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    Aiptek tablet compatibility

    Hi, Is there any known compatibility issue between 3d-Coat and Aiptek tablets? It's a Hyperpen 8000U. There is no sensibility at all. I'm crossing my fingers for a positive response here. It's disappointing to see the number of softwares that doesn't work with this pen or anything other than Wacom, for that matter
  2. diegzumillo

    Introduce yourself!

    Hello there, I've just downloaded the trial version. I still don't know my way around this software and if I'll adapt to its workflow etc. But from the little I've seen so far I felt compelled to register on the forums to share my feelings. My god. The interface actually seems it was made by humans and for humans! Thank you! I have 30 days to explore this guy and try to get the most of it, any words of advice?