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  1. Kargall

    [Solved] Layer color

    Hi Carlosan, Of course, why didn't I think of that before? Thanks, friend.
  2. Kargall

    [Solved] Layer color

    Hello everyone, Small question. It seemed to me that there would be the possibility to assign a color to the layer or to the layer group in the sculptree. What is it? I can't find it. I can't find it. Thank you. Have a nice evening.
  3. Before , for to move in the screen (PAN), the stylus had to touch the wacom then to make a right click then to move (PAN) Now, I have to make a right click (in the void) (so zoom) and then put the stylus on the screen of the wacom. Does 3Dcoat he changed? Is this a wrong driver?
  4. Hello, There will always be disappointed people, I am one of them. 1- The thing I like most about 3Dcoat is the navigation. It is natural. Why did you change ? This new way to navigate with the stylus is horrible. It's really really bad! Why not give the choice? Please go back to the old way. 2- The brushes: Muscle, snake, and tips don't work or very very badly - Painting room - 3- The option "more in the cavities and less in the cavities do not work. And many more in this part. Thank you and congratulations for all your work.
  5. Kargall


    Really awesome. bravo!
  6. Kargall

    Advice for new computer build

    Hi friends, Thank you for your very relevant comments. It is unfortunate for me that I could not have read the last comments earlier, I probably would not have made the same choices. My workstation is now set up, 3Dcoat seems to be working properly, and that didn't work for me. For your information, here is my new configuration: Ryzen7 3700x -- Nvidia RTX 2060 Super -- 32GB RAM. Thank you all.
  7. Kargall

    Advice for new computer build

    Thanks for your response Carlosan.
  8. Kargall

    Advice for new computer build

    Good evening, Can someone answer my questions, please? Maybe my questions are stupid. Thank you
  9. Hello, my motherboard is dead, i need to change processor and motherboard and ram. 3D Coat is my main sketching design tool, I would like to know if 3D coat reacts better to one brand than another. AMD or intel? More RAM or more powerful processor? Do you have any specific advice, recommendations, warnings for working with 3dcoat? Obviously I keep my RTX 2060 Super Thank you
  10. Kargall


    Superbe !
  11. Kargall

    3DCoat 2021 special offers

    I am so impatient. That I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve
  12. Kargall

    [Solved] Where is my ctrl-Z ?

    Excellent! Why didn't I think about it sooner? Thank you Carlosan [Resolved]
  13. Hello, I am amazed to have this problem, I no longer have Ctrl-Z, it no longer works with my keyboard. Ctrl-Z works with all other applications. It’s strange. At first I had to click twice on "z", now nothing; / Do you have any idea of the problem? Thank you
  14. Thank Carlosan Yes WinTab is selected .