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  1. Sorry, now i see that you are talking about Sculpt workspace. I was talking about Paint workspace. Which is your current workflow ? You need to export High poly mesh or scene for any particular use ? File > export > Scene or selected object, both command are ok.
  2. Sure, check here please.
  3. Carlosan

    model import problems

    Hello 3DCoat triangulate any mesh at import by default, there isnt any option to disable it.
  4. Carlosan

    3D motion trails

    http://www.artofthetitle.com/title/marvels-iron-fist/ Andrew: For the CG we used Maya, 3ds Max for the FX trails, We did our modelling in ZBrush, some Mari and Photoshop for texturing and rendered in VRay.
  5. Carlosan

    fill gradient not working (3dc 4.8.20)

    Hi ! Thia bug was solved on version 4.8.23 Please test it.
  6. Carlosan

    Undo inconvenience

    If you created a setting for a tool that serves a specific purpose in your workflow, there are two ways to keep that information. One is duplicating the tool. RMB over the tool. The other is adding that tool to your preset library. Windows > Popups > Tool Presets Hope that help.
  7. Carlosan

    Undo inconvenience

    Hi Please check Edit > Preferences. Are this commands switched on ?
  8. Using latest version 4.8.23 Go to File > Export objects and Textures
  9. Did you erase Options****xml as I told you ? C:\Users\username\Documents\3D-CoatV4___ (number version here)
  10. Carlosan

    Move tool with edge distance

    I asked Andrew a long time ago and he told me that it was not possible. I do not know if the development changed now with so many changes, maybe yes. Ask him by email would help a lot to dispel doubts.
  11. Carlosan

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Your detailed issue was reported, Thx.
  12. Try to backup files Options****xml, then delete. Will it crash ? If no, please restore files, try to export. Will is crash ? If yes, please send me that files Options***xml at support@3dcoat.com Andrew
  13. https://hum3d.com/car-challenge-2018/ Fifth annual Hum3D competition for the best Car render. It’s the largest awards event for the car 3d modeling and visualization industry. Everything is as usual: you have to create a car 3d model, put it into 3D environment and make a beautiful render. There are no limits for your creative ideas: you can choose any automobile you like whether it is racing or imaginary vehicle. We invite all 3D artists to participate. Don’t forget to read the rules of the contest. The contest is supported by the best companies of the 3D world, and so the prizes for the first places look amazing. Also, everyone has an opportunity to receive an additional prizes. We’re waiting for your works from September 18 to December 04. Good luck and happy rendering!
  14. Carlosan

    Help with symmetry retopo

    Hello Switch off virtual mirror mode and try again.
  15. ---> 4.8.23 is the latest one