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  1. To Carlosan, Thank you taking your time for this test. So now I can confirm, small unit mesh cause clipping issue when we set scene scale as 1.00, and at current 3d coat can not adjust it by "Near plane modulator", or orthographic view. it need to report with other suggestion. To Digman Yes. of course your guide is correct. I know you mentioned, to keep obj untill import next one in paint room. I just hope to say, 3d coat need to be improved, even though your workflow and guide work well .Why I bother "import object" with keep one mesh in paintroom, I found another unvset problem. it tend to cause wrong UVset name for UDIM UV . It exchange UVtile number. 1001 to 1008 etc. It seems not happen when I use "Import". I happend to find it, when I need to import multiple UDIM object in paint room with use "import" option. It need to be reported too. Anyway, I send report to support , . hope they have more time to check these things with test.
  2. Thanks you confrim too. But at same time, I happend to find this clipping issue when I set scene scale as 1.00 before, I often see it, when I try to import mesh from blender, with my setting. Camera looks inside object when it's close, instead on surface I afraid, if andrew change 3d coat keep scene scale 1.00 as I requested when I import obj (which use measurement unit as "Meter"), this clipping issue will happen. Could you test with my 3d coat file attached above link(my last reply) , and can confrim, clipping issue happen with your pc too? I suspect at current, 3d coat must need to change scene scale when user import "small value size obj" ( eg bounding box, x=2, y=2, z=2) 3d coat treat the obj too small , then auto scale it. Change Measurement units work to show size correctly, but it is only matter with measurement tool.then clipping problem still happen if user froce scene scale as 1.00 Then if "request 2" is solved, at same time clipping issue (low size units value mesh) need to be solved too. or many blender user see same problem.when export obj and use scene scale as 1.00 in 3d coat. I think, clipping issue is more serious problem, once it happen I can not use any brush with close up.
  3. I found why it happen, and how correct it. it only happen when I import obj . and change scene scale which 3d coat auto-set. I set scene scale as 1.00 to get correclt result with grid. but it cause 3d coat think this obj is too small. then clipping issue happen. if I ignore custom grid , I can just keep 3d coat auto set "scene scale" . I change "scene scale" as 500 etc ( almost same value which 3d coat auto set scene scale when I import this meter size obj with meter unit) , then save and load the scene. now it can close up without problem. But it means I can not use grid as reasonable size. it is not matter how measurement unit I set (m or mm). so I can still use measurement tools to get actuall size. but grid distance are perfeclty change. So to avoid this problem I may need to change export setting from my modelor. (blender) , eg x100 or x 500 etc. then 3d coat may think, the obj is reasonable size. and I can set scene scale as 1 to get custom grid distance and show correctly as visual infomation.
  4. And if I change view setting as orthographic, it can return brash, but 3d coat now limit dsitance. . I can not zoom up the legs part. in this pic, I can not zoom up any more to check feet mesh. as if 3d coat restrict view distance of camera. clipping.3b
  5. sorry to raise old topic, but I found by google. then As Carlosan suggested, I suppose Near plane modulator should work, (as same as blender camera clipping value). but not work for me,,, I think it seems happen the mesh have many poligons with detail. (eg I alerady imported same size cube, but it not cause this problem with almost same size) and even though I set the value as 0.01 etc,, (so unit = 1m, it should be 1cm),, and apply it,, 3d coat view not change.. and it hide my brash too. I need to take large disance to return my brash as visible...(more than one grid unit, I think)and it not matter about real brash size. of course if I use pararell view, it work. (but as you know, we may not choose it for adjust shape detail,,)
  6. I hope to add next suggestion (rezuest), it is more simple problem. even though voxels per unit not work (or grid setting), I can keep my measurement setting. so if I ignore grid,, it may not cause big problem. But change setting without user notice is bad. Now I delete these obj (in paint room, and in sculpt room) from current scene (already saved), but keep 3d coat open. About most of aprication, once user set scale things, (measurement unit scale unit etc,,) the setting are used untill user close aprication. and import mesh do not means, make new scene. but if I use "File > import> for per pixel painting" and import same obj, now I can see measurement units seems return as "mm". but my custom grid setting is same. Is there any merit, 3d coat auto-change user setting as default? and measurement unit is important , to see actual size.. but if it change units without