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  1. holding Alt while drawing a curve will subtract Boolean with the over lap curves. holding Shift while drawing a curve will union Boolean with the over lap curves. holding Space while drawing a curve allows to change the curves position. Release the Space will drop it into new position and continue drawing the curves. Able to BEVEL points on the curve. ( very useful for quickly round the corner of the rectangular) Seclect tool: able to select using lasso (click in empty space and drag rectangular over the curve to select it. currently you have to click on the curves, take time to precisely click). Fill in mesh layer : adding Tapping option
  2. TLE

    layers group PLEASE

    at first, I thought it already had it. so the request has been there for a while. I guess I will wait.
  3. able to multi selects layers, right click>group or ungroup please.. please.. please...
  4. any way to keep position, scale, ect of previous primitive while switching to different shape? right now it keep reset everything if I switch to different shape. Thank you.
  5. in voxel mode: if you have cut tool active, the hotkey h doesn't work as volumn select. I think this a bug and has been in couple version.
  6. TLE

    New Curves Beta

    how can I delete the curves with keyboard instead of right click>delete? the old way is hit Esc key. its so simple. never mind, found it. just hit delete key.
  7. I have very good machine. it imported but the mesh moved all over place. Ican't export layers individual since there are around 50 layers in 3B file.
  8. Hello, I need your help on importing a saved out 3B into an other 3B file. Both files have lots of layers. It messed up some layers up. seems it change the mesh on that layers location and scale . It looks like the meshes has been pulled apart. Please help. Thank you. ps: I did: To Uniform Space and To Global Space in both files before import the file in and the problem still ocured.
  9. TLE

    whats new since I left?

    Here are the link to Blender curves tool. that I was talking about. https://www.facebook.com/jama.jurabaev/videos/2182326055130816/
  10. i didn't check up 3c coat for about 4 months? whats new everyone? did we have the curves tool problem solved? as well as about to bevel a curves yet?
  11. TLE

    Wait For It..!!!!

    yes. can't handle w/o it. too many polys
  12. TLE

    Wait For It..!!!!

    photoshop painted over.