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  1. I'm not sure if it's the same thing but sometimes I lose the button mapping on my Wacom tablet. I fix it by tapping away from 3DC, like on the task bar, then back in 3DC.
  2. I'd like to create a new sculpting room with only the tools I use for character sculpting. I see how to create the room but I don't know how to remove the tools I don't want in there. Is there any instructions? The only YouTube video I see goes so fast I don't see what to do.
  3. I was sent a new 3D scanner to review and put out the video today. The Kickstarter also started for it today and they exceeded their goal by 1000% in the first hour. Granted the goal was set pretty low. I'm hoping to get 200 likes on this video so if you appreciate it please like and subscribe.
  4. Interesting. Mine has a color swatch you can click on and an opacity slider. Maybe try the latest beta version, 2022-21.
  5. In the latest version, 2022.17, and a number of versions before, exporting from the sculpt room with Export Selected Object as LWO doesn't work. It saves a file but the file is only 20 bytes and only gives an error in LightWave. Saving as OBJ is also broken. I get an 88 byte file, which loads in LightWave but it's empty, no polygons. Edit: Same thing with STL. Exporting the scene works but the scale was off.
  6. There are 2 things that I have always wanted in 3D-Coat. Since back when it was 3D-Brush. 1. Wireframe on solid mesh so we don't see the other side when trying to look at the wires. 2. A way to lock layers so you don't accidentally sculpt on them. We can do it with ghosted layers now but they turn semi transparent. I don't want to see through them.
  7. I'm not sure how that relates. What I found for now is that rather than scaling the nodes you can use the Scale Graph to make the "hair" thinner at the bottom end.
  8. I was watching this hair sculpting tutorial using blender and the guy created a curve like our E-Panel curves, then created another curve to be the profile. And stroked it onto the first curve. I was wondering if such a thing is possible in 3D-Coat. Here's the video. Edit: OK I see Sweep Along Guide does this. I'm not sure if you can scale each node though. If you can I haven't figured it out yet.
  9. I see the news all day on TV and just hope everyone there will be OK, Pilgway team and everyone else who's home is being attacked.
  10. You may think it's unnecessary. I often forget what icon is for what tool. Plus for new people they wouldn't know at all. We had this discussion when the icons were first added.
  11. It's so complicated now when it used to be so simple. Thanks.
  12. My regular method of sculpting involved a lot of Live Clay and Clean Clay to increase and reduce mesh density. In 2021 Live Clay is gone. I understand we can create our own tools now. Can anyone explain how to bring it back? Once I figure it out I will gladly make a video on it so others can do the same.
  13. Oh I see the Re-project tool now. Thanks. 2021 Added so many new tools all at once that I wasn't able to keep up.
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