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  1. Hi, just trying to find out from more experienced users if it's possible to brush stroke with symmetry in either windows. When I tried with symmetry enabled, it only worked when painting in 3D view but there's no symmetry when painting in the texture editor. Thanks.
  2. Rik


    Thank you haikalie. I only intended for this to be a head sculpting and texturing exercise. But I'm slowly building my 3d-coat experience and will definitely attempt full figure characters soon.
  3. Rik

    Weird Alpha Grid in Layer?

    Try Unfreeze, ctrl-d
  4. Voxel sculpt and texture painting in 3d Coat. Sculpt tweaks in Zbrush. Materials and render in Modo. Photoshop for post.
  5. Hello. New member here. Posting a model where I've used 3d-Coat for retopo and texture painting (diffuse and hand painted normal maps). Modo: sub-d, unwrap, materials, renders Zbrush: base mesh, head features sculpt 3d-Coat: retopology pass, textures Photoshop: textures, post