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  1. Carlosan

    Pose tool with curve?

    Unfortunately that function is not possible.
  2. Carlosan

    Warp preview bug

    Hi Bug reported. Thanks.
  3. Carlosan

    [Bug] Problems with baking using autosmooth

    I have reported this bug, but for a more detailed answer it is always better to send the question to support@3dcoat.com
  4. Carlosan


    https://www.artstation.com/giobianco Giovanni Bianchin
  5. Carlosan

    Transform tools in Paint room

    Hello Try exporting as lwo or fbx
  6. Hi ! 1) You can find a library of materials a our PBR scan store. 2) Point 2 is the common way. 3DC does not support rig import. Hope this help ------------------------- This video is an overview of 3DCoat's PBR Scanned Materials Store, as well as the installation of the files downloaded, and usage of the materials in 3DCoat.
  7. Carlosan

    Making a closed spline shape with Sphere tool

    Hi Until now the only way is turn off/on advance settings, sorry.
  8. Carlosan

    [Bug] Paint Room: Color To Gloss, broken ?

    Hi Testing 4.9.26 I found it broken too. Reported
  9. http://www.bencloward.com/tutorials_normal_maps10.shtml Tips for Creating Models As I've discussed, the whole goal of normal mapping is to make a low poly model look like a high poly model. This is usually achieved by creating both a low poly model and a high poly model and then using the detail of the high poly model to create a normal map for the low poly model. So we've got two models involved. This page contains tips for creating both the high and low res models that will help you to achieve better final results.
  10. Carlosan

    [Bug] Problems with baking using autosmooth

    Hi Is a regression bug, was reported. I hope to see it resolved soon. Thanks for pointing it. Related:
  11. Carlosan


    https://www.artstation.com/tingrynade Clement Tingry