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  1. Sketchbook Journey

    Personal shuttle craft.
  2. Sketchbook Journey

    kenmo- thanks. The Sol Class cargo ship’s are designed to deliver people and materials to planets and bases all over the Milky Way.
  3. Sketchbook Journey

    Finished the design and tightened the rendering.
  4. Sketchbook Journey

    Watching the Falcon Heavy Launch was really inspiring. The Orion Class Shuttle is a work horse of the space program. Flying astronauts and material to space stations on a regular basis. 3DCoat block out with photoshop for details.
  5. Sketchbook Journey

    Late night ship design. Just a a quick 3DCoat sketch with details in photoshop. I really love 3d sketching in 3DCoat.
  6. Sketchbook Journey

    Quick keyframe with the X-1.
  7. Sketchbook Journey

    Bot 1212018-
  8. Sketchbook Journey

    After decades of trying to understand and utilize alien tech. Scientist built the X-1. A hybrid of human and alien technology.
  9. Yeah, restarting seems to be the best fix I know of. Thanks for all the great content you have created for 3dcoat .Love the 3dcoat brushes!
  10. Hello, When I start 3dcoat I cannot use any of the brushes. All I see is my mouse cursor and I can move around the space. Eventually after clicking on a bunch of random brushes everything start's to work. Would love a solution to this. Win 10 version 4.8.04 DX64 Thanks Mack
  11. Sketchbook Journey

    First generation reversed engineered UFO.
  12. Sketchbook Journey

    Street-Trooper. Having some fun in the Star Wars universe. Helmet sculpted in coat and the rest is Photoshop.