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  1. 3D-Coat 3.3 updates thread

    Awesome! going to try it right now. Thanks Andrew. -George
  2. Kitbashing

    Great to see you here Bay! -George
  3. Learning 3d-coat

    Thanks for the reply Don. You've confirmed what i was assuming about sculpt room. hehe. It was confusing me a bit, but your reply does clear up a bit more now so that's great. I'm going to move forward then and go through the video manual on vimeo and the videos on the tutorial page. Thanks also for the info on voxels. Playing around in it did indeed choke my mac a bit, so I look forward to the 64bit to ease that. Thanks Taurus for the info as well. As interesting as sculptris may be, just not interested in it and like you said, not much for discussion since it's pc only right now. Thanks though. -GC
  4. Learning 3d-coat

    Thanks for the info. I didn't think i needed to mention that i'm on a mac, but i guess i should now. Can't try sculptris because it's pc only and i don't believe there's a graphics card with CUDA available for mac quite yet. Does this mean voxels is out of the question for me at the moment? And from the sound of it, no real need for the Sculpting tab, as one would really want to create using voxels and then retopo and paint. That's kinda what i'm gathering so far. Thx again, George
  5. Learning 3d-coat

    Hello 3d coaters... I purchase 3d coat well over a year ago and never took the time to learn it, but i want to give it another go and really dedicate some time to it to see if it's for me. I have just a few questions that I hope can get answered to help me get going. From a quick glance in the tutorials page, the focus seems to be on retopology, uvmapping and voxels. The first thing i've tried to do though is go straight into the sculpt tab thinking it may be like zbrush. Right away i feel a bit lost and since there isn't much for sculpting in the tutorial section, i assume sculpting is kinda taking a back seat to voxel sculpting now? I wanted to have a sphere in the sculpting scene and just build out a simple head or something to start learning tools like i've done with zbrush, but i'm thinking i need to take a different approach. Any suggestions? I was also considering getting the 3d coat videos by L.J. Bamforth, found on kurv studios website. Anyone have experience with these? The artist's work looks awesome, but i'm wondering if it's just an overview of his workflow? or if it's a 3d coat training like going over tools and what one does compared to others, etc... I think what i'd like to find is a video of a mini project, starting from scratch, creating an asset and getting it into maya. That would be nice if it's available somewhere, but piecing it together from various training would be fine too. I saw that there is a vimeo and youtube page, but again seem geared toward voxels and retopo. Maybe that is what i need utilize 3d coat for? Maybe i'm not getting how the workflow should be with 3dcoat? I'll give it another look. Any advice on how to approach learning the 3d coat workflow is greatly appreciated. -George
  6. 3D-Coat 3.3 updates thread

    Ahh, i found that post now too. Thanks for that. -George
  7. 3D-Coat 3.3 updates thread

    So the auto retopology tools are in the 09 build is that correct? which means it's not available on the mac trial yet right? Just want to make sure i'm not blind cause i can't find it in the latest mac build Thanks, George
  8. 3D-Coat 3.3 updates thread

    is the auto mapping in the current mac trial? i can't seem to figure out how to test it. -George
  9. 3D-Coat at SIGGRAPH

    hehe, right on. It was just great to see 3d-coat getting some much deserved attention. Great work Andrew and team! -George
  10. 3D-Coat at SIGGRAPH

    After seeing the 3d coat booth at siggraph i figured i'd give 3dc another looksy. What they were displaying was pretty nice and it seemed the most packed booth of all the small booths at the convention. It was cool meeting Greg there and got to talk to Andrew for a minute which was nice. I didn't get any swagg though. I wanted a shirt or something. hehe. j/k There was an interesting moment when Rob Powers of LW came over and wisked Andrew away to their newtek booth. I quickly followed to see what was up, but i couldn't find them. Anyone have insider info on what that was about? this happened on Tuesday evening before the convention closed for the night. Anyhoo, the new stuff looks pretty sweet. I was going to buy zbrush 4 with the siggraph discount, but 3d-coat booth made me re think that for the moment. Gonna check out the new version and if i like i'll go ahead and upgrade and hang out here a bit more God Bless, George
  11. IRC Chat?

    Right on. Curious question, what's wrong with freenode? I've been on there for 10yrs without any problems. I'll check out efnet. -GC
  12. IRC Chat?

    Hello all, Happy to be a part of this great software and community. Anyone know if there's any plans to open up an irc chat room? I usually hang in the irc.freenode.net server where there are a variety of cg related channels. Here's hoping for a future #3d-coat -GC