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  1. dela

    more doodling

    Recent doodles,3D Coat, Octane
  2. dela

    [Bug] Megascans support

    unfortunately it doesn't work
  3. dela

    [Bug] Megascans support

    thank you, I will try the latest version
  4. in my version, 4.9.57 megascans support is not working. In preferences I have an additional Quixell folder, everything looks correct, when I open my 3D Coat the option for importing quixell stuff doesn't exist. The 3D coat is not reading folders or zip files with quixell materials. Just nothing happened.
  5. dela


    thank you
  6. dela

    [Solved] Viewport Projector tool

    Thank you very much, cheers!
  7. Hi guys, I have version 4.9.57 installed and was trying to do something with viewport projection tool. Couldn't find that option.See attachment.Also there is something wrong with symmetry in sculpting extrude mode , I doesn't work,see attachment.Can you please help me with that ?Thank you
  8. My 3D coat 'latest version just doesn't automatically identify quixell smart material. Material is zipped and when I openned 3D Coat there is just no message for automatic installation of the material.
  9. Thank you for your help,My 3D coat 'latest version just doesn't identify quixell smart material.
  10. Hi guys,I installed newest version of 3D coat and it doesn't identify automatically downloaded quixell asset as smart material. The asset is my downloads and 3D coat is just doesn't identify it.Anybody else have experience with that ?
  11. dela

    Latest work

    thank you very much, I am still learning octane.
  12. dela

    Latest work

    Quadro m 4000
  13. dela

    Latest work

    and Octane has pretty expensive steroids from NVidia
  14. dela

    Latest work

    I know I was checking Clarisse for few years.What can I do ,I invested in Modo,octane and so on .