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  1. Merci les gars !
  2. Prenez vos ennemis en photo ! Mitraillez-les avec votre flash ! Ramenez des souvenirs de vos campagnes dans le cosmos ! Je m'amuse comme un petit fou avec 3D Coat. Le gros est fait, plus qu'à ajouter de petits détails et créer quelques matières. Modélisation en voxels et rendu Modo. Pour ceux qui veulent découvrir la méthode employée pour créer cet objet, un tuto vidéo d'une vingtaine de minutes est dispo ici :
  3. Juste un petit coucou amical au nouvel administrateur ! 3DCoat a tout pour devenir un excellent programme... pour peu que les termes de la licence gagnent en souplesse. En tout cas, je suivrai son développement avec beaucoup d'attention. Bon courage Pilou dans ton nouveau rôle d'admin ! TU vas en avoir du boulot, avec tous ces trolleurs... Alexis
  4. That's just fine, Andrew, thanks a lot ! Your soft is really great. It will be a pleasure for us to continue to support you ! *take a breath* Aaaah, you're right, wailingmonkey, I feel just better now. Alexis
  5. OK, Andrew, I'm happy to see that you didn't mean to do that and that you understand the complaint. Thanks for the message too, PoopaScoop. Mantis, thanks for this picture, it is in fact more neutral than the one with ZB. Of course, Mantis, you can obtain this ugly stretch with polygons, with ANY package ! But here, ZB is showed under a very, very bad way, and there is no picture to show what it can do the best. Anyone can show the worst of a soft, and it is right for any soft and any technique, even voxel. Strechted polygons are not a specific pb to ZB, so tell me, why this soft has to be shown as the one that is responsible for that problem ? Alexis
  6. Monkey, are you joking ? You really think that this piece of the scale is a good promotion for ZBrush ? It has only a few polygons ! What is the message ? With the little soft ZB, you can make this low-poly model to use with our great software. Would you think it would be a good promotion of 3DC if I show this little lowpoly model in a ZB forum with the message : you can do that with 3DC. Wow. You want to be fair ? Then show a great model made with ZBrush, along with a great model made with 3DC. Not a scale along with a complete fish ! Alexis
  7. If that's the case, it would be easy and fair to take a picture so you can't identify a particular software. Why the publisher of that didn't do that ? Because ZBrush is the main competitor, it is clearly the one to disavow. You can bear that a soft you like is treated this way ? Good. I can't, and I would say eactly the same thing if Pixologic or any other company tried to sell an innovation by posting such a bad picture. And, in the same manner, I wouldn't accept such an ugly image made with 3DC in my forum, from someone who would say at the same time : look how 3DC make bad results ! Again, it's just unfair. Here, we have clearly : ZBrush is the Bad software ( didn't you see the picture ?? It's pitiful ! ) and 3D-Coat is the Good software. Of course, nobody here will be shocked by this picture. We are in the 3DC forum, after all. I just hope that one day, another companie will act with 3DC the way you act now. Then, we will be able to discuss together about how you'll feel at this time. I love 3D so much that I can't bear such a thing like that. I loved 3DC. If 3DC only found this way to sell their product, you can bet I won't follow it anymore. Innovation : yes, but not at any price. It's a question of ethics. Excuse my bad english. Alexis
  8. Hi everyone, I'm Alexis, webmaster of, the french ZBrush community. I saw a picture made with ZBrush, a bad, ugly picture that shows voluntarily streched polygones. Besides, there a beautiful picture made with 3DC : This is unacceptable. Even if there is no name under the picture, it clearly comes from ZBrush. What do the conceptor of 3DC would say if Pixologic displayed on their websites two pictures, one wonderful picture made with ZB, and another voluntarily ugly picture with the name "Voxels" and elements so we can clearly recognize 3D-Coat ? At, we are very open to other softwares. There are regular topics about 3DC, we talk about it, we like it very much and we give informations about the software :,3668.0.html Why ? Because we love 3D, and we don't want to talk about ZBrush only, killing other programs. I say : Do you really have to kill a software to let live another ? I'm very angry about that. Alexis