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  1. Markus F.

    Marupura's sketchbook

    argee, nice hardsurfacemodeling! Do you started from a retopomesh or is it a complete rebuild in softimage? The last one is cool, also love the colormood you chosen. regards Markus
  2. Markus F.

    Garagarape sketchbook

    Great Progress, he's got a very strong presence even in this early stage. regards Markus
  3. Markus F.

    3D-Coat 3.7 updates thread

    Looks Interesting, not to heavy changes but welcome ones in terms of the Interfacelook. Are this only possible suggestions or will they flow into the new ui design? I like the icons and the popup. regards Markus
  4. Markus F.

    another Sketchthread!

    Thank you, Britain and Monkeybrain! I have got startet some more tweaking on the mesh in Paintmodus, the lower jaw and cheekbones still needing more love. Maybe, the Nose is also a little to tiny, especially the tip of the nose ?! regards Markus Here the Pictures
  5. Markus F.

    What the world needs

    Crazy looking Creature. Like the painting it fits to him very well. regards Markus
  6. Markus F.

    Garagarape sketchbook

    Nice Models Garagarape! Like the concept of your Indian Girl and how you bring it into 3D. The new Guy is also cool, good Sculpting! regards Markus
  7. Markus F.

    another Sketchthread!

    @Garagarape Thank you Here is a Turntable of Arnie. So next thing will be to get it back to voxel or Lc to build the body out of it. regards Markus Arnie1_TT.mpg
  8. Markus F.

    another Sketchthread!

    Hi Folks, dont spend to much time in 3D at the moment, but here a few things i want to show you i have done a while ago. @Tony Nemo My Plan was doing a rig for quick posing and some basic mimic, but as you mentioned the area around the mouth is really tricky. I still have found no good solution for this. @LJB Thank You man, youre right the Forms suffering under symmtrie mode. I have got started the Head new. Progress is still low, so in the meantime i played a little with Projectionpainting . Here some Renderings C4d an PS Elements mixed with CFx Another Rendering tried some painting with standard brushes in 3DC, not finished yet. Make heavy use of LiveClay for sculpting, but in between i got some trouble with double geometrie but was able to export the model without crash and clean it manually. I think it starts when using pinch or move tool. It seems LiveClay have the same Problems like meshmixer in the early stages. The sculpting itself was finished to quick so there are a few anatomical problems, but was mostly fun to do. Maps are 4k, Baking was done in Microvertex Mode regards Markus
  9. Markus F.

    another Sketchthread!

    @ Arnaud Couturier Thank you! Some good points you have mentioned here. I've switched to LC and tried to improve this more, but still in trouble with the Volumes of the Face. @chris_solo Thank you! @ SYN7AX3RR0R Thank You, i'll keep on trying. Some Pictures, C4D and Photshop-Elements for the Post! Wish you all a nice Christmas!
  10. Markus F.

    another Sketchthread!

    Here an early retopocage.
  11. Markus F.

    another Sketchthread!

    @Britain Thank you! @Beatkitano Thank you , glad you like it, but i think their model is a level to high to compete with. I would be very happy if i come that far =). @Tony Nemo Thanks you! I have spend some more time on the head, trying to get it even better. Now the Front is off, so i have to carefully pay more attention to his cheekbones,jawbone and ear position. On the other side his profile looks somehow more like arnold , what do you think? regards Markus
  12. Markus F.

    another Sketchthread!

    @alan f Thank you . good point, i think the lower part need a rework. @michalis Thanks Render is the internal Engine of C4D, the added some new features, like new sss an physical cam. @gbball Thank you When Andrew and Raul optimizing LiveClay for lowLevel vxlmeshes , than we have and excellent bridge from vxl to surface without loosing any presculpted detail:) I hope LiveClay is coming for next year =) @LJB Thanks man I'll try to improve it. An Update, i went back to the head on a new layer and tested a different shape. Here's the result, 490k polygons. regards Markus
  13. Markus F.

    Female body

    Welcome Arnaud Couturier, Nice Work so far! I'm not expert in this field, maybe u can give her a little more volume between the ripcage and the pelvis where the side abs are connecting. Ear needs more volume and Form, i think it's to flat. Keep it up! regards Markus
  14. Markus F.

    Leigh's Sketchbook

    Great Project, really cool details and nice expression work on the Head. Do you plan to do a highres Render of your model? I bet it would look awesome. regards Markus