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  1. Kargall


    Very good job, bravo!
  2. Kargall


    Very good !
  3. Kargall

    Somes questions, again :)

    Hi Carlosan No, definitely, nothing works. I will have to re-import the scene. Too bad! I hope I do not have this problem for my other jobs. Thank you
  4. Kargall

    Somes questions, again :)

    hi Carlosan, I did what you said . No matter what I try, it does not work. I do not understand
  5. Kargall

    Somes questions, again :)

    Hi Carlosan, No, I use version 4.8.22 . ... I will see that ... Thx.
  6. Hi friends, I still have some questions and small issues: 1) I would like to know why, when I export a scene, the axis of rotation is placed, in importation, at an incredible distance from the object and not at the center of the scene? How to remedy this? 2) Render man renders all black. How to fix this problem? Resolved : Do not use spelling mode Thank you.
  7. Kargall


    Beautiful. Bravo!
  8. Kargall

    Bug pose tool

    Hy friends, The problem of the tool poses persists, it's very frustating. Is this problem going to resolution phase? thank you
  9. Kargall

    [Solved] Various questions about new tools and more

    OK thank . I just understood, my English and very bad, and the use of the tool was not correct. [resolved]
  10. Kargall

    Bug pose tool

    Hi Carlosan, It's only joined vertex. One piece only extruded part : The problem is solved by reinporting the mesh (a lot of wasted time) .
  11. Kargall

    [Solved] Various questions about new tools and more

    Hi, Merci Carlosan, Are there demonstration videos for the coat tool ?
  12. Hy, Dear friend, I inform you that the bug of the tool poses, still has not settled. It's very boring for a lot of people.
  13. Hello, I have some questions : - Where can I find a tutorial on the Tube / Array tool? Are there videos? There is nothing in the manual about it. - What is the difference between the Vox tool and the Coat tool? Thanks, have a good day
  14. Kargall