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    Van Helsing

    wow, this is amazing.
  2. Dan Allender

    Metalua Mutant

  3. Dan Allender


    stunning work, great details.
  4. Dan Allender

    Dragon Head

    My first upload here.
  5. Dan Allender

    real newby question

    Here is a method I use. After I am done sculpting, I use the vox tree to change to surface mode. I then click on the paint room. export the model as a obj file, then start a new project and import object for painting, this will autocreate your uv maps so you can paint and then save the model again. Most people like to create their own topology and uv maps, but I am not that good at that, so this is the method I use.
  6. Dan Allender

    Newbie - How to get better at modeling?

    thank you for recommending this book. I am enjoying it immensely and learning a lot of good concepts.
  7. Dan Allender

    3d coat or Zbrush

    As a hobbyist who just recently purchased the educational version, I have no regrets at all. This program has so many ways of creating stuff, its just fun to play around and experiment with it. I have never used zbrush, but I have used Blender, xwing, Poser, uv mapper and Bryce 3d. 3D Coat in my opinion is so much easier to use, and just plain fun. Money well spent.
  8. Dan Allender

    Newbie - How to get better at modeling?

    Thanks Calabi, i do like skulls. I am working on a skull ring.
  9. Dan Allender

    Newbie - How to get better at modeling?

    thank you for the tips, I do like books. I will look for it, I am sure it is on Amazon.
  10. Dan Allender

    Newbie - How to get better at modeling?

    Thank you for the advice, it is much appreciated. I think you are right about trying to do something too complex too soon, guilty as charged.
  11. Hello all, I am a new user of 3DCoat, and love it. My question is what do you think is the best way to get better. I have already watched a ton of tutorials. Do you think it is better to just start sculpting away and see what I come up with, or would it be better to try to create a real object, like a chair, a glass, a hammer, etc. I originally got 3DCoat, so I could create my own clothing for Poser figures, but from doing tutorials, I have discovered I really enjoy the sculpting. Just not very good at it. Thanks for all of you have taken time to make such wonderful tutorials.