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  1. Carlosan


    Please contact sales@3dcoat.com to ask about this issue. Thx
  2. Carlosan

    Skye's sketchbook

    Far better !
  3. Carlosan

    How to merge imported normal map with imported color map

    Sadly no, clone tool works with "Depth" channel but will not work on External imported normalmap layer. It is not implemented.
  4. Hi! Please download the attached file, use File->Install extension. After rebooting Korean should appear. Andrew Korean1.3dcpack
  5. Carlosan

    How to merge imported normal map with imported color map

    Change Blending Mode from Normal Map to Standard Blend Select Transform/Copy tool (just below ) clone tool. Copy paste an area in the same layer. Switch back Blend Mode to Normal map. This steps help your workflow ?
  6. Carlosan

    Odd looking texture bake

  7. Carlosan

    Delete, remove object. Help file/webpage?

    Hello Is there an option to "Auto create layer" when adding an object? Select the option Import As Child. How to delete an object ? Clear current object delete the objet but keep the layer empty Open Voxtree properties by pressing RMB over the object and select the option delete. When you forget to add a new layer and by mistake add a new unwanted object, chances are you have to start all over again. Correct me if I'm wrong If you are working on Surface Mode use the command Geometry > Object-ify to separate the components to new layers. Hope this help.
  8. Carlosan

    Odd looking texture bake

    Looks as small pixel density. How is the UV map for that polygon area ? At which texture resolution are you working ?
  9. Hi Please test version 4.8.18 This issue was fixed. Thx
  10. Carlosan

    Very long UI freezes on GTX1080Ti

    Hi Send support-related question to Andrew Shpagin at support@3dcoat.com Thx
  11. Carlosan

    [Solved] Help with the bass relief

    Issue reported. Thx.
  12. Carlosan

    3DCoat to Keyshot 5.0

    Hope this help
  13. Carlosan

    New Curves Beta

    Issue Reported. Thx
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