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  1. LJB

    Leigh's Sketchbook

    Heh heh for his dignity (But he don't care ) Last update on this for a while more work to doo As it stands - 3D coat for Sculpting, retopology, Projection and texturing ie EVERYTHING Topogun for Occlusion map which was then blended into the mix in 3D coat. !!! 3D Coat FTW \0/ !!!
  2. LJB

    Metha`s Workshop

    I challenge you to do the hull in 1k Anything lower would be a Plus, Cmon The shape even with the curves will hold it. Good work though.
  3. LJB

    Leigh's Sketchbook

    last one today Edited - thanx
  4. LJB

    Leigh's Sketchbook

    Latest Update -
  5. LJB

    Leigh's Sketchbook

    Thanks guys, Im still playing in marmoset. Experimenting with transparency cutouts Hope you like
  6. LJB

    Leigh's Sketchbook

    Thanks Methelina Another quick update - I censored the Winky
  7. LJB

    Leigh's Sketchbook

    Your right i dont like him this colour either ill re work Just redone normals and worked on silhouette -
  8. LJB

    Leigh's Sketchbook

    another update
  9. LJB

    Leigh's Sketchbook

    Quick Update
  10. LJB

    Leigh's Sketchbook

    First Attempt on loin cloth
  11. LJB

    Leigh's Sketchbook

    The chains are a simple place holder for Something else But im not sure exactly what yet, just there currently for his modesty.
  12. LJB

    Leigh's Sketchbook

    Timmydesign Agreed what i was trying to do with the toe did not read well and make him look misbalanced Thanks Update NEW TOES!!
  13. LJB

    Leigh's Sketchbook

    Last Update -
  14. LJB

    Pixo's sketch book

    Oh Nais Alien head!!!!!!!
  15. LJB

    Leigh's Sketchbook

    abs is always one of the last things why is that??????