intention, why we need measurement tool? Digman kindly already offer way to keep, these setting, he suggest do not use "import" but use "import object". but once I delete all paint object from current scene, the menu have gone away, untill I import new obj again that means, just to keep user setting, we need to keep mesh even though we need not anymore. it simply cause trouble, or cause mistake when we wrok with many objects. And it not only change about measurement units (M to mm), but change scene scale too. (I hope to keep it as 1. never hope it change again, untill I need it) the scene scale seems auto adjust (I do not know, how it work though) value. I really annoying, why I need to reset them again and again everytime import mesh? what is purpose, 3d coat auto-change these setting value? suggeston (requset 2) : Please do not change any setting of "measurement unit"," voxel per units", "unit scale", "scene scale" "scene off-set values(x y z)" untill user change it by themself , just use same value. And please offer way to keep these setting as start file, or as setting value of user preference .Most of User do not hope 3d coat auto set these value whch user decided once. And hope way to keep these settings as default. that means when we start new scene, or import mesh for anyroom, these settings (which user decide) are used. untill we change them manually. it is standard manner of any aprication, I think so. is not it? Of course I know Andrew and support team gradually improve about these setting things for user request. I actually offer almost same request in mantis too. and I see quite a few user already offered same report, then sometimes it change somehow, and set as resolved but after all remain some problem. I do not hope to request or bug report about same things. but it is really important (and basic thing) for user experience I believe. please test carefully and understand why it is problem that 3d coat auto set these values. it is not expected at all.
  7. Thanks haikale,, I am now testing again and again, (of course I do not hope to stick these primitive pics in official forum( for artist) , I just hope to learn more and more technical detail. of 3d sculpting ><; ), but I feel it is real pity why I still can not understand these basic tool usage about 3d coat.(my chossed aprication) Everytime when I start new procject which use imported obj (character) (I hope to make morph with detail maps in 3d coat to get more better normal map,,) I got same problem (keep my setting of scale things etc,, ) again and again,, then it make me nervous.. Make good normal map , I need to modify retopo mesh too. but if I change it hard,, I can not re-use it for default imported character morph. though if I use texure painting and generate normal map, it is not matter, then I enjoy them,, my planing is,, adjust character base resolution mesh as morph and use it as retopo mesh), then bake detail map from hard sculpted mesh,, so keep scene scale etc, is really important. or it never wrok as morph, of my rigged character,again, ><:
  8. I plan to send mail for andrew and support with detail, but untill send DM, post here I think what is problem, and how it should be, and gather some another user feedback so I hope Andrew understand why I request it, more clear. see my pic please. this is i simple rectangle obj imported to paint room. and my current measurement units, and grid setting is like these pics. As you can see, rectangle height is 2.00meter. and "1 units" of "Grid" is 1m. then I divided it as 10, (10cm). it is reasonable and what I hoped to be. because my current measurement units are set as" Meters" . unitscale set as 1.00 . (I use paint room geometery for sculpt room to compare) Then I set scene scale, off set like this, that mean I do not hope any change about imported obj. Next I hope to add another mesh for current scene. but hope to change "Voxels per Units" untill add new mesh. Then change "Voxels per units" from 1.0 to 100. I suppose it not change current scene, and imported rectangle mesh (in paint room, and in voxel room). and never change grid visualization. But, 3d coat use this parameter for grid too. it can not be supposed, then we see like below pic. now "1 grid length" multiple "100"(voxels per units)!! I think it is not acceptable. if grid change with "voxel count ( for sculpting only)" , how I can keep visuall infomation of size correctly? there is no relation between Grid (for scene measurement) size and "Voxel count to adjust dense for sculpting" and I do not know why it need to be multipled. suggestion 1: "isolate voxel per units from grid parameter for visualization" hope to gather feed back , how other user think about it? the current 3d coat way is reasonable? you think, "grid" need to change size, with "voxels per unit"? If it is approved, and I do not miss something I hope to report another problem about scene scale, unit scale setting too. (3d coat tend to change user setting when import obj for new scene. and it cause problem to keep user custom setting) because these setting are related .
  9. tokikake

