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  1. Here is a problem I had with the first release of 2021 and still have it in the current version. I have these bricks that are close to each other but not touching. I want to move them individually so I thought I would use the Pose tool with Select Object mode. However every time I click one brick it also selects some nearby bricks. Even if I make the brush size very small I can't select only one brick.
  2. Hold Alt and you can use zoom, pan, rotate any time. Also there's a thin line around the edge of the viewport, outside that line can navigate even if zoomed in close so there's no empty space.
  3. I was kind of wondering about that one but someone approved it and the other posts looked kind of normal.
  4. CAD is helpful but certainly not necessary for printing. I'd say most of my things I make to print are done in LightWave or 3D-Coat. When I do use CAD it's MoI3D.
  5. I have a new video out fully reviewing this new 3D scanner. It's not super high res but it's much more affordable than others I reviewed and had extra convenience benefits.
  6. I haven't seen those before, they look great!
  7. I'm not sure which brushes you mean but I'm pretty sure everything in the video is included.
  8. Add more points was my first thought. It may not be ideal for every situation but it will get the job done.
  9. I posted a video on this Tenacious resin that prints good detail but the finished models are very flexible like rubber. It's good on its own but maybe better to mix it with more brittle resins to soften them up.
  10. Something I've been wanting and asking for for a long time.
  11. With the measure tool you can draw out a line from one place to another, but it's there a way to then move that line with a gizmo?
  12. Frankly I never liked this because I use Space VERY often when switching tools. One place where it always bugs me is the Split Rings tool in Retopo. If I have that tool active every time I hit Space to switch tools I get the text box instead. The only way to avoid it is to zoom out and move the mouse outside the object, then hit Space.
  13. I can agree with that. Like in LightWave the more you drag on the mini-slider the faster the numbers go. So when you first start you get fine precision but then you can go faster if you need to.
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