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  1. Just did a quick 5min sculpt pullin voxels from the sphere in build 3.1.08 and was very happy to how fast the tools working after my problems with 3.1.07.. this isnt much dunno where im gona go with the sculpt.. hope to develop more detail.. but as a pulled voxels around it reminded me of a baby onesy (total baby cover all) so i cut out a hole for the face and put some "eyes" in there and added fingures and toes to the stubs.. EXPORTED RAW VOXEL from 3dc as obj into maya and now I use it to test new maxwel V2 sss settings and its a fun little render test model.. hoping to retopo in 3dc and learn how to do uvs in 3dc and then it can get textured and further detail sculpted. I built the sss material from "scratch" after using maxwel sss wizard i made modifications to get the shader looking like i wanted it too.. rendered to 15samples at 512 rez