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  1. <--- The build tool did not work for me too.
  2. Carlosan

    3DCoat 2021 Released !

    Go to https://3dcoat.com/ And login into your account. Sidenote: If user have an old version they will see them in their account for V4 for V3
  3. Carlosan

    Molding special license ?

    Hi Please contact sales@3dcoat.com Thanks
  4. Carlosan

    2021 User manual in PDF..??

    Hi ! We are working on it.
  5. Carlosan

    Merge ...multiple paint layers at once?

    Hi On Layers Menu at top, or RMB over any layer popups Merge commands
  6. Carlosan


  7. Carlosan

    Finished Works

    Gallery of finished works by artists using 3DC in their workflow
  8. Carlosan

    Hardware Reviews

    Game Controller: Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller (Series X-S) Review - TechPowerUp. Mouse: Razer Basilisk Ultimate Review - Vortez. Mouse: Redragon M808 Storm Pro Review - TechPowerUp. PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 G6 Power Supply Review- EVGA meets Seasonic - Tom's Hardware.
  9. Carlosan


  10. Rectangle selection works from my side. Minor: Duplicate short key Q Transform all controls > Q Curves quick menu > Q
  11. Hi ! Merge visible is the current tool to merge. Only transform tool if you create Layer group first RMB over the shader let you edit the current config for finetunning Only surface model, no voxels can be vertex paint 1n Pant Room Latest version is only GL. Hope this help
  12. Carlosan


  13. https://www.artstation.com/tenitsky/blog/DE13/80lvl-3d-coat-to-unreal-5