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    Hi ! exactly - "men" figures for the scale. I do not know how to make beautiful models of people and make ugly I do not want Daniel Also I think that it would be better to keep more space from the sides of the airship (make scene wider). All is my imho )) Like this Quote this is again to emphasize the scale of the airship . I just love the model of any machinery - with the rest I do not very successful Daniel And some color toning...? - can You write more ? - What did you mean?
  2. Awiz

    First Official 3D Modelling Contest

    I agree with this opinion.
  3. Awiz


    Hi all !! Here is my final images
  4. Awiz


    I read a neighboring forum thread - which discussed the question of how much is used 3d coat in the competitive work. And just in case, I would like to say that I use only 3d Coat and Photoshop for the final processing of the rendered image.
  5. Awiz


    Thank you so much!
  6. Awiz


    Hi all ! update
  7. Awiz

    Steampunk TriTruck

    I'm glad that everything has cleared up, I hope the contest will continue
  8. Awiz


    Hi ! I will try to explain how I do creat a base form create and deploy temp object next use warp tool and make as many copies as you need and with the required intervals switch temp object to ghost mode in voxtree select desired point of view correct position temp object if it need select sphere tool and curv stroke mode add new layer voxel mode draw some strocks - one curv but some stroke uncheck Draw from first point hide if it need temp object press enter result cut off the excess finish repeat and combine multiple times if necessary I hope I have correctly understood the question and answered it clear
  9. Awiz

    Steampunk TriTruck

    Hi !! Of course you should continue to do model. Do by a little in your free time. Still a lot of time - more than a month!
  10. Awiz


    Thanks! I will try to explain my opinion : Although a steampunk is a fantastic direction - I like realistic-looking modeling style. In my mind, I imagine that this airship can not have too large steam engine - respectively, and smokestacks should not be too large . I believe that the engines and mechanisms need to be compact and light that they can be lifted into the air and at the same time remained the possibility of carrying passengers with comfort. In my imagination, airship construction is made of more advanced, light and durable materials - that allows give it a form of what I represent, and the internal volume of up to ~80-85% busy of a balloons with lifting gas. And according to these ideas, I choose the proportions of all the elements of the airship - and I try to combine the fantastic and realistic ideas in this my work You be the judge happened or not - but I personally like the way that there are. I hope, I have correctly expressed my idea
  11. Awiz

    Steampunk Vehicle - Tank Fortress

    Good concept! ☺
  12. Awiz


    Hi ! Some update
  13. Awiz


    Hi all !! I was a little busy - so this is a small update ropes to the ground (to anchors) are not done yet - on the picture they are just for illustration purposes
  14. Awiz

    Seven wheels for speed

    a good start!