    Define Measurement Units and Edit Scene Scale ???

    And I do not know what "voxel per units" means. I suppose it simply decide when we import mesh as voxle, it auto-generate the voxels of number which I decided. In this case I keep Units as "Meters", and Voxels per unit (aproximately) = 1000 I suppose, if I add new obj in sculpt room, 3d coat auto-generate 1000voxles per meter. it is enough for me to keep primitive shape. but when I import primitive from vox stamp, (which 3d coat offered), or use primitive tool, then add new mesh as voxel, and adjust scale, to fit current scene unit and size, (almost 1m diameter, compared with another mesh) after all it just generate mesh without 1000 voxels then it can not keep shape. of course I know, I may only need to adjust layer density, but voxel per units not work ?
  10. tokikake

    Define Measurement Units and Edit Scene Scale ???

    The complexity of "scene units" "scene scale" "grid size" "voxel per units" are, really troubles me with use "measure ment" tools. If I make something from scratch in 3d coat it not matter. but when I need to make morph with texture, for character which made in blender,or use character which used another aprications, or game mod, and need to work often between 2 aprication, I really hope to keep simple and stable work-flow. and hope to get one official clear document for import -export with keep scale in all work room. (paint, retopo, sculpt) with measure ment tool, but set voxel density as we like. In principle , import ,export with keep size for each aprication is not difficult . it is actually simple math. eg, daz studio use 1cm for "scene units". then in blender. most of user may prefer 1m. to make morph etc. then I export obj from daz studio, use "0.01" (1%) . then it fit about aprication which use scene units = 1m. I export obj from blender keep default (1.00), then when import it to daz studio, I adjust import scale setting use "x100" ("10000" %). but I can not still find good work-flow about 3d coat. I reall hope to get preset and hope to make custom one , but untill thinking about preset, 3d coat need to keep "scene units" for all room and all new scene, untill user change. Of course we need to change grid-count ,grid-density, voxel density, measurement-units as we like without change scene unit. (cm , mm, m / per 1 unit) I really thanks digman offer many answer about this problem, but I still feel it not work with measure ment tools. and when user try to change grid ,and voxel density. or I miss something still. If some one know about 3d coat scene units, and measure ment tools, follow this simple example please. 1 make simple rectanglar. in blender. x = 1m, y = 1m, z = 2m. with use blender scene units = 1m. 2 import it to 3d coat "paint room" .and use measurement tools ,show same number (in 3d coat, x =1m, y=2m, z=1m for world cordinate) from frot view. 3 show 3d coat grids as same as blender unit ( 1m) 4a tweak only one vertices, in shape(tweak) room, then export it as new shape key in blender. 4b from paint room, import it to voxel room obj, with surface mode, then use pose, or transform tool, with auto-fit retopo mesh. then export modified "retopo mesh "as morph (blender shape-key) what settings you can use? could you do it easy? and you could still free adjust grid density, voxel density as you like? as you know these steps should be done without many tweaking. we may only need to setting correctly, and suppose the setting should work untill we change something. but about 3d coat it not work as I expected,,,
  11. tokikake

    16-bit alpha inside 3D-Coat? How?!

    Thanks Emi. Now it seems more clear. I do not have photo shop (before I installed only once but never hope again) then I can not test at all, how 3d coat brush edit system work with photo shop. And newest build 4.8.33 have some progress, but to be frankly said, It seems not work correctly with gimp still, (edit as 16bit Tiff and up-date in gimp) seems add 2 or 3 brush , and it often change visuall size.of alpha. I see many strange thing, then after all I almost give up to edit 16bit tiff with gimp. but I know, somehow import process of 16bit Tiff is improved. Though I try to edit each channell with GIMP but after all as you said, even though I edit them, I can not test it with 3d coat about 16bit Tiff I feel. As for me, the way (8bit PSD) to edit map as 5 layer (not channell) is clear enough, but I know about 16bit Tiff, I need to controll each channell (really confusing for me, even though I read the doc carefully,) then, actually recently, I can not convince my import brush (it is offered as 16bit alpha) actually generate keep 16bit as depth. I hope to ask yours,, my process is correct or not,, eg recently I found this brush set as free. (serched to get 16bit tiff brush set by google, then found it) http://www.zbrushcentral.com/printthread.php?t=75606&s=cdeca48c9ed22f937519c440f487a18c as you know, it is offered as 16bit gray-scale PSD,, but when I install it to 3d coat, I do not know, if it keep height-alpha as 16bit.then I load it in gimp , then convert it as 16bit color srgb, and add alpha channell , convert color "black "to alpha. after that I export it as 16bit Tiff. then load it to 3d coat. But do you think,, is it correct way to import these 16bit grey-scale brush? what procedure is correct? I suppose, 3d coat need to use alpha to keep as 16bit. (maybe color or grey-scale data are converted as 8bit?) is it right? or if I get 16bit grey scale brush, Can I directly import it but it need to be Tiff ?
  12. tokikake

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Sorry, I have not downloaded Windows [4.8.33]  from up-date logs. if new version solve about Tiff ,really thank Andrew. I test again. (and thanks you try to solve about negative (concave) alpha)
  13. tokikake

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Andrew please re-save it in Gimp again, and how change (overwrite) in 3d coat. with use 3d coat option (save as psd/Tiff) edit as 16bit Tiff etc. after overwrite alpha in Gimp (16bit Tiff), the brush can not use any more (lost height map) in 3d coat. I use GImp 2.10. it can open Tiff as 16bit but problem seems happen when edit and save (export) to re-use it in 3d coat
  14. tokikake

    16-bit alpha inside 3D-Coat? How?!

    >Carlosan Yes I know, I already have send mail to the support@3dcoat.com ( 2 or 3 weeks ago, about concave brush problem as you suggested in beta topic thank you. I only need to know some developer have test it or not. and I do not hope to send many support mail untill I can confirm clear what is problem and when it cause problem about this Tiff or 16bit alpha issue. >Rygaard I see almost samething with my test about 3d coat brash import option. Today I test with 16 bit alpha psd which I free downloaded. I could import it as 16bit alpha ,in Gimp. And I export it as 16bit Tiff from Gimp. I feel interesting because, when I just use import option, by use + > Open texture file 3d coat generate new brush from 16bit Tiff correctly. (though the guide about "import texture as alpha" is too complex for me, I may not check brightness etc,, with black background) after generate brush , I save to PSD/Tiff. then open the Tiff in Gimp. now it is shown as 16bit but it change channell of the TIFF. when I import PSD and convert to TIff it was greyscale . but save as Tiff in 3d coat it change as SRGB (16bit gamma) and change about alpha channell. but add new 3 chanell ,(and once I load in gimp ,and save again, 3d coat can not use the alpha as height map any more) So as no photo shop user, 1. I can import 16bit alpha Tiff (grey scale) to 3d coat. then 3d coat can generate brush from it . 3d coat seems keep it as 16bit alpha for height map. Only Tiff (16bit) can generate brush as 16bit height map. 2 But there is no way to edit 3d coat brush in Gimp after import to 3d coat brush.(edit specular etc) or lost 16bit quarity of height map) after all, thse problem should be solved when 3d coat perfeclty support "16bit per channell" and format. (16bit Tiff, 16bit PSD, 16bit PNG for RGB alpha channell, exr too) And hope to use same option to edit 3d coat brush as we make 8bit alpha PSD in gimp as layer,,(it is simple and clear, I feel)
  15. tokikake

    16-bit alpha inside 3D-Coat? How?!

    Then I know current way to manage brash alpha is really useful for photo shop user, but unfortunately, Gimp or Krita or Clip studio paint, or paint storm ,, these 2d paint aprication can not manage tiff as same as photo shop. So without buy or use photoshop, other user can not get same result to make brush as 16bit alpha. What I hope is, there is option, to import each layer ”color" "Hegiht map" "Specular" "Erasemask" indivdually to 3d coat as 16bit /per channell , alpha Tiff or PNG. then 3d coat convert it as 3d coat alpha brash. I think (it seems requested) 3d coat can not manage 16bit /per channell, but can manage 16bit/alpha as Tiff only. So I hope to extend it for PNG (16 bit alpha) too. (or non photo shop user can not make ,edit 16bit/alpha brash,) Hope to know non photo shop user how manage brush alpha, in other editor,, (Gimp Krita,, or if there is more good free aprciation which can manage 3d coat 16bit Tiff?)