sketch. Mr. marupura Thank you for the good shader. Tips video: A move tool like zbrush in 3dcoat
  12. It is a long time. Taros Thank you. I am sculpturing the skull now. Garagarape ookini!(Thanks!) boku mo nihon ni kiteiru kata to konoba de kouryuu dekite uresii kagiri desu. sakuhin wo tukuri tudukete ireba dokoka de aeru kamo siremasen ne. This is my first liveclay test.
  13. Hello. Tony Nemo Thank you. otsoa Thank you. I sculpted those who are projected on TV using a voxel.
  14. Humboldt Penguin Hello, everybody. The penguin was finished with voxel paint. It was drawn only by the standard brush set for 3D-Coat. Use of the texture (material, mask) is not carried out.
  15. @herve_bis Thank you! After all, the start should be him! @Tony Nemo Thank you! @marupura Thank you. I am the next post and fulfill your wish. @angelia Thank you!