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  1. Suburban_Ghost

    Laptop for 3d coat

    Awesome! Thanks for all your help! Really appreciate it!
  2. Suburban_Ghost

    Laptop for 3d coat

    Abn, I am for sure going to snag a 1070. That'll be next after i recooperate from the laptop purchase. Do you have any experience with overclocking? Rebel, actually i do. I have a hi-poly sculpt I wanted to see how a laptop handles. If i can gey by sculpting on the laptop and doing renders on my desktop i'd very happy. Its just a matter of actually being able to be productive while being away from the workstation.
  3. Suburban_Ghost

    Bust sculpt

    I give it a smidge of space actually. For the render shes actually floating about a half inch off the ground. I do this so i can get some nice occlusion going.
  4. Suburban_Ghost

    Bust sculpt

    Hey folks, recently finished this sculpt. Wanted to practice sculpting a bust, and sculpting facial features. Always down for feedback, and would love to hear what you think! -cheers sculpted/rendered in 3d coat - color correction and minor editing in photoshop
  5. Suburban_Ghost

    Laptop for 3d coat

    Dang, the lenovo looks like beast. How does it handle 3d software? Oh, and Abn, upgraded my ram yesterday, i can actually move around my hi-poly sculpts now! Haha thanks for the tip. I was also gunna hold out for the 1080m, but i have a feeling laptops sporting em will still be pretty expensive despite the desktop versions being so affordable.
  6. Suburban_Ghost

    Laptop for 3d coat

    Thanks Abn. Your absolutely right! I've been running into slow downs because of that and have been planning on upgrading that as well.
  7. Suburban_Ghost

    Laptop for 3d coat

    Hey everyone, first time posting on the forum, been using and loving 3dcoat for almost a year now. I have a few questions regarding laptops and 3dcoat. I'm planning on getting a laptop specifically for 3dcoat and photoshop to use as a mobile workstation. I Need an alternative from when I am away from my home workstation, and specifically I am looking at the MSI G72 Apache. http://www.xoticpc.com/msi-ge72-apache-pro-070.html i7 6700, nvidia 970m, 16 gb ram, etc. At home i run a workstation i built about 2 years ago. It has a NTEL I5-4670K 3.4 GHZ processor, amd firepro v5900 workstation card, and 8gb ram. It runs 3dcoat great, and does everything i need it to. Though researching and comparing benchmarks on laptops point to the msi g72 running even better/faster than my workstation. I'm trepedatious believing that a laptop could ever out perform my pc, even though its a coupple years old. So here are my question: what should i expect from a laptop with these specs handling 3dcoat? Are these specs overkill? Or underkill? If so what would be better or more suited? i lack the first hand experience with laptop hardware to really understand what to expect. I am hoping someone here might have a bit of experience! (looking specifically at msi over other laptops of same caliber due to its cooling vs size) thanks in advance, and i look forward to hearing anyones input.