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  1. I'm at Emerald City Comic Con demonstrating WACOM Tablets in the WACOM booth. I want to show 3D coat and I have loaded the latest beta build of 3D coat on the Mobile Studio Pro 16 tablet but the software is unusable do to extreme dropped frames when the pen is used. Every tech here has tried to solve the problem by eliminating both WACOM drivers and Windows pen drivers. The system is stable for multitouch navigation but slows to a crawl as soon as the pen is introduced to the screen. Any idea what may be going on or how to fix? Thanks, Isaiah
  2. for years I have been urging 3D software developers to start developing 3D modeling apps for VR. We are finally starting to see quality 3D modeling apps in VR now. With the release of Oculus Medium, professional artists are finally taking notice of the power of VR for 3D content creation. Sculpting in VR is powerful because it aligns with a human being's spatial sensibilities much better than that of a 2D screen, which only translates a 3D idea in a flat image. Now that VR is here, 2D UIs for 3D work are doomed. I urge 3D Coat to shed the notion that VR is bad for eye health, and start development to be the first truly robust sculpting application for VR. This will align 3DCoat and it's amazing code base to live on in the era. The time to do this was last year, but now will still do. Start by making a VR sculpting app with a simple set of brushes, Release 3DCoatVR as an early access application on Steam for a few $, and get your VR following going. This effort would only take you guys a few days. Here is a professional sculptor showing Oculus medium and talking about how he and other professional artists feel about VR sculpting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pf8sKAuzR0k
  3. Routb3d

    3D Coat for VR

    I think its time for 3D coat to start looking to the future of 3D modeling. There has been a recent evolution of display and input technologies that undoubtedly will replace 2D monitors and 2D input devices like mice. I was a Beta tester for VR Clay. Having the sense of presence to be THERE in a 3D environment with a 3D model makes much more of a difference than one might think. After experiencing modeling in VR I immediately knew that we have been limited by our technology. Oculus will be shipping the worlds first consumer ready VR headset in late March. Oculus has developed a 3D input device called Touch that will ship this summer. Touch allows full 3D input and hand gestures from both hands. With touch, Oculus developed Oculus Medium, a VR program designed to let people freely and easily sculpt and paint in a VR environment. I'm sure that Oculus Medium has no where near the robust tool set as 3DCoat. The HTC Vive is Oculus's only competitor at the moment. The Vive will be shipping with controllers this April and is set to go on Preorder Feb 29th. The system is expected to ship for under 1K USD. I beta tested Tilt Brush and can say that the UI is nothing short of fantastic. Its very nice to be able to generate 3D content so easily. The experience is intoxicating and fun. Another one to watch out for is Sixense's MakeVR. I was able to try MakeVR in 2013 with the Oculus DK1. MakeVR is attempting to make a 1st generation VR CAD experience. I would say that they have done just that. Make VR is extremely intuitive and even allows simultaneous collaboration with multiple users within a CAD file. You can literally watch your peers building. If 3D coat were interested in developing a VR front end for their robust tool set I would recommend contacting Oculus or HTC about getting a development kit. The Iron is hot and it's time to strike. 3D coat could quickly become the professional 3D sculpting app in the VR community.
  4. Routb3d


    I switched from Rhino to moi a while ago. I asked Micheal to put multitouch navigation in Moi and he pulled it off and had it tuned within a few days. He didn't have a multitouch screen so he was relying on my input to get it tweaked in. I had to beg him to allow zoom, pan and orbit to all live in a 2 finger gesture. He finally put it together and I showed him a video of how well it worked.. He was surprised and left it in! Glad I was a part of that one. Multitouch navigation is fantastic in moi. Its nice to work fluidly.
  5. Routb3d

    Cintiq 24 HD Touch support

    I would love to see 3D coat get touch navigation support. I use tablets exclusively and have totally ditched the keyboard. Moment of inspiration V3 Beta (MOI) has excellent multitouch navigation for those interested in seeing what 3DCoat could be like.. Simultaneous pen and touch input would be nice but most current consumer level hardware is all set for 1 import or the other which has never been problem for me. I'm excited for the day when 3D Coat gets touch navigation. Isaiah
  6. Hi, I'm trying to have a VR experience using 3DCoat and the Oculus Rift. IZ3D - not working with current version - or at least on my system. Nvidia Stereo - Not working Vireio Perception - working - 2D side by side VorpX - working - 2D side by side 2D side by side is cool but lacks the depth of having 2 cameras at slightly different positions.. Vireio Perception will also put out Anaglyph renderings which appears to want to work in 3DCoat DX. Something is causing the anaglyphic image to cut in and out and only show while the scene is being rotated.. I tried turning off incremental rendering, tried adjusting many Nvidia GTX driver settings and even tried running through the Intel 4000 graphic processor rather than the Nvidia card.. It all seems to work the same.. There is a Oculus Rift program called Deskope that will convert any program on the desktop to a side by side image for the rift. Deskope also allows head tracking to look at different parts of the virtual monitor. Deskope even goes as far as to simulate anaglyphic glasses for 3D content. I figure that I may be able to get 3D coat rendering with an anaglyphic driver and pipe that image into Deskope for a best case scenario 3D experience. Does anyone have an idea on how to simply get 3DCoat 4 displaying anaglyph 3D smoothly? Thanks, Isaiah
  7. Routb3d

