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  1. Yes I'm aware of that. But like Substance Designer recognizes integration of Iray to people wanting to have Iray as their target renderer is a must in the application you are using to CREATE your textures. It would be a BIG PLUS to people that create textures using 3D Coat for applications that render with Iray.
  2. Is 3D Coat integration with Iray being worked on? That would be awesome!!!
  3. Right, I guess I'll have to go back to Hexagon and delete the corrupted studs and create two new ones and see if that gets the UV straightened out.
  4. It is one solid stud in Hexagon even though like you said it looks segmented in the UV. The seams in my picture are marked in green lines.
  5. I marked the seams selecting the edges in UV in 3D Coat. I modeled in Hexagon. I extruded a circle various times until I did one stud, then copy and pasted the stud several times and layed them all out on top of the harness. I modeled one half and then mirror it and then welded both parts together, I guess that's why both corresponding studs have the same problem. It does the same thing when I tried to UV Map in Hexagon so I thought maybe 3D Coat would have a way to merge the little pieces and fix this.
  6. As you see from my picture there are two studs in my harness that are breaking into a million pieces and screwing up my UV map. How can I fix this? Any help will be appreciated.
  7. I was wondering if just as this video shows you creating a morph on a layer you can load different morphs created in another program into 3D coat as layers and work them further being able to toggle between them using layers?
  8. How do you use this function? Is there a tutorial?