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  1. TLE

    whats new since I left?

    Here are the link to Blender curves tool. that I was talking about. https://www.facebook.com/jama.jurabaev/videos/2182326055130816/
  2. i didn't check up 3c coat for about 4 months? whats new everyone? did we have the curves tool problem solved? as well as about to bevel a curves yet?
  3. TLE

    Wait For It..!!!!

    yes. can't handle w/o it. too many polys
  4. TLE

    Wait For It..!!!!

    photoshop painted over.
  5. Modeled in 3dcoat, render in marmoset go here for videos and more shots of this scene: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/myVQ9 https://www.artstation.com/artwork/myV21 The question has been answered: Can 3dcoat do a good job in hard surface modeling? YES.
  6. it doesn't deselect the layers when using transform tool. and it cause problem when you try to move only one layer. try it out and see what i meant.
  7. is that possible? i tried but no luck
  8. TLE

    Gizmo in 3dcoat (sculpting)

    yes. only some tool have that. I wish they all have.
  9. TLE

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    The select tool (h) sometime doesn't work. special when the file has alot of layers. Please ad select tool in the menu.
  10. one of the button that I like was adjust the light angle so I can see the shape better when I have shadow. HOwever, it seem has been disable even in 4.7. Don't know why. Maybe it has been moved to different area? or using different tool to change light direction? any help? Also seem the shadow is very lowres. how can I change that? Thanks
  11. Please add "Align to View" and Screen based Move handle to ALL the tools that have gizmo (transform) Also please have the option in primitives tool that when you switch to different primitive, it doen't reset the tool back to original so we can pick different shapes. Hope this request doesn't create alot of work. Thanks Thao
  12. not yet. I need to do this. have been busy and already done with the work in 3dcoat when I got the notice about the script. thanks