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    Moving commands stuck

    Hello! I am totally new with 3D coat. Right now I am doing the Rat tutorial. While using the Fill Tool on the rat's arms, I was turning the object around, as to make sure that the arms look OK from each angle (so I was basically rotating the object around). I don't know why, but suddenly the image got stuck, frozen - It would not respond to movement commands! I can't zoom in or out, I can't go to the left or to the right... it's stuck. Can anybody help me out?
  2. ana.hera

    Introduce yourself!

    Hello everybody! I am Ana and I am new with 3D Coat - Actually, I just received the program from my husband as an anniversary gift I have started with the tutorials "Rat from Scratch" and I am doing pretty well. However, I have a few questions and I hope that the 3D community will help me out....