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  1. digman

    Define Measurement Units and Edit Scene Scale ???

    3DC scene scale set to 100 / Units set to meters will match the metric scale in Blender. This setting I have been using for years. 3DC scene scale of a 1000 / units set CM should be ok for Blender as well. I did a quick test and it appears to be correct. Of course you have to setup Blender to use Metric and not Blender units.
  2. digman

    Define Measurement Units and Edit Scene Scale ???

    I found the same thing when I looked a measurements in 3DC last year. I think 3DC is changing the scale so the model is large enough to fit in the viewport for painting purposes. The scale could be increased or decreased depending upon the scale of the object. 3DC remembers the original scale upon export from the PPP room. That is my quess but it is only a quess for changing the scale upon importing into the PPP room.
  3. I get a 16 bit tiff in my exporting. 3DC version 4.08.40. Affinity Photo and Irfanview both read the tiff file as 16 bits. Maybe you have selected to export a normal map as well as you stated you also have a blue color image. There needs to be no selection of any other image type in the dialog panel. By default it will export the alpha. If you are invoking Photoshop inside of 3DC to adjust the alpha it will be converted to 8 bits. I do my adjusting outside of 3DC for the alphas so they retain 16 bits.
  4. The method you are using is for a external model to be used as an alpha creation. It will not create an alpha out of a sculpt room object. To create an alpha from a sculpt room object do this: File menu in the sculpt room. Choose export depth along Y. Make sure your model is facing Y up and centered in world space. Set your texture size and the patch size which is the size of the alpha in the image. Smaller patch size numbers will increase the amount your sculpt alpha fills the inside of your texture image space. Test a few times till you get the hang of it. I like to use tiff as it creates a 16 bit image. Note: Color can be deselected in the dialog box unless you want a separate color image too.
  5. Not sure what is happening as on my end 100% cuts through. I would normally turn off limit depth for object I wish to cut all the way through but I did test with limiter set to 100% some though not extensively.
  6. digman

    Akeytsu Discussion Corner

    I am looking forward to again working in akeytsu. Enjoyed using the program and will enjoy it again.
  7. digman

    Painting in External Editor 2 way?

    Do not use the save function in Affinity Photo. Use the export function instead. Set it up to export a PSD file. This requires a couple of extra steps and 3DC will be updated correctly. Do not change the name the of the file or folder that is exported as 3DC will not update.
  8. digman

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    3DC version 4.8.40 SL, opengl. The new beta curves are still having the staircase effect when using the cut off tool. I would imagine in other tools as well but have not tested You can not use the current beta curves for hard surface clean cuts. Please look at when there is development time in the curves schedule. The old curves cut smoothly. Example shown in the picture. Left side, smooth cut, right side, staircase (new beta curves) A few other users have reported the same staircase effect using the new beta curves.
  9. digman

    What Are You Working On ?

    Love the color schemes of you last work!
  10. In the sculpt room... You could create your own shader using a converted displacement map to a normal map. In the shader control you can adjust the intensity of the normal map. The shader uses cube mapping. The real displacement created on the sculpt room object by the normal map can be baked to the paint room. You can test several normal maps this way. The above might not meet your need but it is a way.
  11. digman

    Does model have any file size limit or polygon limit?

    Sorry no formula here. I have left at default all this time though messed about with the settings but not really arriving at any conclusions. If you did not see it, here is where I also posted about creating real world objects. One method. A heads up, In the 3D grid, I set it at one meter and 100 units (cm) inside the meter grid. This was for demoing the method. You can set it different depending upon your workflow.
  12. digman

    WOW...just WOW

    AMD made it clear they are not canceling the ThreadRipper line. That was just a rumor floating around the net. If you heard the rumor you can ignore it.
  13. Here is a 3DC file set for Blender's metric scale. Should work in other apps as well. Now this does not mean it is an all inclusive method of creating real world scale but it gives a base to start with. I am now looking at the tools inside 3DC to make it easier to build real world objects. In other words to see what is possible with 3DC. Edit: Here is an example. One method. Created a simple primitive. Customized the 3D grid. One meter main division and 100 cm inside. Of course you can set the cm inside to larger divisions. Example. Depends on how precise you need to be. Snap to 3D grid turned on. Used a combination of measure tool and cut off tool. 3DC will also show the angle of the measuring lines. Imports into Blender at the correct dimensions. Simple model not shown for quality. Note: Under the view menu look at all the tools for your 3D grids setup. Real_World_Scale.3b
  14. digman

    Does model have any file size limit or polygon limit?

    Example to match Blender's meter scale. 3DC set scene scale to 100. Increasing the scene scale in 3DC, makes the scale smaller. Decreasing the scale makes the scale larger. Units to meters. example picture to show result. I by mistake made the cylinder 4 meters in width. No crashing. 3DC Version Beta 4.8.40 GL.
  15. 3DC user since 2007. The development team and Andrew does listen to the artist input. I personally have seen down through the 12 years of using 3D Coat that the program has changed and grown through the feature request of many artist. Does every request get added to 3DC of course not and patience is needed if a feature request is added. 3DC runs an open beta plus you as an artist can have a direct influence on the development. There is no closed beta here with only some inputs of a few artist. It is a not reasoned out conclusion to say that Andrew, the main developer does not listen to artist input. Be respectable always, plus give good information on the reasons of the request. which Rygaard has done. All the above is not a endorsement of any feature but only some advice to any new artist who has recently purchased 3DC.