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  1. philnolan3d

    Polypaint possible ?

    As far as painting vertex colors, in cavity, etc., that had been in 3DC for a long time, nearly since the beginning.
  2. If anyone is interested I just posted a review of the Calibry 3D scanner from Thor 3D. It's interesting, it has a couple of things I didn't like but some features a really did like the touch screen on the device itself and it can scan black and shiny things.
  3. philnolan3d

    Can we draw curves ?

    That sort of works but it would be a lot of work for hair strands. I'm just thinking of the Curves tool but drawing it instead of clicking each point.
  4. philnolan3d

    Can we draw curves ?

    But that has no mesh or voxels.
  5. philnolan3d

    Can we draw curves ?

    The Curves tool in Sculpting is really good for hair but clicking for each point on the curve takes too long. Could we have an option to draw curves out and then adjust the points if needed? Like a cross between Curves and Muscle?
  6. philnolan3d

    3D printing service

    Hi guys. I hope this wouldn't be considered spam. I was just wondering if anyone needs anything 3D printed. I'm just trying to pay the bills and times are tough. I'm mainly talking about resin printing. I have 4 resin printers and can print up to 4k detail. I currently have resins in dark grey, beige, and clear with a blue tint. Of course that doesn't matter if you plan to paint it. I was doing a lot of printing for a guy over this past summer but he changed his business so didn't need me anymore. Models can be up to 155mm long or bigger if it's cut into parts and glued later. Feel free to contact here or phil@philnolan3d.com
  7. philnolan3d

    Cheap 3D printer

    BTW last week I posted a review for the Epax E6. I'm thinking I like it better than the Sonic Mini. It has a slightly larger build volume, slightly higher resolution, comes pre-leveled, and I haven't had a print fail yet.
  8. philnolan3d

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    OK, that solved it, thanks.
  9. philnolan3d

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    I'm using the latest beta and trying to export my retopo mesh. It seems whatever I try the file saves out as 1kb and has no polygons when I load it into LigthWave. I tried saving as LWO and OBJ. Tried adding a UV map, tried using Export as well as Export Selected. Any ideas?
  10. philnolan3d

    Buying an amateur licence

    Assuming it's the same as the full license it can be used on multiple computers, just not at the same time. For example if I accidentally leave it open on my desktop and then try to open on my laptop it will give me an error message. Edit: Yes, on the purchasing page says the same for amateur and pro, 1 computer.
  11. philnolan3d

    Resin fumes question

    I have 4 resin printers and have tried a number of different resins. None of them have really bothered me that much, although Siraya Tech Blu does have a very strong odor. In all the research I've done all I can find is that it bothers some people more than others and some resins are worse than others. Though the more recent resins to come out over the past few years aren't THAT bad. Basically some people get light headed or have sinus problems. If any of this happens to your friend he can wear a respirator. If there's still a concern each resin maker should have a Material Safety Data Sheet. If they don't have an MSDS I wouldn't use that resin. For example here is the sheet for one of Phrozen's resins.
  12. philnolan3d

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    FYI when I tried to download the latest version from Pilgway.com I got a warning from my Malwarebytes that the page was blocked due to a trojan. When I downloaded from the other link it was fine.
  13. philnolan3d

    Sculpting patterns around curved objects

    I'm just using Spider-Man as an example of what I mean. If I was making a model for 3D printing I can't do it with a painted texture.
  14. Here's something that I've never figured out how to do in 3DC. Sculpting a pattern around an object without having a "seam". A perfect example is Spider-Man's costume, there's a hex pattern that wraps all the way around his torso and arms. You could do that with a stencil in cubic mode but it leaves a blurry seam when the front and side meet for example.
  15. philnolan3d

    Retopo - next big Step

    I think I've actually done this before if I had a similar enough model, just loading it in the retopo room with snap it to the sculpted mesh.