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  1. Ratchet

    Bug using Undo in Paint mode

    I'm using 3D coat 4.9.34 with windows 7 64 bits. I use the stamp tool to duplicate some part of image all over, when i use undo there is remaining paints artifacts. The Undo is not usable.
  2. It looks good. However the completed character armor looks not like metal, it looks more like stone, because the roughness too high. What is the 3D engine ?
  3. Ratchet

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    h So 3D coat is bringing multi material painting using vertex colors. Let's do a reverse usage on painted model below : From a model painted with a material doing erosion and scrathes, could 3D be able to extract the tiling textures and correct Vertex paitning values ? - blue metal paint tiling texture - erosion metal tiling texture - vertex colour map Similar to some Substance Designer materials, this would decrease a lot textures size as instead of 4K texture painting and baking, we could use two small tiling textures and a vertex color map for that model.
  4. Ratchet

    Smart UV Unwrap

    Like Blender have automatic unwrap specifying some angle limit and distance between UV islands. This speeds up a lot the workflow for Retopo UV when precise UV work is not needed.
  5. Ratchet

    Baking roughness not good

    I painted materials the voxel model, and baked the retopo. The baked texture roughness is not the same as the voxel painting, it lack quality and accuracy as it's not exaclty the same. The baked roughness is lot more higher than the original voxel painting roughness.
  6. Ratchet

    Custom drive for alphas libraries

    Hi, Does last 3D Coat version allows to use another drive other than the Windows drive installation for alphas and other libraries to use ? Or does alphas only work when they are under the system drive : Users/Documents ? Thank you.
  7. Ratchet

    [Solved] Baking shaders problem

    This is why i use Xnormal to bake normal maps for multi objects. Not sure lot of people use 3D coat for complex baking otherwise this bug would have already been posted.
  8. Ratchet

    [Solved] Baking shaders problem

    This is the baking in Xnormal, the baking two high poly object to one low poly retopo does not have seams problems. 3D coat makes errors baking on objects jonction.
  9. Ratchet

    [Solved] Baking shaders problem

    This is the same issue when you import a model from Zbrush made of many objects and try to bake to one object, there is baking bugs.
  10. Ratchet

    [Solved] Baking shaders problem

    When you merge visible you loose each voxel object materials, the boolean object result have only one material. I guess 3D coat has never been designed to bake Voxel materials and separate volumes.
  11. Ratchet

    [Solved] Baking shaders problem

    The bug may be due there is only one retopo mesh to bake all Voxtree objects. You can download the 3D Coat file https://ufile.io/uvotc
  12. The voxel sculpting is made of different voxel objects, each with it's own material. When baking into low poly model, there is material issues , i tried different outer and inner shell values, but it seems it's a bug with objects.
  13. He should stop some weeks in the year, and keep some months fixing bugs only to make 3D coat lot more stable. Many times i got 3D coat crash because some things are not stable enough or memory usage is not well managed when 3D coat starts to use more than the computer can handle. There is many bugs in symmetry, retopo symmetry, and many other small things that broke the projects i was doing forcing me to switch to other software for some projects. I prefer 3D coat with less features and more tested and stable instead.
  14. Ratchet

    XZ symmetry baking doesn't work

    I found a way to avoid this strange bug. Uncheck one symmetry, keep one or none symmetry checked when baking.
  15. Baking works well with one plane symmetry but it does not work with two symmetry. I made a cube model with XZ symmetry and retopo with XZ symmetry, i applied the symmteyr to all layers and unchecked retopo mirror mode. The baking destroy the low poly model and it's textures. This is not urgent bug but i would like it to be fixed later.