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  1. 1. How to draw a straight 45/90-deg line? Holding shift isn't working, as in other software. 2. How to draw a ring around cylindrical model? I tried to draw a spline around the cylinder to extrude along, but i can't do it evenly (it's higher or lower in some places).
  2. Yes. When I try to import it back to 3ds max, it's separated. But in 3d-coat, it's a single volume
  3. How can I import a complex multi-partial object to separate layers? I want to hide some layers and sculpt over other ones. (I want to bake a single normal map, afterwards) I sculpt and unwrap a single low-poly mesh. I detach several objects from it, in 3ds max. Then I export it to .OBJ. But when I open it in 3d-coat, it turns to the single mesh.
  4. Should I use "Bake w/ Normal map" or "Bake Texture"? Where will maps be saving? What does the "BakingDeprecated" message mean?
  5. I made a simple hard-surface low-poly model in 3ds max. Then I want to import it to 3dc, to subdivide (up to several millions poligons) and to add details. Then I want to bake a normal map, to apply it to the original mesh (in Unity engine) How to do it? Describe a procedure. And I also want to bake AO.
  6. Thanks for your help. As I understand it, there are 3 ways to make a relief: 1) Drawing an alpha and extruding it, as described in http://3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=16039 , 2) painting through the Stencil (stencils panel), 3) painting through the Stamp with a depth channel (stamps panel), right? Are there major differences between 2nd and 3rd way?
  7. I want to create a kettle like this: I can sculpt a basic "teapot" shape, but I'm out of ideas how to make a bas-relief with dragons and ornaments on its side. Should I use a special brushes/alphas/tools? Are where any ways to transfer it from the photo to the 3d-model?
  8. Does Ptex export UV coordinates correctly? Can I read the texture in an another 3d application? Which format is better to use? Can I edit the model in surface mode, while painting in Ptex, or not?
  9. Yes, I just did it for 3ds max. I downloaded ply-importer from here http://www.guruware.at/main/ and it works. Colored model appears in 3ds max. Thanks. But what about transferring vertex color to texture map? Is it possible? Baking or something like that?
  10. I made a high-poly mesh, having vertex color data (I painted it in Paint Room, while in surface mode). How can I create a texture map (without a retopologization and an additional rework) and transfer vertex color to it? (Then save it) Also, can I export the mesh to some file format, not losing the vertex color data?
  11. 5 - solved (?), I found an option "Downgrade the volume" in vox layer panel. But it's like there are only two levels: low (proxy) and high (mesh itself).
  12. How to select a part of the surface of arbitrary shape, and copy the texture to another location? "Transform / Copy" copies only the rectangular pieces. I upload photos to Materials and want to crop a portion of a photo (leaving an uneven piece). When I was in the mode of "Paint over image", I erase using Eraser, it becomes white, but is not removed entirely. I paint the character, using several photos with different lightning. Are there any advices to produce seamless transitions between them? How does the "Copy and paste parts of surface" work? It throws a window with "save" and "load" buttons and I can't draw anything. In the Surface Mode. Is there a function, such as Subdivision Levels in ZBrush? I want to paint small parts at a high level of detail, then I return to the previous level to make a major change (moving the body part of the character), then to return to a high level and continue with fine details,... back and forth
  13. I asked my employers to send me an example. The zbrush model they sent has very dense mesh (millions of poligons), and no textures, just polypaint (okay, I will use painting over voxels in 3dc instead). I begin working, this topic can be closed.
  14. And where can I read more about baking in 3DC? It's hard to make it out, so much parameters...
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