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  1. 3D Coat is installed on drive M, but it had 6Go additional installation on Windows drive. Most stuff are stuff like brushes, settings , this should be changed to put that stuff in 3DCoat installation directory instead. This is specific to 3D coat, most other software does not install that way. 3D Coat need to change how it's installed on Windows.
  2. Ratchet

    Voxel object Arrays

    Like Blender the ability to clone a voxel object into an array in some direction planes or as radial and height. Not using spline, but parameters like spacing and axes.
  3. This is why i use Xnormal to bake normal maps for multi objects. Not sure lot of people use 3D coat for complex baking otherwise this bug would have already been posted.
  4. This is the baking in Xnormal, the baking two high poly object to one low poly retopo does not have seams problems. 3D coat makes errors baking on objects jonction.
  5. This is the same issue when you import a model from Zbrush made of many objects and try to bake to one object, there is baking bugs.
  6. When you merge visible you loose each voxel object materials, the boolean object result have only one material. I guess 3D coat has never been designed to bake Voxel materials and separate volumes.
  7. The bug may be due there is only one retopo mesh to bake all Voxtree objects. You can download the 3D Coat file https://ufile.io/uvotc
  8. The voxel sculpting is made of different voxel objects, each with it's own material. When baking into low poly model, there is material issues , i tried different outer and inner shell values, but it seems it's a bug with objects.
  9. Ratchet

    [Solved] New draw lines shapes

    Why can't i edit my previous post ? To resume drawing precise shapes to make faces : 1) straight lines with subdivision option 2) Circle and ellipse with subdivision option 3) Bezier curve with subdivision option And the ability to create some surface using and connecting two guides. For example two subdivided lines, two circles subdivided, subdivided line and bezier curve.
  10. Retopo Draw lines , mpst pf the time are not precise drawing them, not accurate. You can't draw and follow precisely straight edges. You can't draw perfect circles and elipses, or bezier curves to follow high res geometry. Those shapes are common to hard surface models. The other disadvantage is a line is only two points, while most of the time you would need lines subdivided. In this example, with shapes like Circle or ellipse and choosing some subdivision , it would be easy to perfectly match Voxel hard surface volumes using precise draw lines. Same for the straight lines, clicking on two points 3D coat could draw a line , with subdivision it would draw many straight segments. This is really missing in the retopo for hard surface voxels. While it's already possible in Blender with Vertex extrude, edge subdivide, and circle or ellipse curves to draw precise edges to make faces to retopo.
  11. Ratchet

    [Solved] Rock helper

    That's great, this is what i was looking for
  12. Ratchet

    [Solved] Rock helper

    You can insert custom meshes quickly dragging the mouse on some parent object, almost like painting objects. This could be custom rock objects. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGxefHa-0Pc Each time you click on surface you insert or draw a new mesh instance without needing to use clone menus.
  13. Ratchet

    [Solved] Rock helper

    One way to make rocks is to use a paint object and paint a rock many times in 3D space. I wish it was possible in 3D coat.
  14. He should stop some weeks in the year, and keep some months fixing bugs only to make 3D coat lot more stable. Many times i got 3D coat crash because some things are not stable enough or memory usage is not well managed when 3D coat starts to use more than the computer can handle. There is many bugs in symmetry, retopo symmetry, and many other small things that broke the projects i was doing forcing me to switch to other software for some projects. I prefer 3D coat with less features and more tested and stable instead.
  15. Ratchet

    Retopo Draw

    Will 3D Coat get better drawing retopo tools, with spline support, quick selection, or dynamic resolution change like this tool can do ?