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  1. Yeah, restarting seems to be the best fix I know of. Thanks for all the great content you have created for 3dcoat .Love the 3dcoat brushes!
  2. Hello, When I start 3dcoat I cannot use any of the brushes. All I see is my mouse cursor and I can move around the space. Eventually after clicking on a bunch of random brushes everything start's to work. Would love a solution to this. Win 10 version 4.8.04 DX64 Thanks Mack
  3. Sketchbook Journey

    First generation reversed engineered UFO.
  4. Sketchbook Journey

    Street-Trooper. Having some fun in the Star Wars universe. Helmet sculpted in coat and the rest is Photoshop.
  5. Sketchbook Journey

    Ancient Slumber. Late night brain fart.
  6. Sketchbook Journey

    I miss doing hard surface design. #fun #conceptart #hardsurface #flyer #art #design #conceptdesign #photoshop #3dcoat
  7. Sketchbook Journey

    Another rough.
  8. Sketchbook Journey

    A quick concept from last night.
  9. Sketchbook Journey

    Behemoth. Ships modeled in 3DCoat,
  10. Sketchbook Journey

    Outpost. 3DCoat + Photoshop
  11. Sketchbook Journey

    Same shot, different story. I had two different ideas for the same shot. Instead of choosing one, I did both.