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  1. Carlosan

    How to delete this?

    Hi When the tool Point/Faces is active, you can click the CLEAR button and it should remove all of them.
  2. Carlosan

    What is trello?

    Mantis is the only place really active. Trello is almost dead. Surely i shut down it after Google+ close.
  3. The modifiers you apply to an object are stored in a stack. By navigating up and down the stack, you can change the effect of the modifier, or remove it from the object. Or you can choose to “collapse” the stack and make your changes permanent. source
  4. Carlosan

    [Bug] Retopo via decimation not working

    Confirmed. Using primitives, retopo via decimate not work Thx for point it up.
  5. All this issue confirmed from my side
  6. Carlosan


  7. Carlosan

    [Bug] Retopo via decimation not working

    Doing some test, using sculpt or voxel mode: it works fine Try adding any default mesh (shift+M) can you replicate same issue ?
  8. Any issues or questions related to the work of this web-site should go to web@3dcoat.com
  9. Carlosan

    Retopo - next big Step

    People please order. Create a new therad if have some question.
  10. Carlosan

    Swept Surface and probably Modeling Room

    This new development, to which audience target is focused ? Very high poly modelling ? Super realistic character models ? MidLow poly for games ? Industrial Print ? Surface modeling apps filled the market, but they are all based on old paradigms, nothing can be modified once done. Surface modeling is tedious -2020 and still moving vertices and edges- And that's the reason why boolean operands is the new king of the block. (Probooleans as example) And why more and more surface modeling artist are switching to Fusion360. I believe that we must expand the horizon. What happens if we merge in the same app Parametric solid with Voxel sculpting modelling ? Viewing your work and taking into account your skills and developments, I see that road as the only viable route. Sweeping is amazing. If you could add - Constructive solid geometry (Boolean constructions or combinations of primitives) - Parametric Solid (parametric shapes associated with attributes) 3DCoat would offer a new way that in my opinion, would be dazzling and attractive for both old and new users. Thx for your time and sorry wall of text.
  11. Carlosan

    Retopo - next big Step

    New Primitives in Retopo room is a nice add, but why1 and how2 ? 1 - Adding new low poly primitives remains me ZModeler. (This popup could be migrate to Low Poly Modeling task at new room) 2 - And a feature really missed on Retopo Room for placing primitives is ON PEN. Please look this video and if is possible add the same command on pen to retopo primitives transform-apply popup Thx
  12. Carlosan

    [Solved] Every undo action requires 2 keypresses

    Hi I cant replicate Try deleting the file C:\Users\username\Documents\3D-CoatV48\options.xml
  13. Carlosan

    Retopo - next big Step

    Hi As you know, there was a developer @farsthary before you making tools for retopo room that were unfinished. Andrew said that it was possible to continue improving them, but that was not possible: Is it in your agenda to finish the missing work and improve it, or to create new tools that do the same work but with more modern developments?
  14. Hello Are this videos useful for you ?