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    Import obj: texture inversed !

    Hi, I just wanted to import a model I am making (in zBrush, uv+textures) but I am facing a "simple" problem wich is texture seems to be inversed in y. But I can' t find any solution to inverse it or to fix this issu into 3d Coat. I have noticed that the little windows named 'uv previsualisation' is empty. ps: in fact, I just wanted to make a retopo of this bust, but it looks complicated for me, I had to choose from the first window when 3d Coat is lauched, then another one after I choosed 'make retopo'. is it the right way to make a retopo ?manual I mean. Thank you by advance.
  2. agamemnon

    Introduce yourself!

    hello, I have 39 years old and I live in France. I usualy use zbrush and I' m focusing on character creation actually. I am discovering 3d Coat but like any other new application use, I have tons of questions. Anyway, happy to be here with you guys.