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  1. digman

    [Bug] Small bug when exporting Color / albedo map

    Windows beta version 4.9.63 I tested exporting a black texture using your method Layer set to Standard, then Emissive just to test. In Affinity, both textures are Red "0" Green "0" Blue "0" and the correct hex number. Not sure what is happening on your end or am I missing a step.
  2. digman

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Not sure which room you are in so I will give an answer for both. Sculpt Room. Choose or make a shader that will revel the features underneath the freeze. I included a shader for you. You may change the color as you wish. Paint Room. A white freeze revels the features more but I also choose to show the wireframe which the freeze does not hide. Under the freeze menu choose "Toogle Freeze View" to choose the the freeze view you want. Under the file menu choose to install the extension. Make a feature request for all freeze views to revel the features underneath it if you so desire. Freeze.3dcpack
  3. digman

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    @tokikake Windows Beta Version 4.9.63 Using the single polygon mode. Try the settings shown in the picture for freeze to work correctly. Brush size I choose a very large number. Might not need 40 but it works. Increased opacity to 200 percent (manual typing in the amount). Might not need 200 percent but I play it safe. Choose connective picking. Freezing and Un-Freezing both work. EdIt: I did some more testing. The most import setting is connective picking and brush radius size. Changing the freeze degree beyond 100 percent seems not to effect it as much. Play with those settings but connective picking needs to be chosen and at least 1.0 brush radius or higher but this also would depend I believe upon the scale of your model, for brush radius size. Make the brush radius large enough to fill the inside of the model's polygons completely. Of course you will not see the brush radius yellow cursor when using the single polygon mode. New Test :The Monkey ( not the one shown in the picture.) Connective picking. Brush radius "7.0" Contrast: 100% Freezing degree: 100%
  4. digman

    Viewport Projector tool

    Windows Beta Version 4.9.63 GL No problems on extrude with symmetry in the above version. I tested 4.9.57 and the extrude is not working correctly as you pointed out. Things break sometimes from one beta to the next. Not uncommon for betas... Lasted beta version is now 4.9.64. It fixed a rare crash on loading some 3DC files. For the projection icon to appear, go to Preferences/ Beta/ Show Beta tools. There was a bug in beta version 4.9.57 that hid two selection options in the paint room when the activity bar was enabled. I recommend updating to the latest beta. You can install more than one version at time. No need to uninstall a earlier version unless you desire to.
  5. Windows Beta version 4.9.63 Your X axis would be on the opposite side of the cube. Not shown in your video. I tested and it is working as expected. Use Radial Symmetry if you want all 4 sides effected at the same time.
  6. digman

    Paint: Change the color across a layer?

    Another 2 ways. Color operations brush. 4th brush down in the left tool bar. (Paint room) Picture shows the tool panel for the Color operations brush. If you want to fill a whole layer using the color operations brush, use a spline tool and be sure to deselect " Ignore back faces" in the E-panel. Your blending layers as well, like in Photoshop. Shown in the picture also. Create a new layer above the smart material layer, choose a desired blending mode.
  7. digman

    Ornamental object modeling/sculpting

    Taper controls the diameter of the stroke as you draw it out. You have a control panel to adjust as shown in the picture. In the tool panel, enable tapering. Strip Alphas also can have the spacing adjusted in the Brush panel according to your need. I gave you a list of brushes / tools but there are others too so know as you become familiar with 3DC your tool base will expand.
  8. digman

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Confirmed. Appears to be a bug
  9. digman

    Ornamental object modeling/sculpting

    Here is an example of using an Alpha with the Stamp drap spline. Also once the basic shape of your model is done. Surface mode will give you dynamic tessellation using the live clay brushes. This way you can create an alpha and make very very fine details with it. You can also use the Subdivide brush on selected areas of the model then use any brush or tool to get higher detail in those areas. The example is only voxel mode. To Test some alphas, go to textures.com. There download some free alphas. That is what I did for the below alpha. Create your own brush folder and place them there.
  10. digman

    Ornamental object modeling/sculpting

    Many tools to get the job done. Curves, self created Alphas. Setting your tapering degree. Draw along brush, Pose tool, Strips Alphas, Using the Stamp tool for relief. Extrude brush. Vox layers, lathe tool and more....................... Main thing is to learn the tools in 3DC on simple creation. Like the quick candle stick I made. Get the feel of how the tools work. Then move up to more complicated type of work you want to do. I made this quick candle stick holder in one half hour using just the basic tools and alphas in 3DC. This is not quality but to give you and idea. The below videos should be helpful. Now he uses a program to help create the alphas he needs but Alphas are easy to create in lots of programs. Many ways to create in 3DC not limited to the ones shown in the videos.
  11. In one of the past betas with the Activity Bar Selected to be shown in the interface (right side), those options (Always and Connective Picking) Selections) would disappear. Go to Preferences \ Beta and see if the Activity Bar is selected. Windows Beta Version 4.9.63 seems to have fix the problem. Pictures shows the Activity Bar.
  12. You are remembering older versions. I checked windows 4.1.17D. Pre PBR. It has the cavities painting setting under the Drop down menu (Always) That has been changed since 3DC converted to PBR painting. Similar settings though are under the Always Menu.
  13. digman

    Blender Applink

    @haikalle Thanks for all the tweak nodes in the combined node. Esp the color ramps for the Metallic and Roughness for tweaking them which I set up too when manually setting up the maps without the applink.
  14. I added a feature request that the measurement tool does not auto change the Scene Define Measurement Units when changing to different measuring standards for indeed that is what is does. A 2 meter cube would measure 200 cm if you changed to cm measurements.
  15. digman

    UV mapping and spherical projection

    I glanced at the thread again and if this is not what you are going for, sorry. I did some work on the uv wrapped sphere to remove a little more distortion. The little hole in Antarctica is I need to get the hole vertices closer to zero. I used a normal map this time as well. Picture compares 3DC Antarctica to a map of Antarctica.