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  1. Justifun

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    I'm having an issue when I'm trying to set a new hotkey to replace the default MMB (Pan the viewport). If i assign any other key, the viewport will slowly shift the camera left as you hold the button down, instead of going into panning mode like holding the MMB would.
  2. Justifun

    3DCoat 4.7 (BETA testing thread)

    Can anyone else confirm if this is indeed a bug, or perhaps i'm just doing it wrong. If i assign a different hotkey to the custom navigation section to replace "MMB" move in screen space. (to pan the viewport). The viewport simply slowly scrolls camera left with the custom key input. it only seems to function correctly with the middle mouse button
  3. @RabenWulf I'm having the same issue, but resetting the Nvidia settings are not fixing it. Do you know which item specifically was causing it? The whole interface blurs as i click with my mouse.
  4. Justifun

    Maya appLink

    Awesome! Thanks @Styler
  5. Is it possible to control the brush depth or pressure of each curve point when using the curve point tools to draw lines? i know its possible to control their individual size, but i'm talking depth. thanks
  6. Justifun

    Tablet Mode (without Wintab driver)

    I'm having an issue where in 3D Coat my Monoprice display monitor is offsetting the cursor to the left of where the pen is. Clip studio did the same thing until i switched the driver setting in the app to the "Tablet PC" mode and it works properly now. Does 3D coat have a similar setting to fix the offsetting problem?
  7. Justifun

    Extruding 'multi-planar' curves?

    it looks like your are just doing a boolean operation which 3D coat does very well with voxels
  8. Justifun

    Maya appLink

    I keep getting the error - Warning: <Applink> No information for processing import" when i try to press the import button in the maya script maya 2016
  9. Also btw, Furryball just lowered their rental prices by 50% just the other day.
  10. I'm really enjoying renderman for maya. Its free for non commercial, and even a commerical license is affordable.
  11. Justifun

    Trying to replicate PBR preview window

    i believe your mesh has to be of high resolution as well. try sub dividing it then painting.
  12. Justifun

    Maya appLink

    The best way seems to be Drop Mesh in 3D-Coat as voxel model if im just building a rough base model to start sculpting from.
  13. Justifun

    Maya appLink

    Hrmm, it appears to do something on the 3D coat end, but nothing updates on the maya end. Does it work for sculpting changes as well or just painting? thanks for all of your help with this
  14. Justifun

    Maya appLink

    @Styler - I dont have that option under the File Menu windows - 3d coat 4.5.28 beta
  15. Justifun

    Maya appLink

    When i use "export to maya" it opens a save as dialogue box. is there a specific location it needs to be for maya to automatically pick up? I've also tried pressing the "import button" on the applink shelf and it says Warning: Applink No information for processing import