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  1. Dear Work Flow, We haven't been in touch for a while and it's time for some good news and announcements! Check out what we've got for you today. 3DCOAT V4.9 RELEASED! We are releasing a new 3DCoat v4.9 Update featuring multiple fixes and new features, including new CutOff tool, improvements to the Paint, Sculpt, UV/Retopo room, New curves and so on. Check out the full changelog available here . Should you already own a 3DCoat license, feel free to download and install v4.9 here SUMMER SALE STARTED! One more good news for you: from July 23 until July 30, 2019 we will run our traditional Summer Sale! We have some good discounts on offer, so make sure to check those out and buy before it's all over! So, here's the deal: 1. You get $100 off on your 3DCoat Professional or Floating license! 2. You get $20 off on your Amateur license! 3. Summer Sale discounts will be available from 4:00 PM (GMT+3) on July 23, 2019 until 10:00 (GMT+3) on July 30, 2019. GET 3DCOAT WITH DISCOUNT NOW! If you are new to 3DCoat, feel free to download and test our 30-day fully functional free trial here to test 3DCoat's toolset, before you decide to purchase. As always, you can find some useful links in our knowledge base of video tutorials with tips and tricks on how to use the tools of 3DCoat at their best. We would also like to draw your attention to our Training channel on YouTube, which is perfect for users who just started with 3DCoat. Thanks for your time and attention, we hope you enjoy the latest of 3DCoat! Sincerely yours, 3DCoat Team
  2. Carlosan

    [Solved] carving on top of a layer

    Hello Check if Auto Pick is switched off
  3. Carlosan

    retopo bug?

    Create any link using wetransfer (fill with any fantasy name mail) or use dropbox o googledrive and post it here please.
  4. Carlosan

    Import of curves/spline!!

  5. Carlosan

    Voxel tools failing on constant lines

    Voxels are like 3D pixels (made of clay, let's say) and are very good for creating a model that needs only surface details added. It is the preferred medium for doing booleans without errors and for blocking out shapes. Use surface mode to add fine details (especially with the automatic tessellation used in the Live Clay tools).
  6. Carlosan

    retopo bug?

    Could you share the model to take a look ? Is hard to help without an image reference.
  7. Carlosan

    Voxel tools failing on constant lines

    Using Command > resample (space bar) try incresing voxlayer density to tris: 1.000.000 to get better result. On this model Voxel Resolution is very low to get fine details using small cursor size.
  8. Ubisoft joins Blender Development Fund
  9. Carlosan

    Voxel tools failing on constant lines

    Try RMB over layer and use the command To global Space
  10. Carlosan

    Voxel tools failing on constant lines

    Sorry i cant replicate Geometry > Scene scale Settings are default ?
  11. Carlosan

    retopo bug?

    Hello Are you using latest version ? This bug was found on older versions and was reported.
  12. Carlosan

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Bug reported.
  13. Carlosan

    On board Keyboard loses focus on text input

    Hello Never saw this before sorry, please contact support@3dcoat.com to ask a fix for this issue. Thx
  14. Carlosan

    UV sets and Houdini!!

    3DC will look at UV tiles as UDIMs, and will allow you to import and export them. The function is currently called "Import UV Tiles as UV Sets". It was called "Import UV Tiles as UDIM", but someone (other than me) changed it back to it's old name. That said, when you import your file, tick the box "Import UV TIles as UV Sets", and it will import all of your tiles and rename them according to their UDIMs. Then also when you're done and exporting, tick the box "Export UV Sets as UV Tiles", this will keep the UDIM imported tiles and the names assigned to them upon import. Technically UV Sets are different than UV Tiles or UDIM, and 3D-Coat does not actually support real UV tiling or real UDIM. Using UV Sets is a sort of elegant workaround.