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  1. 3DCNC

    Huion Pen tablet GT-156HD V2

    thanks. I was looking at the xp-pen artist 15.6 . How is the xp-pen Deco01. Is it stable with 3d coat.
  2. Anyone using the XP-Pen Artist 15.6 display tablet. Does it work with3dcoat? https://www.storexppen.com/product/51.html https://www.amazon.com/Artist15-6-Drawing-Graphics-Battery-free-pressure/dp/B077PCCC7R/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_sims?ie=UTF8 Wanting to know if driver is stable with 3Dcoat /windows 10
  3. 3DCNC

    Area smooth with retopology surface

    Hi. Thanks for letting me know. I will look for more info on stamping the mesh.
  4. Sorry to post here -again . Could not find a way to post in feature requests. Was watching video below again. Its a pity a subdivided re-topology surface information cant be projected onto the voxel/surface mesh to help smooth the surface in real time. "Area smooth" rather than brush smooth Hope you understand what I am thinking . Using a brush to smooth the surface wont give you a polished car body surface. I have a scanned mesh I need to clean and make beautiful. I posted an idea of a smooth "cage" but this might be easier to implement. maybe it already possible?
  5. 3DCNC

    Huion Pen tablet GT-156HD V2

    Great! thanks for that. Very helpful.
  6. 3DCNC

    Huion Pen tablet GT-156HD V2

    Hi Has anyone used a Huion tablet with 3DCoat. Thinking of buying a small 15 inch pen tablet monitor GT-156HD V2 for portablity. Working as a freelancer https://www.huiontablet.com/all-products/pen-tablet-monitor/gt-156hd-v2.html I am just worried I will have lots of driver issues.
  7. 3DCNC

    Cage smooth

    I thought it might be an interesting idea , to be able to build a smoothing cage with points over a sculpt to even out/smooth a large surface area. I thinking for car body sculpts. The cage will try to smooth /even out the surface between the points. Moving the points normal to the surface will adjust the surface below. I think the points of the cage should be allowed to lock position so they only move normal to the surface to keep editing simple. Sorry to post here. It would not let me post in feature requests.
  8. 3DCNC

    3DCoat 4.7 (BETA testing thread)

    From my "very" limited experience in 3D coat changing the alpha for some brushes (clay) does not seem to make a difference. If this is the case could this option be ghosted as well. If easily possible. I would be also be happy if this was stated in the brush description.
  9. 3DCNC

    3DCoat 4.7 (BETA testing thread)

    Not sure if its a bug, but the scrape tool will not work with the line brush. It works fine with the curve brush tool . Image attached using latest version 4 .7.20
  10. 3DCNC

    Brush Presets - Now very Impressed!

    Heythanks. I will look at those 2 more carefully.
  11. 3DCNC

    Brush Presets - Now very Impressed!

    Thanks digman. I agree 3Dcoat is "very" flexible. I think the problem for me at the start was that I thought that all the brushes would work as I wanted, straight from the tool panel on the left. I was looking for a tool like the Damstandard brush in Z-Brush. The preset tab came with loads of presets , which was great but also confusing for me as a new user. I would have been happy with just a basic set that matched the feel of the tools in Sculptris. So I could jump into the included busts/models and doodle/play. It does not matter now, because I am there and happy.
  12. 3DCNC

    Brush Presets - Now very Impressed!

    My current goal is to eventually "try" and follow this Zbrush tutorial or simiar using 3D coat. I am currently trying to match the brush settings in 3Dcoat with presets.
  13. Although I have owned a copy of 3d Coat for a while, I have never fully attempted to try and use it till now. I will be honest and say that 2 days ago I was wondering if the program was any any better than Z brush or Sculptris. (Be-aware, I am a novice) . Thanks to AbnRanger for giving me this link below. Really helpful! Most of the standard brushes I was testing did not respond in the way I thought or hoped they would. Some clay brushes seemed to give me the same result after changing some settings , this included trying to modify the brush curves and alpha's. I realized what was wrong after I downloaded some brush presets off a Youtube link and analyzed them a bit more closely to see how they worked. The video link I think is in chinese (wish I could understand the text!) . . I am witing this to maybe help another novice like me. The artist has got a link to his brush presets on one of his videos! The image attached right below is just me playing/doodling with various brush presets on my new Wacom tablet. I found his videos very helpful understanding building brush presets and how far you can go on a low-poly voxel model before going over to live clay brushes. blog:http://hagenomyia.wordpress.com/ twitter:http://twitter.com/koji_hagenomyia youtube:http://www.youtube.com/user/hagenomyia
  14. 3DCNC

    Is a tablet or mouse better for sculpting

    Thanks Tony. At the moment settled for medium Wacom Intuos Art and a 3dconnexion spacenavigator. Its OK for now. Pen was rubbish (felt like it would fly out of my hand at any moment), but modified with tape to increase grip, weight and size. Image attached. I am still wondering if I should have just gone with basic small.
  15. 3DCNC

    Is a tablet or mouse better for sculpting

    Thanks for info and advice. just bought a medium Wacom Intuos Art. The 3D version came with Zbrush. I have enough 3D software, and I have decided to focus attention on 3D - Coat for digital sculpting. I also have Art Rage and Affinity Photo- to play with.