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  1. oo, thank you very much. Vray and Maya
  2. Ah sorry, should've explained I guess. Just Per-Pixel on an imported basemesh. Microvertex seemed to work just as well, though it just felt a little laggy. The only trickiness is that you have to guage the depth by eye - the subdivision approximation is a little too vague for true silhouette detailing. Super-fast and responsive though. As I say, it really was only an experiment to avoid displacing the basemesh, and this technique works perfectly for my needs.
  3. Hey all, just a quick wee post here. I was experimenting with detail sculpting a base mesh without actually modifying the underlying topology (the displacement needs to be interchangeable). 3DCoat is remarkably good at this - a constant frustration that other sculpt programs also distort the base mesh. In this case: adding droplets and engravings to a hard bottle. (the ability to sculpt in layers is fabulous too!) Turned out OK I think