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  1. Thanks it worked to remove those un-used short cut for un-install. I may try to clean registry later.
  2. Ah thanks I may try CCleaner ,, I got some trouble about other registry Cleaner aprication (do not remember the name though) those app often try to install un-necessary aprication (with installer option), and the app cause problem then force me to up-date almost all week. so I have not used those app. CCleaner is stable enough?
  3. I like to test beta, but one small issue is when I use windows un-install aprication (from windows menu), it usually remain old beta version coat data.. And I can not remove those orphan data from this menu any more. I usually use the tool (windows offer) to un-install many beta versions app, then it run un-install exe,and remove most of files. and directory. but each version of 3d coat remain there. (eg in this pic, I actually un-install most of beta version 3d coat use, un-install.exe of each version, but windows keep to show it as remain, and can not remove it) So if you offer correct way to clean un-install, I keep try to install new version.. (recently, remain those old orphan data is somehow annoying for me) if you describe clean un-install way for betas (to up date new one) and windows (for my case), I appreciate.
  4. Did not you import mesh in paint room, or sculpt room first then import same mesh to modeling room? I suppose it is paint room mesh. (or sculpt room mesh), I often see another room model without intention, then usually keep to open tool which can manipulate each room mesh (about your case you may need to open paint object, then try hide it) For me there seems no real difference between modeling room and retopo room mesh. (so I can swap room, when I need, but 2 room keep same mesh) I just believe, these 2 room difference is which tools will be shown for each purpose. (so to check UV I need to open UV preview window in modeling room, but retopo room show it as default) (some tools seems hidden though) So after import model in modeling room, I keep open UV preview in modeling room. then they show same UV and same mesh in retopo room and modeling room. at same time to avoid un-necessary mesh of different room (sculpt room/paint room), I open those tool to easy hide / or show. My recommend is at first, tweak and customize your room (modeling) setting and show window which you need. As same as you, I actually serch UV view in modeling room , but remember we can open close most of tool panel, then just return it.
  5. I suppose, if it is caused each brush default setting behavor. Random rotate or jitter etc Did you check Brush option panels setting? eg the chain is use Paint with Dabs otpion (activated) as default.
  6. I am really sorry ^^; ignore my fool request pelase. I simply did not check carefully (I could not find it when I check menus but 3d coat 2021 already offer it), yes it is what I needed
  7. I suppose I will send mail for Andrew as request, but should not we have these voxel (or for sculpt) primitives for 2021 modeling room? I know we can use Poli models to start modeling, but basically it can adjust transform data only so we can not adjust property. like edge count etc. on the other hand in voxel room (or kit bash) these primitives are really powerful and offer many options to generate each primitive mesh what we need. eg I may hope to start with cube or sphere etc, but set radius or edge count with options. at current without we made it then add it as models, there seems no tool generate primitives I suppose. (and we can not adjust it , manually need to add edges etc, just to generate primitive as start modeling. many 3d modeling tool may offer such primitives witch can change propertys. eg for grid we may adjust grid count..so we need those adjustable primitives for start modeling not only for sculpt.
  8. tokikake

    3DCoat to Blender 2.93 Applink 'Send' not working

    You are welcome this add on made by user effort, so I really respect their work. then hope it work for all user (and can maintain always)
  9. tokikake

    3DCoat to Blender 2.93 Applink 'Send' not working

    So If you check in 3d coat V 4.9 from Top menu >Edit > Relocate data path, then just copy the path in text editor, it may show default 3d coat data path for V 4.9, and for V 4.9, add on need to set Exchange directory as " the data path/Exchange" for 4.9 work. After you check V4.9 data path , check blender scene which you plan to export by applink add on. each exchange path save with scene. then if it was wrong, set again. and save new exchange directory> save the blender scene> try select mesh then export. When change Exchange path for add on, then try to export , it sometimes take time untill import dialogue open. (sometimes freeze with import material menu open) but usually shut down 3d coat, then run again, and export again , should solve issue. Once the new exchange setting work correctly,, there is almost no issue for me. without you tweak 3d coat to blender export setting (when return mesh and material from 3d coat, it need to keep some option or sometimes it fail then only generate custom 3d coat nodes.
  10. I still hope to separate material from UV set . At current I make some cloghings mat.. each clothings have 5 or 6 sections as different material group (or shader group or mat slot, call as you like) but all material are gathered as one UV unit. (no over wrapping), about this case. I need to decide work flow A or B A simply gather as one UV set, so it remove all material group = I really hastle again to make section for each material in 3d coat (but in original app, they have material group) B use material group as UV set, it means, each mesh will generate 5 or 6 UV sets then 3d coat generate all textures for each UV set. as different name. (get huge data) So we need type C 3d coat use material group as material section, but it keep to use same UV of original mesh. so one UV set may contain 2 or 3 or 5 material as group.
  11. tokikake

