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  1. nothiing happens when i try to download applinks.. tryed 3ds and maya both of them when i click the download applink lilnk.. the page refreshes and nothing is downloaded.. and right clicking the "download applink" link lets me save a "download.htm" file not the acctual zip
  2. do we uninstall 3.5x or does 3.7 install on top of 3.5x directory?
  3. SOLVED!!!! IT was the options.xml file int he 3dcoat documents folder!!! READ this solution on another thread (the 3dcoat locks up thread) and deleted the options.xml file and WOW now the 3dcoat 64 bit version runs too!!!! THANK YOU ANDREW! but why? you had me delete the ENTIRE 3dcoat documents folder before and that didnt work .. so WHY only delting the options.xml ( which wass deleted when whole folder was deleted) works?? but now we know solution to 3dcoat freezing or "disapearing" it it is to delete the options.xml What does this file hold information wise? will it affect any of my wacom or 3dcoat settings in the long run? and funny that this file did not effect the 32 bit version only the 64 bit version did not work.. weird...
  4. OMG!!!! Andrew THaNK YOU!!! i read this post DELETING this options.xml ALSO CURES MY PROBLEM form the 3dcoat x64 closing! thread: http://3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=8625 i read this and said well i deleted the ENTIRE 3dcoat directory like you asked me to before.. but maybe ill just delet this one file and now the 64 bit 3dcoat works!!!... why would it not work by deleting the whole directory and work if only 1 file deteled?! THNK YOU!
  5. so if you go back to the last good version that worked for you ( ie 3.5.22) is it still doing it? when you installed bigger monitor did it come with drivers that you installed(some new monitors got drivers for accessories/display properties)
  6. hmm sounds like a problem i used to have with maya and matchmover.. ended up that I needed to update my graphics drivers.. ohh and matchmover would lock up the same way.. one day wen i was deleting services to see what interfeared it turned out the wacom (pen pressure tablet) service is what was causing matchmover to "freeze" .. so maybe kill your wacom drivers off via task manager(on win 7)...
  7. log attached I know you are busy.. and this may be taking too much time... I think maybe for now i will use the 32 bit build untill maybe you have time to finish 3.5.25 (or whatever you where working on before i had this problem) Log.txt
  8. yes that one did take a while to startup.. here is log.txt result Log.txt
  9. ohh and re direct x setup.. the link on the 3dcoat installer is broken: http://pilgway.com/files/dxsetup.exe i used the webdirect x installer.. but again.. stil 3dcoat opens and then closes within a second of opening it.. I cant even input my serival number(it reads "demo" on top title bar)
  10. I been usinging 3d coat on a workstation.. as i got upgrade dto a nice i7 quad laptop with nvidia 3000m graphics card.. I downloade dthe newest build of 3dcoat to use it on the laptop.. but it opens and then immediatly closes again!?! this is the same with GL or DirctX.. i downloaded the cuda.. as i have the mobile 3000 nvidia card and installed the directx and open gl drivers.. whjy would this happen>? do i need to download the 3.5.0 version fists then install the 3.5.24 beta on it. or as its a new laptop.. i need something else (older direct x drivers.. the m3000 does open gl 4.0 and dx11.. but wouldnt dx 11 have the dx9 in it..) 3dcoat opens...for litterally 1 sec and then disapears... (before it wouldnt open and asked for dx drivers to be instaleld.. but now it just opens and closes)
  11. just downloaded 3.5.9 again.. but the filename says 3.5.9C so I'm guessing there have been another updated after 3.5.9b?
  12. is this using ptex? so there ar no uvs? how does that work with maxwell as maxwell needs uvs?
  13. AHH thank you yet a new thing that got added in my 3dc absence.. so the chisel tool is a polish tool? thats how the announcment makes it seem..at first i thought it was 2 dif tools.
  14. installed build .23 after being away from 3dcoat foer a few months.. lots have been added changed! wow! BUT where is the new polish and chisel tools? cannot find them in voxel tool on left of screen..(also looked in sculpt room) and what do they do? esp polish. will that litterally like smooth the surface of any jarrry spiked w/o squishing the surface like normal smooth does?
  15. so when doing uvs in 3dc its best to have your faces be Blue? not gray? ,, if i understand Red=stretched uv/face ratio gray=close to 1:1 face/uv ratio blue=copressed uv/face ratio... but having blue faces if best? cuz it preserves texture detail?