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  1. Thank Carlosan Yes WinTab is selected .
  2. Hi, A small answer, perhaps? Please
  3. Hello I still have a problem with the navigation (maybe a problem with the drivers). I already have this problem here, but this time I can not solve even by changing the driver The PAN is not like before Before , for to move in the screen (PAN), the stylus had to touch the wacom then to make a right click then to move (PAN) Now, I have to make a right click (in the void) (so zoom) and then put the stylus on the screen of the wacom. Does 3Dcoat he changed? Is this a wrong driver? Thanks for your help
  4. Hi, Carlosan ans Andrew, Thank you, and well done for your responsiveness
  5. Hello, Version 4.9.37 did not fix the problem of the spikes tool. I have reinstalled version 4.9.17 but this tool does not work correctly. The "one segment" mode does not work. Do you know where I can find a stable version with this working tool? Thank you
  6. Hi, It seems that the problem comes from the pilots: I reinstalled the WacomTablet_6.3.15-3 drivers and everything works as before. Thank you very much
  7. Hi The menu works fine except with a scene. But I do not know where it ,came from or how to fix the problem.
  8. Hello, I have problems with the right click menu in the work area. This one disappears when I approach my cursor of the menu. As soon as I move the cursor, the menu disappears. There is no problem with this menu in the SculpTree. How can the problem be solved? Thank you
  9. Kargall


    Superb, as usual.
  10. Kargall

    Where is my rendering ?

    I confirm, version 4.9.09 works. I do not have the time, currently, to check the fog and the deph, I'll do it tonight. Thank
  11. Kargall

    Where is my rendering ?

    My version is 4.9.07 , but AbnRanger seems to have the solution . I will test that Thank Carrot Thank AbnRanger
  12. Hello, I'm trying to render in 3D Coat but it does not happen. Nothing in the files I have to miss something, but what?