    3DCoat to Blender 2.93 Applink 'Send' not working

    I do simple test. 1. run blender, then set 3d coat Exchange path as new 3d coat 2021 default Exchange path. (because it seems auto generate when I install 2021 I suppose) 2. run 2 version 3d coat (4.9 and 2021) , then export mesh. 3 it only load model for 2021 4 in blender change 3d coat exchange path for V4.9 (3d coat data path)/ exchange then save the new exchange folda, then save the blend file to confirm. 5. once shut down 2 version 3d coat, then run again. then export mesh. 6. This time only load mesh for V 4.9. About my case, I change the 3d coat data path for V4.9. then set exchange path is 3d coat data path/ Exchange but for 2021, I think exchange path is separated from the coat data directory = at current 3d coat 2021 always use new default exchange path, even though user manually change 3d coat data path (with setting file)
  12. tokikake

    3DCoat to Blender 2.93 Applink 'Send' not working

    I may try it. I understand what you plan and I suppose it may work (auto set) exchange path for 2021, But if change so, I afraid it can not set exchange folder for V 4.9 as default. all win 32 PC may try to use the new applinks path as default path . (but for V4.9 it need to set different path, the exchange directory should be sub directory of 3d coat data. So I suppose we can not auto set default Exchang path for 2 version 3d coat ,without user set so.
  13. tokikake

    3DCoat to Blender 2.93 Applink 'Send' not working

    As my test I could export 3d coat V4.972 from Blender 2.93 RC2.(windows 10) Then there have been no change about 3d coat add on I suppose. Though I sometimes see 3d coat freeze, with show import setting with app link export, but usually when I re-open 3d coat. then export again from blender, solve the issue. And I notice, for some reason, it seems take some seconds (10 more) untill export it. When there is problem, usually there remain some corrupt Exchange directory. did you change 3d coat data directory recently? I may once open 3d coat, then check your data path by Edit>Relocate data path. it will be show current your setting path for data.. then you just need to set the Path the data path/Exchange in blender scene 3d coat property. (if you have installed 2021 beta, it may cause issue because 2021 now use different directory for Exchange I confirm. do not know app link auto set for 2021 = change Exchange path to 2021 without you notice it. or sometimes I forgot to select mesh, in blender, (then nothing happen. 3d coat add on not auto detect which object you will export ^^;)
  14. I see. Maybe I did not check detail so carefully, but it seems happen always for poligon texture. (fill with polgion selection or use the poligon paint brush) . anyway I may set more reslolution (for this maybe I must need to set at least 4K) to ease this size item texture. but I really expect, auto antialiased added as options for poligon units paint. because I suppose with smart material, we may often select area as polgions. (so fill with material (poligon base) or set paint area by polgion unit) about UI arrangement, I do not hope to make those UV island all along with UV direction, as Yousung recommended.(though I understand it may hide this problem)because it may easy cause stretch (at current UV arrangement is clean enough) for me. but thanks advice. It seems logical.
  15. I remember this issue before, but I suppose it was solved. But now I see this again. I set 2K resolution (and just customize color of smart material fabric texture then keep to use default textures) , is there way to clean paint this area? I tried poligon seleciton , mask (with poligon selection) but afer all, when I use FIll with mask, or directly paint smart material with poligon selection, I see this juggy . Though I suppose if I separate the area as new material (or surfaceI in UV room, I can manage it... because if I fill with material, I do not see this issue. Or is there way to avoid this issue ? (paint smart material with poligon selection tool on to selected poligon only) NO ><) I actually see same issue, with Fill material, between different surface group (material) , is it resolution problem? for this selction I just Fill with surface (material)