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  1. At the moment I am using 4.5.19, and would like to try out the latest Beta version. As I haven't created any custom items I don't need to make any backup of the content folders, but do I need to unregister and uninstall the current version - or can a new version just be installed over an existing one? I ask only because some companies require uninstalling, some recommend it, and others state that it doesn't make any difference.
  2. wires

    Why only .psd files for Diffuse?

    Thanks' digman, I have the Pro version, and my mistake was using Import>Layers Colour, which only offers .psd as an import option. The Export Options window that you show doesn't open on my system when I click on File>Export Objects & Textures. I don't seem to be able to embed an image in a post, but when I select the Menu item the only thing that happens is an explorer window opens to a folder with options to save as .obj, .fbx and a few other formats. As I said in my post, I'm just starting with 3DCoat and have had a lot of questions answered just by reading the Forum and watching the Tutorials. Somehow the answer to this question wasn't quite so easy to find. There's quite a wealth of information here, and that removes the need for repeat Noob questions.
  3. I'm doing 3D Animation using iClone from Reallusion. The software has a module for creating characters, and these can be exported as .obj files for modification/enhancement in a package such as 3DCoat. The main problem that I am running up against at the moment is that 3DCoat will only import/export Diffuse maps as .psd files - all other maps offer a selection of common file formats. Since the RL Character Creator does not import/export .psd files I am having to run various maps through Gimp just to get them to/from 3DCoat. So my question is, why does 3DCoat not offer a file selection option for Diffuse maps, but does offer one for other maps? I'm just starting with 3DCoat, and am really getting to like it over Substance Painter for a lot of work - but this constant file conversion process is putting a damper on an otherwise super fast product workflow.
  4. Is there a way to use Substance Smart Materials in 3DCoat? SP and 3DC both save Smart Materials, but both use different file names, is there a known way to use Smart Materials created in one software with the other?
  5. I get the first window - for customers. I can enter my email, and after that I just get the error message. Using the link that was provided to me in my purchase mail takes me directly to the download area, but the results are still the same. It's no big deal at the moment as I have already installed the software, and I have absolutely no idea at the moment if I need any of the resources or not. Thank you for your help and attention.
  6. Back among the ranks of the healthy after almost 2 weeks. I had downloaded and installed 4_5-25A-64.exe as suggested by carlosan, and after suffering a few unexplained crashes - that may have been caused by user error - I discovered that this version is an unstable Beta version. I searched the list of files available for download and by checking the Forum found out that 4_5-19-64.exe is the last stable version released. This I now have installed and it hasn't crashed yet with all my "messing around" while viewing tutorial videos. I would however like to point out that it is still not possible to download anything, main software and resources, from the Home page download area - every link turns up a "Page Not Found" error.
  7. The download links still return error messages , and support mail isn't being answered. Maybe I should just cancel the Credit card payment.
  8. This is really starting to look like a Mickey Mouse setup. Just which file do I have to select for download, the 5-25-64.exe, or the 5-25A-64.exe?
  9. I've just paid for a "Pro" copy of 3DCoat, and received a mail with a link to the download page. No matter which of the download links that I select - either for the main software or the recourses - I am constantly being confronted with a "Page not found" error message. Is this some sort of rip off site? I am not a very happy person at the moment.