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  1. tokikake's post in [Solved] Opacity/Transparency was marked as the answer   
    About 3d coat, think opacity as  RBGA color alpha value.   To get opacity variation (add semi-transparent mat etc)
    you only need to paint with alpha value. then when you hide layer 0  now you see semi transparent or full transparent with the layer color alpha value.
    or you can set layer opacity , eg if you set layer 1 opacity value as 0.3,  then hide "layer 0" now you should see 0.3 alpha color of the layer. (semi transparent)
    The reason why 3d coat keep "layer 0" as visible,,  it make user easy to color  (overwrite layer 0) mesh.. (layer 0 keep alpha as 1.0 (no transparent)  and color perfect 0.5 0.5 0.5 RGB) . if there is not layer 0,   you may not see any suface untill you import map, or actually paint on surface in anotther layer. it make us difficult to paint.
    After paint or add smart material with alpha value,, hide layer 0, then export color (diffuese alberto)  map as RGBA (png, tiff etc)  Then the exported color  map keep alpha value.
    or you can choose option to export  "Black and white opacity"  map  with RBG color map.
    Use alpha value of color , or export as opacity map (black and white)  depend on which render aprication you may use.  
    (though I suppose most of render engine and shader can use alpha of color map correctly)
  2. tokikake's post in [Solved] I still have question for retopo groups which divided by material then how I sculpt and bake was marked as the answer   
    Ah OK good news   it happen when I apply UV sets and I can not keep to work with the scene, because I only get broken view.
    but once I save the scene as different name, then re-load the scene. (re-open the saved file), it seems up-date all correctly. (though I should not need to re-save and open, but anyway save and re-open seems solve this issue.  so it seems up-date bug (3d coat fail to show real up-dated mesh and textuers with some functions, and keep it untill I close it, change room not solved issue for me)