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  1. tokikake

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Yes thanks you test. I suppose I may need those settings which you discribed. (set brush size large enough without visible brush alhpa, and set freeze as 100 percent can not freeze mesh as full, then need to set200 or 150 etc. but it seems kind of bug for me. (so I reported here) , basically when we use the option, we may expect one click to get full freeze. (I suppose) with 100 strength. and with ctrl + 1 click need to remove the selected face freeze perfectly, with 100 strength... if it need to set 200 or 150, I can not get what is real full freeze value. Then I do not know why it need to adjust brush size. (it is not expected. ) the option of brush is for color (or fill) each poligon which we selected,, So if brush alpha is ignored (actually we can not change brush alpha), there is almost no reason we color some part of poligon with circle (brush size) I think the option only use the first smooth brush alpha (actually fix the alpha then I can not choose another brush) so it can not color as full but may show smooth area without developer intention . Then about connective picking I have supposed it only related mesh which actually separaetd. but If it related this issue , I check again. thanks. ===== Yes as my first pic already show, it seems use the first smooth brush alpha, so it show circle border, and freeze gradiant. Then digman setting needs to fill with one click ,but it really depend each poligon size.. I suppose if we can still use brush alpha for the poligon select mode. because it actually show current brush alpha effect. (but withou reason, 3d coat seems Fix the brush to use the first one ^^; I suppose)
  2. tokikake

    PBR Smart Materials Store Beta !

    Hi is there good "hair shader material" which can easy apply for poligon dense hair, with use sphere projection etc? I hope to mimic this work-flow with 3d coat, then tried to make map with paint app, but can not get good resut still ^^; hair tutoriall About poligon hair, usually many hair parts UV are layered, but basically most of them arrange UV same way. Or I suppose, spherrical map with adjust optionns, may work.. but anyway I hope to buy good hair shader as 3d coat smart material.. (At least I need good clear high resolution transparent (alpha map), with good glossy texture,, (smart mateiral, or stencil texture, etc) I do not htink, manuall paint with brush alpha may work for this purpose.. so hope to buy product, if 3d coat offer,,
  3. tokikake

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Thanks you really often update and solve issue everytime. Then I hope one more request, if you can.. about new option (use material group when export mesh from retopo >> paint room) I know it is not default option, but I hope to do same thing, when "use visible paint objects as retopo" That means,,, I import mesh with UVset (material surface group), then when import the paint mesh for retopo room, "use visible paint objects as retopo" I hope 3d coat auto divide them as each retopo object group with UV set (UV tile ) too. At current 3d coat simply gather all material group as one retopo group. so even though I use new option, it can not keep material group which have set when I import mesh for paint room. I hope these steps. 1. import paint room with " Import tiles as UVset". (= material group) 2. use visible mesh in retopo room. (and use new option , which will auto divide each UVtiles (UVset = Material group) as retopo group) 3. edit something 4. bake retopo object ( with use Treat retopo gorups as Object (disable) (so 3d coat use retopo groups as material groups (or UVset) Can I expect it?
  4. tokikake

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Someone confirm please,. Freeze with single poligon mode, often miss freeze (only freeze some parts of the selected poligon) or not color as 100 percent freeze. when I set "Single polgion" brush mode, 3d coat stop to change brush alpha. So I suppose it should freeze as 100 percent. (do not use brush alpha) with freeze setting value. but it often can not freeze as 100 persent. (even though I set Freeze degree as 100 percent) And when paint with "single poligon" mode, it seems still try to use brush size.(so I need to set brush size large than poligon) to full paint the poligon. But it not offer brush size as visuall anymore. (so to see brush size, I need to exchange brush mode then cofirm brush size, return "single poligon mode" Same problem happen with Ctrl Freeze (to remove Freeze area) with use "single poligon brush mode", I often use the poligon select mode (brush) then recently it is really annoying to paint freeze or erase area strictly. (it often remain freeze part, or not remove freeze as 0 percent etc) eg 1. set Freeze tool, then select brush mode as "select polgion" , then freeze one poligon. 2. just use Ctrl with Click same area.. it not remove freeze perfectly. then remain as 30 percent etc. So I often need to ctrl click twice or three times. to remove the freeze from poligon.
  5. tokikake

    Blender Applink

    I forget to mention one thing, sometimes blender complain even though you do not activate, default one, if there are 2 same name add on. (so basically I move the default one, then keep it in another location, but if your current work-flow worked without problem, It seems OK. (I actually have experienced same issue, (test too many version, with mix use user add on directory), then remember how I soloved it.
  6. tokikake

    Blender Applink

    From your error log, you seems install duplicate version in your user AppData directory. but 3d coat applink already packed as official, so you should not install this in user AppData directory. If you test another version, basically you may need to overwrite the one in program directory.. So I may recommend,, once remove 3d coat add on from your user AppData blender addon directory. and from blender property activate default one which already installed in your blender package. (then about this add on, you can not change package folda name (maybe, this folda name is used for valuable etc) so if you change version (eg test attached version), you may need to overwrite "io_coat3D" perfectly. I usually rename default one, then keep it (but never activate), then install other version in the aprication add on directory (not user directory). then activate the overwrite version.
  7. tokikake

    Paint: Change the color across a layer?

