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  1. This has been a bug since I've owned the program and it's so frequent and not being fixed that I'm starting to think about switching, which is really disappointing. It requires me to completely redo the model. I don't know why it does it, but i just opened a file and the model was corrupt. It also happens while modeling. BUT, I found a workaround, which is really odd. I've uploaded the 3D coat file ("6.b") 1) Problem: The polygons corrupt and become 'jagged' 2) Solution: Resample the model and it doesnt matter what value you resample it. I don't know if this will always fix it but its working for now 6.3b
  2. I think you answered my question. Thats exactly what i needed, I think. That's really interesting. I can't get it just right quite yet but I think that solution is the answer if I can get it to work how I need
  3. Man...i ran into a crappy bug. Whenever I freeze something then choose another tool, it corrupts the selection into this weird blocky thing. This has happened with the model itself on another bug I submitted that corrupts the model itself.
  4. Thank you so much! I will try those. I know its going to take a while for me to figure out how to actually apply those tools to this situation, but you've given me great direction. Here's another example of what I'm doing
  5. No, I mean I want to cut out a piece of the sphere but follow it along the curve of the sphere. I know how to make things look separated by splitting them or creating indents. I'm talking about the shape of the helmet, not the splits in it. Look at how the helmet curves. From a sphere, you would need to somehow cut out that shape and following the curvature of the sphere so it doesn't just cut out a little chunk of the sphere.
  6. Hi everyone, I am having the biggest problem trying to figure out how to cut a curve along the shape of sphere. I am trying to mimic the curve on the Rinzler helmet from Tron (see attachments). I feel like I've tried everything and pulling my hair out. I just need to cut along a curved form, like cut a shape along a sphere, but whenever you do that, it just cuts a small chunk out. I the only thing I can do it keep cutting multiple parts out of the sphere but it isn't fluid. This is where Maya and other 3D programs seem so much easier because you can just select polygons and bend them to a certain form. Sculpting in 3D coat seems so difficult to do this. I have attached the base model I am starting with, another shot of a curve im trying to cut out, and the tron helmet. The curves on the helmet seem so complex even though it looks simple. Any help is VERY appreciated. I'm actually getting this manufactured so I would love any feedback. Thank you everyone!
  7. rooattack

    Serious voxel bug ruining all my models

    I just captured a video of it! See attached. I wasn't even on the layer that it corrupted. I was importing an object on a separate layer then clicking on another tool to exit the import mode. 3d coat bug.mov
  8. rooattack

    Serious voxel bug ruining all my models

    When I do that, it changes the position of the object sometimes. I just found out that this is consistently occurring when I 'subtract' elements from other elements. So if I use an 'import' object and hold 'ctrl' to subtract that shape from another shape, it happens. Or when I use a Primitive to subtract from another object. I wonder if it could be some kind of graphics card thing. Attached an image of my Apple hardware build
  9. rooattack

    [Solved] Import as FBX file crashes 3D coat

    Haha I know it says Haha I know it says not to cross strokes. But I also found a video by the guy who does all of those videos, crossing all of his strokes and he got the most clean retopo doing it. However, that may have been a manual retopo he was showing. So I actually tried it without doing that first. If I don't use any strokes at all, I never get any polygons. And of I do, they're always totally out of wack. I am watching those videos right now thank you!
  10. rooattack

    [Solved] Import as FBX file crashes 3D coat

    I have come to a final workflow, maybe. However, it requires merging everything together which concludes a different look than i really desire. And also doesn't really keep my raw high poly look. I'm going to merge all of my objects into a single object. Use 'Instant Meshes' to retopo it by simply clicking a button > import that back into 3DC and manually uv map it by selecting the clean polygons. Then bake a much higher poly version of that onto the retopo model. The only thing I am still trying to figure out is how to mask out sections of the high poly version without doing a retopo to it.
  11. rooattack

    [Solved] Import as FBX file crashes 3D coat

    Thats such a great idea! I forgot about saving camera shortcuts! Only issue is, I don't understand how to actually import textures onto your model. By this, I mean, importing multiple normal maps that relate to 'arm, head, feet, legs'. They all have their own normal maps and baseColor so I would somehow need to mask off these textures to apply to only those objects
  12. rooattack

    [Solved] Import as FBX file crashes 3D coat

    I got Maya to work! The last guy who did our modeling could not figure it out, but this new animator got it done in just an hour. Wow, it is so refreshing to be working with knowledgable people. Attached is the output from Painter vs Maya. They look nearly identical except the environment is rotated different so the lighting is a bit off. I am on a mission to master retopo. I know how valuable it is, but I still always find myself having to do it manually. I watch videos of people doing it that make it look so easy. I also attached the way I have done my strokes for a model. Maybe I am doing that wrong (obviously I am, just dont know why). How do you treat curves that vary so much? I attached the actual 3D coat file too, if anyone feels bored enough to take a look at how they would stroke it. I really don't expect anyone to spend the time doing this. But feel free 3D coat file.zip
  13. rooattack

    [Solved] Import as FBX file crashes 3D coat

    That does work!! However (ha), when I try to do this, it comes in with no UV map at all because that import option doesnt include auto-uv map (attachment)l, which is expected of course. I will have to figure out how to mark seams on a model without retopologizing it (doesn't really work with voxels). OOO I will try this
  14. rooattack

    [Solved] Import as FBX file crashes 3D coat

    I have my animator trying the Maya import thing again. She is going to let me know if that works. Our last animator/modeler tried it and said it didn't work so maybe this new one can get it figured out. ::cross fingers::
  15. rooattack

    [Solved] Import as FBX file crashes 3D coat

    I totally agree with the rendering comment. As far as Maya goes, we could never get it to look even somewhat close. I attached how I export textures. I suppose I can try it again. I believe I will have to convert metallic to specular and roughness to glossiness. Thanks again for all your help and advice. I am getting to the end answer very soon. At least some solutions.