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  1. digman

    [Solved] Stuck points while retopo

    Since you can run more than one version of 3DC, do you have a version of 3DC that does not have the problem. You could use that version till the problem is looked at by the development team. Are you using The standard version of 3DC or the Sculpt layers version? Being a critical aspect of your professional workflow, I suggest under the Help menu in the 3DC to send the file directly to the development team explaining the problem. Of course if it is under a NDA agreement that might not be possible.
  2. Opps posted my last above post in the wrong thread.
  3. I see I did not look to close at your problem. My answer does not relate to you specific problem. You created the mask. Filled the mask with a texture but upon export the masked filled area is not exported in the final uv texture map. Is this correct. Can you share the 3DC file so I can look at it.
  4. Ok, I am trying to understand... You want to export a white mask to be used in another application to apply a different texture to the model in the mask area. If that is the case. Create the mask on a different layer. Fill the mask area with white. Hide all other color layers. Under the texture window, use export color/albedo. Only the mask layer will be exported. if the above does not meet your need, I endeavored to understand what you wanted.
  5. Version 4.8.41SL I was having the same messed up uv map that Mediapod was having using import reference mesh with texture. How to fix the problem. Vertically flip the image externally. Then the texture is imported correctly. This is not a bug but how some software saves images, You use to have to flip Zbrush images in some applications though I do not know now if that is still the case for Zbrush exported images.
  6. digman

    How can i hide wireframe on retopo object?

    Ok another workaround. Go to the Sculpt room----"Import tool" in the left sidebar tool panel under "Objects" From the dialog box, choose "PIck from Retopo". This will show you a non-wireframe view. Hide the sculpt room object first. Keep the dialog box open and switch back to the Retopo room. Make any adjustments if needed. Return to the sculpt room and pick from retopo again in the dialog box. The mesh will be updated. Once done, simply choose another tool and the retopo mesh will not be imported into the sculpt room. Side Note: If you want to import the retopo mesh and look at it as a sculpt object using the same method just Choose import without voxelization. Do not subdivide. This way your imported retopo model will not change shape. The above is a workaround but you do not need to leave 3DC. You can change the retopo color. Top Tool panel after (after opacity) "Colors"- Select the very first color in the top left row. Double click it to change the color. That will become the default retopo color before adding any uv seams. I use a darker grey as the neon green blows my eyes out. LOL. Add your feature request for a non wireframe toggle switch.
  7. digman

    FBX Import not working

    Carlos is correct.I had the same problem a couple of years ago till I exported from Maya LT Using Fbx 2014.
  8. digman

    Garagarape sketchbook

    Moving along you are...
  9. Agisoft the makers of Metashape former Photoscan have created a de-lighting tool for your photogrammetry textures. It is a standalone program. Free for Metashape (Photoscan) users but I think it is free for anyone too. You will have to test though. Tutorial----- https://www.agisoft.com/index.php?id=71 Download---- https://www.agisoft.com/downloads/installer/ Look for the de-lighter tool.
  10. digman

    Alpha stamp size issue

    Share the alpha if possible to see if it happens to others.
  11. digman

    Paint Room question

    Yes, that is correct as you are only hiding the sculpt room object in the Paint Room. If you do not want the sculpt room object to appear in the render, hide it in the sculpt room which will effectively hide it in the paint room as well. This way no their is need to hide it in the paint room as I show you.
  12. digman

    From version 3 to 4

    In order to continue to use Version 4 after the trial period ends you will need to buy the upgrade. It will not replace your version 3 and you can continue to use it as you wish. Version 4 will have it's own serial key. I have serial keys for version 3 and two for version 4, one for Windows and another for Linux. I have not used version 3 in years and Version 4 is more modern supporting PBR texturing and with countless other improvements.
  13. digman

    Paint Room question

    Also make sure that the sculpt room object is hidden in the paintroom. It appears there by default for vertex painting. Paint Room-----View Menu---Show Voxels in PaintRoom. Deselect the check box. If you can share the 3DC file for others to look at and to see if we can improve your bake or send me a pm with a link where I can download the file.
  14. digman

    Digman's Cravings

    Since getting my computer back, brushing up on Photogrammery again. Agisoft Photoscan or Metashape as it is called now. First picture, Photoscan. 2nd picture, 3DC render room low polygon version with 2k textures and normal map. Textures or not delighted but will be. Looking at Unity's delighting tool.
  15. digman

    The holes in the voxel mesh bug

    What version of 3DC are you using. Are you in Voxel or Surface mode. Which tool or brushes did you use or is it just random. If in Surface mode did you try any of these tools to fix the problem. Picture supplied. Can you upload a picture of the problem. If you have a 3DC file that has the problem, share it if you can.