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  1. Personally I just let the padding go out as far as it wants. lol I always want some, extra doesn't hurt.
  2. I'm not exactly sure of the problem but perhaps try going into Mesh at the top and uncheck Virtual Mirror Mode before you apply symmetry.
  3. Maybe this is a bug or maybe I'm doing something wrong. I have this 3D scan, actually 2 scans of either side of the object. I thought I would just line them up and merge them in 3DC. But when I use Merge With (Move to...) It deletes everything except the intersecting parts like a Boolean Intersect in CAD. This is in 3DC 2023.30, surface mode, non watertight models.
  4. I personally love the UI everything is exactly where I expect it to be and the space bar panel makes it quick to grab another tool.
  5. So I haven't had time to look into it. What exactly is it supposed to do if you're starting with another program? I usually use Reality Capture for photogrammetry but that goes through the whole process, doesn't make sense to switch programs in the middle, unless it does a better job or something.
  6. I've seen Looking Glass displays before and they're cool but I'm not sure how helpful they would be for sculpting or other 3DC functions.
  7. Very interesting. MoI3D does this since the entire program can be run with a touch screen.
  8. Oh, honestly I didn't know that was there. That definitely should get it's own video.
  9. Hi guys, I just thought I'd share that I have a new 3D scanning video in which I showed 3D-Coat being used. I'll add a link in the description for those interested in 3DC.
  10. This is something that has bugged me for a while. If I'm loading an object in the sculpt room and rotate it with Leave Rotated Axis on, how do I reset the gizmo back to the default, with the arrows pointing down X, Y, and Z? I try Reset Axis but that seems to undo all of the movements and rotations I made, even if I turn on Move Only Gizmo. Is that a bug or am I doing something wrong?
  11. Just wanted to throw in that I love that the Room buttons are back along the top instead of a drop down menu. Much raider to quickly switch back and forth.
  12. Maybe. I ended up switching to Voxels and that mostly worked fine.
  13. I am trying to freeze a certain shape that I drew with a 3D closed spline in Surface mode but when I press Enter it seems to fill, large sections of the model, not just inside the curve. I'm a little rusty, am I doing something wrong or is there a bug? v2022.52
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