    After you paint area (with smart material etc) in the layer, right click the painted layer, then you may see some option layer menu. There are some ways I suppose, but I usually use Refill Mateiral. It only pick area which already colored (non transparent area) of the layer, then FIll again with your current material. (or you can Fill with new color without smart material) or you can use "Freeze -transparent area" >> then Fill with color or smart material , should show almost same thing.
  8. Yes Thanks. I still do not know why 3d coat link voxel counts for per unit with Measurement unit ( 3d coat means aprication unit) . Though I understand, 3d coat actually discribe menu as "Define mesurement units" to set those property, (so unit = measurement units) but I do not suppose it is related with measaure tool unit ^^; I suppose,, I can use Scene scale, as you did to reproduce same procedure. I think change unit scale is somehow strange,, but if it is correct manner for 3d coat, I follow the rule.
  9. I finally find better way (not best, becaue I do not think 3d coat words usage about each property is reasonable,,) to set unit and voxel counts as I need. eg Now I hope to set 1 unit = 1 meter. for 3d coat. then it is not reasoanble for me, but 3d coat measurement unit means, actually aprication 1 unit length. so if I change 3d coat aprication unit as 1 cm, or 1 mm,, it means 3d coat change measurement unit. (of measure tool too) And it is strange for me but,, if I hope to set voxel 1000 for 1 units ,with keep the length of the 1 unit, (my setting = meter) I need to set same value for Unit scale. About this case, I need to set 1000 for Unit scale. Then grid size show Unit length correctly. with use measure tool. and when I import model which exported from 1 meter units world, it show correctly. like this if you hope to use 100 as voxel per units, you need to set 100 for Unit scale. (it is strange but actually 3d coat need it to keep 1 grid length) But as I said, 3d coat can not change mesaure unit as real meaning, eg when I measure small mesh,, like 1.35 cm etc,, I hope to see the length as cm not Meter (my current unit length) . other aprication can change measure "unit", without change length, like "0.0135 meter " to 1.35 cm.. or if I set mesaure units as mm,, it may shown as 13.5 mm But 3d coat do not offer way to change mesaurement units, but change real 1 unit length, so I can not change Meter to cm to measure length. (or it show wrong length because,, it change 1 unit length too. (About this case I keep scene scale as 1.00 ( I suppose digman way is actually multipe 100 for scene scale, to adjust for cm)
  10. tokikake

    Blender Applink

    Thanks ^^ It worked perfectly !!
  11. tokikake

    Blender Applink

    I think, if you set textuer node option from "single texture" to "UDIM" tile blender may auto-serch other texture with number,, but 3d coat nodes did not set "UDIM", but use "single texture" Then I afraid it may not work as you expect.. but I may test again. (actually I keep "uncheck "Export geometry" for all export option, so I feel if it not matter of this issue,,I afraid)
  12. tokikake

    Blender Applink

    Really thanks,, I know what seems going on ^^ Actually now I am planining to offer some infomation about new blender 2.82 later UDIM how work. ================== To work as UDIM, blender need to gather all tile textures as one "UDIM texture set", but to work it correctly, user need to gather and set UDIM tile for each texture in UV editor. eg I make "UDIMset1" (blender texture data name). which assgin each texture for each tiles then when we add it in texture nodes, we may only use one texture set name. like my pic. But If we do not make "UDIMtextureset" maybe blender try to serch 1001, and serch other number texture, then auto-apply with UV tile. so I supposed if it may confilict add on way. (add on need not set texture set , but pick each texture individually without make texture set, I suppose.. as far far future,, I suppose if script can auto generate texture-set like blender manner, maybe add on can use it for 3d-coat nodes.. but I do not think it really need, untill there are another case, which may work better.
  13. tokikake

    Blender Applink

    quick report. I see now it generate 3d coat nodes, and try to exchange all texture when I change prefix . so I clear see it almost work. One problem is, if I second export , it now gather textures with new prefix, but somehow miss set texturel with UDIM number. eg the material which need to use 1011 use 1001 textures. hope you check it. (so partially update correctly, with change prefix. ) eg the Leye and Reye material groups are actually locate as UDIM 1011 , then when I frist time export it correctly pick the texture 1011 of prefix. but when next I export, (with use same option, only change prefix), it pick 1001 texture (with new prefix) for eye parts. so something change when second export (I use same option, I confirm) to apply texture for each tile. (I keep using same scene, to do test correctly)
  14. tokikake

    Blender Applink

    really ? anytime I change mat in 3d coat,, (make another set), then when export change prefix,, (save as another name textuer) then it will be rendered as current material without remove link?!! I test again..thanks..
  15. tokikake

    color id maps

    Thanks. as your guide I could see how it works ^^; But I suppose it seems take more time, than other procedure, ( after generate map with use material group selection, then gather material group as one in another app. with use test beta) Then about this case, color ID mostly use as "selection group". So even though we do not use color, if 3d coat offer way to add new "selection group" in 3d coat, and offer as new tab (like retopo object or like material group, or like paint object) we can use it without import color ID map, I felt. (I supposed if 3d coat already offer way, at least fill with Color ID map, but it seems not) I may request "new selection group tool" it is not material group or UV set etc, just offer more free customaizable group for each faces , as list view. in mantis again. (as same as we set vertex group, or material group in another app, or we make retopo group, or UV set in retopo room etc) