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  1. Hey...good to hear from you again buddy! I too have been away from 3DC for too long. Need to catch up on what has changed. Noticed the Autopo has been improved a lot and looking forward to seeing QuadPaint develop.
  2. That's striking... I really like that.
  3. Bravo Frederic! Stardom!
  4. Congrats man... all your hard work paid off!
  5. Wow... retopo master!
  6. Take a bow man, that takes some focus to do it by hand.
  7. Wow, that is going to be a bugger to retopo. Let us know how you get on, especially as it's such a hard surface model. Ricky.
  8. Yer, I decided to save my cash for the next 3DC update having seen the PBR videos Javis is kicking out at the moment. Thanks for all your input.
  9. A lot of what I do is under strict NDA, which is a bummer, because it means I will never be able to show it. But if you want to check out my 2D work, visit my website http://rsldesigns.co.uk Yer, the Benn stuff is on my sketchbook page, but some more shots are in this thread: http://forums.newtek.com/showthread.php?140836-Ben-Grimm-%28aka-The-Thing%29-WIP Chin up lad... onwards and upwards!
  10. Sorry to hear that man. Hope he had a good life. As for me... well, I haven't used 3DC recently, as I've had an influx of 2D work. I can't moan, as it's better than having no work on at all. Went back and re-did my Ben Grimm, finally happy with him now. But apart from that, I have nothing in the pipeline that will require 3DC at the moment, so it may just be personal stuff (if I get the time). But I don't think England is in any better shape than France, lol. You busy?
  11. Thanks for the response Malo, that is exactly what I needed. I downloaded the 30 day trial earlier and have had a quick play. And yes, where as Substance Particles would be nice, I don't see the need to shell out $49 just to have them, when it looks like Andrew is going to implement the erosion-type PBR materials. Cheers, Ricky. P.S. And thanks again Ratchet, just seen your second response too.
  12. The edge cuts (sharpness) are well done and it's starting to take develop nicely. Sorry to hear you've had hard times, hope all is well now? Ricky.
  13. Thanks Ratchet. I'm a current 3DCoat user and I use it for UV, Sculpting and texture painting. What I like about SP, is the substance materials and the automatic erosion on edges. Plus particle painting. I don't want to go spending cash on these functions, if this is what Andrew has in store for the next 3DC release.
  14. Need a bit of advice guys.. Substance Painter is having a flash sale, bringing their Indie version down to $49. Should I not bother and save my money for the next 3DC update, given the current addition and direction of the new PBR features in 3DCoat? Is Substance Painter different to what Andrew is currently implementing? Cheers, Ricky.
  15. Here's the final turntable: and some pics: