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  2. dela

    Mariana Trench

    3D Coat , Marmoset ,Photoshop
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    Thank you
  4. and more,3d coat , marmoset ,photoshop
  5. playing with 3d coat and photoshop, a deadly combination the last render was in marmoset
  6. Thank you ,I downloaded 4.5.40 DX 64 version and there is no delay in shortcuts .For now beta is working fine .I can use it.
  7. I am using version 4.7.06 AMD FirePro V4900
  8. Shortcuts suppose to speed up the process ,in windows, 7 3D coat shortcuts have almost 30 seconds delay , I don't want to upgrade my windows only because of 3D coat. My specs are : Intel Xeon CPU E5-1620 v2 3.70 Ghz RAM 48 GB Windows 7 Professional 64-bit That suppose to run 3D coat right ? Right now there is no purpose for custom shortcuts at all I am trying to use 3D coat here at work and that kind of delay with the shortcuts is really annoying to say at least . Cheers !
  9. dela

    Shortcuts are terrible slow

    I will check again how 3D coat behaves in Windows 10 and then I will report that . Thank you for your advice . Cheers !