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  1. strange, is working from my side https://sketchfab.com/blogs/community/300000-free-3d-models-available-on-sketchfab/
  2. Carlosan

    Odd problem with curve stroke mode

    Sorry i was not clear. Avoid to stroke paint continuously using curve stroke but adding points.
  3. Carlosan


    https://www.artstation.com/artwork/lVP1Kk Manuel (Du)Pong
  4. https://sketchfab.com/blogs/community/300000-free-3d-models-available-on-sketchfab/ We are excited to announce that there are now over 300,000 free downloadable 3D models available on Sketchfab. This vast 3D catalog is an amazing resource created by artists, designers, cultural organisations, and brands from around the world. This milestone is a great symbol of how Sketchfab has become the place to find free 3D assets, and also the best way for artists to publish their 3D creations for other people to reuse and build upon. Each and every downloadable 3D model on Sketchfab is available in its original format as well as an automatically generated glTF format, which is a one size fits all file format designed to let you move 3D files seamlessly between applications while retaining a consistent PBR workflow. You can download 3D models via the sketchfab.com website or directly into your favourite software via one of our many in-app importers. You can already browse and import Sketchfab 3D models in Substance3D, Spark AR, and Blender as well as tools like Unity and Unreal Engine. Thanks to our Download API It’s easy for anyone to add Sketchfab 3D model import into their app. All downloadable models on Sketchfab are offered under some flavour of Creative Commons Attribution license, which make clear how a model can be re-used and how an artist should be credited for their work. Information and instructions on how to download as well as credit creators can be found in the Sketchfab Help Center.
  5. Carlosan


    https://www.artstation.com/artwork/3ox1BB Gernot Buder
  6. Carlosan

    Odd problem with curve stroke mode

    Are you using Curve Stroke as Beziers ?
  7. Carlosan


    https://www.artstation.com/artwork/BmPL9D Arthur Sarah Gonçalves
  8. Carlosan

    XP Pen and 3d coat

    Preferences >Tablet Library This option let you select input used by "3DCoat". Switch between two tablet libraries: "WinTab" and "Tablet PC". Currently "3DCoat" uses "WinTab" which will work only if you will install Wacom "WinTab" driver. When using "Tablet PC" library which should work without additional Wacom "WinTab" driver. Please report any issue directly on e-mail "support DOT linux AT 3dcoat DOT com". Thx
  9. Carlosan

    Center pivot on export

    Hi Is not possible. You'll need to re-transform your object in whatever DCC/game engine you're using.
  10. Carlosan

    [Solved] problem with low-poly

    Hi On latest version you can Bake sculpt mesh onto paint room mesh using this command. Hope it help
  11. Carlosan


    https://www.artstation.com/artwork/nQOWg4 Evgeny Sharokhin | Cerokyn