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  1. Always good to give the version of 3DC you are using, it helps plus any steps or actions that you remember to reproduce the problem. You are in Voxel mode and not surface mode, correct? As Silas said did you use any surface tools in Voxel mode. The more information given the easier it is to figure out the possible cause of your problem.
  2. You are drawing on a surface mode polygon object to let you know and not voxels. Vertex painting requires a very high polygon model to have enough resolution { number of vertices} for it too look good as Carlosan stated. I painted at very high vertex count and the painting was fine. Of course the best quality will remain Per-Pixel Painting.
  3. Side Point here: Possible reasons for your computer freezing. Merging layers. Whatever resolution the layer that all the layers are merged to is the resolution that 3DC uses to merge Example: 16x layer--- merging a 2x layer, a 4x layer and a 6x layer will merge to 16x resolution. This will increase the voxel count or surface mode polygon count exponentially. Voxel Mode : Will have no problems with boolean operations if the parts intersect. Surface mode: Boolean operations could have problems. Merge the layers without a boolean operation. ------------------------------------------------------------- You could try and export the model as an obj file. Close and reopen 3DC. Import the obj file and see if the problem goes away. Also you could send the file to support for them to look at.
  4. Strange but glad it works. You could try sending the file to support with a link to this post and see if the Andrew or one of developers can pin point the problem.
  5. Windows version: 2021.46 You can try leaving the Render room and coming back which I imagine you have done already. Change a shader maybe. Make all the objects one shader. First save the scene before doing the above. Close and reopen 3DC to see if the problem is still there. Of course you could have found a bug... I made a simple quick test following your steps. No problems on my end.
  6. Windows version 2021.46 Color picking working on my version of 3DC. It could be a problem with your uv set... Test the default sphere in Per Pixel Painting mode and see if you can pick colors correctly. I would also upgrade to the newest version as well as Carlosan stated. Many bugs have been squashed. 3DC now has an updater built into the software now too. User's choice to use it or not. https://3dcoat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/25785-3dcoat-2021-development-thread/
  7. Windows version: 2021.46 It is working on my end. Here is a video, hope it helps you.
  8. Share the file by PM with a link if you can. Of course if it is under NDA you might not be able too. I will be happy to look at it. Is the image in tiling or non tiling mode.
  9. Windows version: 2021.45 What is your version, Always good to mention it. I was thinking the same about overlapping uv islands. Preferences: Look at my picture. Marked in red, check the box. See if that helps.
  10. Not answering the import issue you discussed but 3DC and Unreal work well together. No texture channeling packing was done in this setup. 3DC setup. Roughness/Metalness selected under the textures menu. View Menu. GGX Burley 12 (Unreal4) File meu--- Export objects and textures----Export panel- Unreal5 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Unreal 4.27 or 5. Select the fbx and the texture files to import. The normal map will be correctly imported by Unreal. No work needed. The Metalness and Roughnes are imported as SRGB. Open the image editor for each image and deselect Srgb. Save the image. Now they will be linear maps and will render correctly. They will be listed as linear in the Material editor. You should have a default material already created. Double click on it to open. Drag in all the texture files into the default_material editor and input into the correct slots. Apply and save. Last picture: Of course the lighting is different in this simple setup. The colors are correct and the metalness and roughness match closely to 3DC. PBR reacts as you know to different lighting setups correctly so the lighting is different in the unreal scene and 3DC. I uploaded a new image of the bowl as I had made a mistake in the normal map export.
  11. "Any advice on the Custom Texture (Checker) tiling in the viewport?" No internal tilling of the imported uv texture checker(image) that I know of other than use a different custom checker that is closer to what you want.
  12. @Andrew Tsymbal. I forgot to mention that with a small brush radius you can select a polygroup or a uv island by clicking in the center of a polygon in the viewport. It will switch to that polygroup and the uv island that resides in that polygroup or it no uv set created yet will switch the polygroup.
  13. Always good to give the 3DC version you are currently using,. Can you show a picture of the icon you are talking about. If you have a brush selected, 3DC assumes you want to paint and hides the material.
  14. Ah, you want the color to match the retopo mesh as well. That would be a feature request. You can hide all the layers but the one you are on by holding down the (alt key) and clicking the eye icon. There is a workaround. when choosing a color you can hover over the retopo mesh color with the plus cursor and press the "V" key. I choose vertex mode and select mode and I get a clean plus cursor for choosing a color over the retopo mesh. Select no checker to get a solid color retopo mesh color.
  15. 3DC has color reference but a little different. Right mouse click on polygroup/retopo layer and select Reference Color. Choose color.
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