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  1. Painting around corners (Paint room)

    Ah yes, I do tend to be too wordy for my own good sometimes
  2. Painting around corners (Paint room)

    Ahh finally found an answer to my own problem.. "Ignore Backfaces" in brush pressure options. Very happy now.
  3. Hello all, Is there a toggle/preference for allowing brushes to paint around corners/acute edges ? I find the fresnel effect often troublesome as it skips a lot of (otherwise contiguous) detail. Of course I can sping the object to paint more directly, but it's causing a lot of unnescessary repainting to match things up. It's most troublesome in areas of billowing cloth etc. Volume connectivity doesn't seem to make a difference either.
  4. oo, thank you very much. Vray and Maya
  5. Ah sorry, should've explained I guess. Just Per-Pixel on an imported basemesh. Microvertex seemed to work just as well, though it just felt a little laggy. The only trickiness is that you have to guage the depth by eye - the subdivision approximation is a little too vague for true silhouette detailing. Super-fast and responsive though. As I say, it really was only an experiment to avoid displacing the basemesh, and this technique works perfectly for my needs.
  6. Hey all, just a quick wee post here. I was experimenting with detail sculpting a base mesh without actually modifying the underlying topology (the displacement needs to be interchangeable). 3DCoat is remarkably good at this - a constant frustration that other sculpt programs also distort the base mesh. In this case: adding droplets and engravings to a hard bottle. (the ability to sculpt in layers is fabulous too!) Turned out OK I think
  7. Retopo mesh opactity setting?

    The option* of a transparent base mesh would be fabulous though. Topogun just seemed to have it nailed. (With that in mind) it feels really awkward to even see the mesh in 3DCoat Retopo room. A huge pity, because 3DCoat Retopo is so much more user friendly in every other aspect. *Though, in radio box form, rather than a prefeence set
  8. Create multiple UVs from Retopo Room

    +1 Oh good grief the problems I've had with EXACTLY this situaion recently. Sculpting multiple scene props that needed to be kept in the same scene for stylistic continuity, but all props needed to have separate UV maps. Unfortunately I had to send out the whole thing as one MASSIVE mesh and use Maya for the bake.