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  1. Hammers

    Another Noobish UV question

    Thanks for that, I'll see if I can find a clear example to post soon
  2. Hammers

    Unable to paint on imported model

    Hi, I'm having trouble with a round tripping workflow thing. I've exported a model from blender for uv mapping and painting, so far so good. But when I get it back to Blender I found that some of the normals were reversed, so I fixed them, then send the model (with the app link) back to 3dc for fixing up (the uvs went very bad after fixing the normals...) On the faces that had dodgy normals every face had a seam around it now, so I deleted all of the marked seams, reseamed, then unwrapped and applied the UV set. But now when I go to the paint room to fix up the texture (which looks mostly ok), I am unable to paint on the model. Nothing has been frozen (that I know of) and I've tried different layers etc. But strokes just aren't working. I've just repeated the process, to see what happens and this time I can paint in the Texture editor view, but still not in the 3d view. I hope someone can help. Cheers.
  3. Hammers

    Unable to paint on imported model

    I can't share it openly, but maybe I could PM it to you in the name of troubleshooting, if that's ok.
  4. Hammers

    Unable to paint on imported model

    Yeah, the normals were reversed on parts of the original version (one ear and a couple of odd faces) which I had unwrapped and painted the first time. Then I fixed the normals in Blender and sent the model back to 3dc, fixed the unwrapping on the weird areas, but can now not paint.
  5. Hammers

    Unable to paint on imported model

    Sorry, forgot to mention I'm on Mac 10.7.5. Just tried again with experimental build with same result. I'll have to re unwrap I guess and paint the model again. But would like to know if I'm doing something wrong or if there might be a bug. Cheers.
  6. Chances are, I'm gonna get caught up with work, but one of my first ideas was to sculpt Django Freeman. Blue suit and whip. Yeah baby yeah! Nothing too ambitious then...
  7. Hammers

    What a noob!

    Ah well, getting used to the paradigms...Thanks for your patience.
  8. Hammers

    What a noob!

    I must be missing something obvious. Just getting started with 3dc, and something's gone weird. I've created a voxel shape (based on a background image), then going to the paint room, I'm not able to paint it with colour — not with brush, fill, pencil etc. I can't see anything stupid that I've set wrongly, the opacity is up, layers are visible... I tried starting from scratch with a new primitive object, but same deal... Can someone please help before I go completely bald
  9. Hammers

    Joining the 3D coat mob

    Hi all, Just a quick hello. I'm excited to be starting my 3D coat journey. Got hooked on the voxel sculpting, retopo tools and general ease of painting stuff with the demo, so now got my Student copy. Here's a little matchmove animation experiment I did when I was still in demo mode. Voxel sculpted, retopoed and textured in 3D coat, rigged animated and composited in Blender. See you round and thanks team for a great (and affordable) product. http://youtu.be/TTET-M2L1c0