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  1. @Methelina True Thanks for pointing it! I'll work on it too. I have to learn how to better give weight to the breast and other soft areas of the body.
  2. Very good I like Arnold, especially in the Terminator 1 & 2 I think Arnold has the following, missing in your piece - thin wrinkles between the brows and around the mouth (gives more expression) - eyebrows go further down on the outside - thinner eyes (vertically) - slightly more pronounced jaw I think slight exaggerations of his main features may be better to make him more recognizable since in 3d, things seems smoother/neutral with exact proportions.
  3. @Markus F. Thanks. I'll work on the ear. And the ribcage might be a bit too pronounced yes. Or as you said I'll increase the volume in the belly area instead. @Tony Nemo Yes, it should be fixed when I start the arms More WIP images as soon as I find some time to work on her.
  4. Hi all for my first post on 3D coat's forum, I'd like to post some pictures of the model I'm working on at the moment. I'm practicing the anatomy of the female body, and I find 3D coat just PERFECT for that. I can concentrate on the shapes and forms, without any technical limit. The other WIP threads are wonderful for inspiration and to see what's possible to achieve with patience and skill. Thanks to all the great artists here Work done so far and techniques I used I've done the head in 8 hours from a sphere (my first contact with 3dcoat), from then I built the bust in about 5 hours. The resolution is only 2x since my laptop is old. I'm working with a mouse. As references, I use real pictures and various comics pictures, especially from the great artist REIQ, since his exaggeration of the female body makes it easier to see its main features. My objective To complete the whole body, and improve my knowledge of the female anatomy along the way. She must be sexy, with slightly overdone proportions and anatomy. What I'm looking for - anatomy advice - sculpting advice - how to make her sexier Thanks for your time