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  1. Hi all, Sorry for my absence. A large number of personal life stuff has been going on plus now moving to another state. Once everything settles down, I will return. It might be January 2019 before I can return. Maybe sooner but can not promise it. Great 3D-Coat sculpting to you all. David. (digman)
  2. digman

    Apply UV-set

    Best to send me a link for the 3DC file, I know that is it very large but really the only way for me to really test the problem... You did not re-unwrap which is correct, that will mess up your uv set. Since you are combining two uv sets to one. You might need to update all uv sets though some you did not change them. It is possible they now need their coordinates updated. I do not know but that is worth a test as well. Before going back to the paint room after using "Apply Uv Set", remove all unused uv sets as leaving any empty uv sets might cause errors. This might or might not work but worth a test. Like I said you can always send me a link for the file. You can put the link in Skype.
  3. digman

    New Curves Beta

    Version 4.8.16 New Beta Curves. Using the Cut Off Tool. The new curves still does not make smooth clean cuts as the old curves do. The new curves are still in beta but before final release the new curves need to make clean cuts as the old curves do when using the cut off tool. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New Beta Curves. Now if you use Cut and Clone tool the cuts are clean and smooth. The clone tool also created a clean smooth surface.
  4. digman

    Sketchbook Journey

    I have always enjoyed this type of 3D concept work... Great workmanship!
  5. digman


    Still does not work for me... I am on Skype atm.
  6. digman


    Link does not work for me...
  7. digman

    Can't paint; tablet only spinning object

    You can try changing to Tablet PC under the preferences menu.
  8. I do not think it is possible atm to have symmetry painting in the texture editor. FYI. 3DC does support the mirroring of identical islands. Of course I do not know what your uv islands look like but put here for general information.
  9. digman

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Version 4.8.15D beta. Transform tool problem with Auto-Pick enabled. The transform tool selects multiple layers as you click on objects in the viewport. This is not the expected behavior. Standard behavior in most applications below: LMB. Clicking on a item selects that item. Selecting another item selects that item and deselects the other item. Shift key or the Ctrl key with LMB selects multiple items. This works as expected in 3DC.
  10. digman

    NOT works

    Lots of workflow details left out in your report. I will shoot in the dark. If your 3DC file is the below. One object but two uv sets. Obj file export only supports a single uv set per object. The limitation of the file format. FYI. Obj file supports sub objects each with their single uv set. Fbx supports multiple uv sets per single object.
  11. digman

    Recreating PS brushes in 3DCoat

    You can load ABR files directly into 3DC. A one to one exact match, the alpha yes but any special functions maybe not. 3DC has it's own brush options panel that it uses.
  12. digman

    Cannot import fbx file to sculpt room

    It is not so much a bug as a FBX version support in 3DC In your FBX export Maya options choose. Binary FBX 2014/2015 3DC needs to update it's FBX version support to later versions.
  13. A fix.. I generally do not have symmetry on when baking. Turn off all symmetry when baking. It is not needed. If you need symmetry it turn back on after baking. You can share the 3DC file for others to look at the problem if you want too.
  14. I confirm this problem. When auto click is enabled, it should not add to your selection but only choose the layer you select. That is the standard in most programs When holding down the shift key or the Ctrl key then you can multiple select layers which is also the standard in most programs.
  15. digman

    Create Brushes

    127, 127,127, if you need the numerical numbers for zero depth in 3DC.