    Leap Motion - The future .....

    I think your right about physical resistance being needed for sculpting. As for Boolean operations and many other CAD procedures I can see this working. Perhaps The Oculus should be married to Sensable's phantom haptic force feedback stylus. I think Geomagic recently bought Sensable. Isaiah Coberly
  8. Routb3d

    Leap Motion - The future .....

    The Razer Hydra + The Oculus Rift seems like a pretty great combo for input and feedback.. MakeVR has done an excellent job validating the tech in MakeVR. Check it out.. Imagine being able to do this in 3D coat. http://sixense.com/makevr Isaiah Coberly
  9. MakeVR is a baby CAD system emerging from the Video game industry. I have been dreaming of a more immersive CAD system for years. I went ahead and bought an Oculus Rift and a Razer Hydra so that I can try this out. I don't have extremely high expectations for the quality of CAD tools but I figure its worth a try for the VR ui.. http://sixense.com/makevr The forum is dead there.. If your interested in MakeVR you should join the forum and help me bump these guys for a Beta! Thousands of Video game and VR enthusiasts are now geared up and itching to have new VR experiences. The FPV shooter is old news, flight and driving simulators are plentiful but nothing really great for 3D modeling and design has emerged. I see a clear opportunity for 3D Coat or any other Modeling system to seize an entire demagrphic of early adopters that are just getting into VR. If 3D Coat were to emerge on the scene with a Functioning VR interface I bet Andrew would make a killing in new software sales. Isaiah Coberly
  10. Routb3d

    Moi went Multitouch.. what about 3dCoat

    Noted.. This thread will not turn into a dog fight. Just for future reference, I'm hiding the argumentative demons that haunt these forums. I have a lot of work to do and There is no time for the negativity. I really just want to share without being schooled by people who think they know better. I'm here to share and not here to defend my methods or the tech I use. There is no sense in that for me. Thanks for the reply. IC
  11. Routb3d

    Moi went Multitouch.. what about 3dCoat

    Thanks for the tips! I'm using mostly Art Rage and Moi on the Ativ700t and I'm not finding a need for keyboard at all. As more apps become more touch friendly I'll be happy to add them to my mobile workflow. I keep a pretty powerful Laptop in the wings that helps with the more intense projects.. I did put 3D coat on the tablet and it works great! Would love to see at least multitouch navigation for Win 8. I bet Andrew could plug that in to 3D coat in a few hours.. Multitouch support is a news worthy feature to add these days and would probably result in some sales. IC
  12. Routb3d

    Moi went Multitouch.. what about 3dCoat

    The pen is a axiotron studio pen.. They are no longer for sale retail though. I hold on to this one for dear life..IC
  13. Routb3d

    Moi went Multitouch.. what about 3dCoat

    Dude! Go make another thread and call it touch sucks.. I'm really not interested in why you think touch sucks... Looks like your trying to flood my thread with some foolish argument.. this is about exploration and progress not bull headed know it allness.. Leave it alone.. Thanks, IC
  14. Routb3d

    Moi went Multitouch.. what about 3dCoat

    Ahh ! Another early adopter I see.. I gave up trying to explain. Seems your an early adopter or not. We get to be the pioneers that carve out the way for people that are less daring + we get to suffer the consequences of that. Thanks for chiming in here! Ill be showing some pretty mind blowing multitouch interaction as I put together my modeling procedures. Its time to see the promised land.. LOL.. IC
  15. Routb3d

    Moi went Multitouch.. what about 3dCoat

    I take a lot of risks in the name of finding better processes. It only makes sense that an entire new generation of hardware, software and operating systems may have benefits over my old ways of doing things.. The new tech may be a little immature but I like to think I'm a part of that development. Sometimes I land on my nose with these things but I see the potential and it looks well worth the try. Wish me luck! I have to create another carving x2 the size as the one pictured above.. The one pictured was done in Maya..