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  1. Hi Alex I don't know, you put me in doubt, I have a permanent license. This shouldn't happen with a permanent license, should it?
  2. Finally, I uninstalled and reinstalled the previous version 2022.34 and I am no longer in the learning version. However, I would like someone to explain to me the correct steps to follow so that I don't make the same mistake next time. Thank you
  3. Hi carlosan, I think you did not understand my friend, 3dcoat remains in learning mode, it does not take, it seems, my license.
  4. Bonjour, I have just updated the last version of 3dcoat, and I notice that it is still in "learning" is this normal? there is always the startup panel at the docking station and nothing works: neither the login nor the "Load license". What should I do ? Merci
  5. Bonjour, Could someone test a file that I can't open anymore? It's important, it's for work. Thanks a lot. https://we.tl/t-8Gsssujv7p
  6. HArrGggg !!! That's what I thought, this is unacceptable (no I'm kidding... a little). Thanks for the tip Carlosan .
  7. Ho, sorry! Voxel mode ClayEngine/Base Clay
  8. Hello, I'm desperately looking for the "invert Tool" key in the "Tool options" panel of the Clay brush, but I don't see it anywhere and I don't want to use the "ctrl" keyboard shortcut. Could someone please enlighten me? Thanks
  9. That would be great! Thank you.
  10. Hi Carlosan, Sorry for the delay. Well, the cursor is not present when I paint, but when I lift the pencil. That's my problem. I'd like to get rid of that round one at any time. Also this black cross when I paint Is it possible ? If not it should be. Merci !
  11. Of course, I did, but there is always the circle and also the center dot.
  12. Hello, I would like to know if I can hide the brush cursor while painting or not. Merci.
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