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  1. tyferrell

    UV - Stitch (sew) seams

    Hi, In the UV room is there a way to sew together seams?
  2. tyferrell

    Introduce yourself!

    Hi everyone, I'm Ty and have been an 2D 3D generalist type artist for a long time now. Currently my expertise is with 3D character creature modeling and concept art. I'm based in the US (TN) and I currently freelance. Very happy 3D coat is around and not too pricey.... a very strong solution for Indie artist with indie budgets. I first was drawn to 3D coat because of the retopology feature. Now I'm looking to explore all the functions and see what I can get efficient with.
  3. tyferrell

    Introduce yourself!

    Hi Greg...I'm Ty and I'm currently in TN (Gray). How is your skillset learning with 3D coat going?