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  1. Carlosan

    Severe screen flicker in Sculpt and Retopo room

    Hi Sending the broken file to Andrew let him to solve your problem ?
  2. Hi Jima Have you contacted Andrew to solve this problem ?
  3. Carlosan

    Mix sculpt and paint maps...

    Hi Philippe Please contact @haikalle asking this request Is blender-3dcoat applink connection developer.
  4. Carlosan

    Request on uv room

    Reported. Thx for point it up.
  5. Carlosan

    I will not be silent this time. Just my opinion !

    Hi Thanks for your suggestions but I think it is unlikely to add more lines of code to the existing one, the general idea is to simplify the number of lines of code, not to add more. What do you propose about the Tweak room, why should the solution for the development team copy existing software ? Remember this post ? For new feature requests we must think what can we do to make the best solution for this problem. Copycat the solution of others is not the way for the development of an original and unique software like 3dcoat is.
  6. Carlosan

    Can I make changes to an existing 3d obj

    Try creating new project And then Import it inside Retopo Room Hope it help.
  7. Carlosan

    smart material and lasso paint problem

    Hello Sorry but using version 4.839 and Metalness / Roughness workflow cant find any trouble.
  8. Carlosan

    Can I make changes to an existing 3d obj

    Hi Try Retopo room, it has all the necessary tools for what you need to do.
  9. Carlosan

    Import/export heightmap for sphere?

    I'm afraid you need to do the rectilinear projection to spherical projection conversion on a separate program, 3Dcoat does not have tools to perform that conversion automatically
  10. Carlosan

    3D Illusion using projections CS:GO Skins

    Hi 3DCoat dont have any tool for Projection Mapping, sorry.
  11. Carlosan

    uv direction doesn't affect texture

    Hi This image explain the various symbols in the brush components widget. * More info about Smart Materials and Stencils PopUp
  12. I'm sorry to hear that. I reported your issue again and keep you informed ASAP. //i was informed that Sales Team contacted you: Yes, already talking to him and we advised him a possible solution.
  13. Its an early build with sculpt layers, only for real enthusiasts - Use this build at your own risk! Download it here: http://pilgway.com/files/3dcoat/V4.8/3d-Coat-V4_8-39SL-64.exe Alternative link (starts to works ~1 hour after uploading to main server) http://3dcoat.com/files/3dcoat/V4.8/3d-Coat-V4_8-39SL-64.exe
  14. Carlosan

    rough edges

    Hello Possibly are you working on Voxel mode ? Try switching to Surface mode, it will help