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  1. philnolan3d

    Interested in personal tutoring

    I don't know about online lessons but there's a ton of YouTube videos. https://m.youtube.com/user/PILGWAY3DCoat
  2. This is something I've been thinking about replicating for a long time. I was reminded of it again by the Iron Fist Opening. I was originally inspired by the "speedster" in Heroes, which is a little different. In IronFist it looks a lot like voxels. Anyone have any thoughts on how it was done? I tried some particles in LightWave but it's not quite right, kind of lumpy and of course there's no real geometry.
  3. philnolan3d

    Export for Lightwave ?

    I just did it about an hour ago. I saved out a retopo object as LWO, loaded into 2018 Modeler and continued working with it. With another project last week I exported a textured model from the paint room and used it in Layout.
  4. philnolan3d

    Export for Lightwave ?

    Why FBX when it exports LWO?
  5. philnolan3d

    Export for Lightwave ?

    Just whatever the default is. Sadly there's no specific preset for LW.
  6. philnolan3d

    Export for Lightwave ?

    Hi Albert, honestly I've never used the applink, even though I've been using both programs for many years. I don't think it works anymore, especially in LW 2018. I usually just export the model with textures as an LWO then load it into LW. In 2018 everything seems to load perfectly. In earlier versions of LW you may need to connect the normal map in the Surface editor.
  7. philnolan3d

    Spin Edges

    Oh yes I know what it is. In fact there used to be an old forum called SpinQuad named after the version in LightWave. I just don't find it useful in my personal workflow. Glad you found it though.
  8. philnolan3d

    Few questions before buying 3d coat (high poly purposes)

    I use 3D-Coat for a lot of 3D scanning and printing myself. I don't know all of these answers but I can tell you I've gone up to probably 30 mil polys without much trouble. Why not download the demo version and give it a try? Edit: Here is a screenshot. A 3D scan of a tree. It's about 35M triangles and I have no trouble sculpting on it at all in Surface mode.
  9. philnolan3d

    Spin Edges

    Ah that's right I forgot that was there. Honestly as a professional modeler I've never found a need for that tool.
  10. philnolan3d

    Spin Edges

    Do you mean in the retopo room? I don't believe there is a way. You can of course just delete the edge and re-add it with the Add/Split Edges tool.
  11. philnolan3d

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Yes, it is.
  12. philnolan3d

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    OK this might be a bug. When I export textures view the menu, Textures > Export > Color/Albedo and say "No" on the "Fill empty space?" question. The exported images does not have 100% transparency. You can see below, a screenshot from Photoshop. how it exports on the left and how it should look on the right.
  13. philnolan3d

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Oh cool, thanks.
  14. philnolan3d

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Is there any plan for baking bent normal maps? I'm trying to use Unity's DeLighting tool and it requires them along with Normal, Color, and Ambient. Or even better, a DeLighitng tool in 3DC, though I'm not sure how hard it is to do.
  15. philnolan3d

    EinScan Pro+ scanner tutorial

    Hey Shawn, I was wondering if you decided on a scanner.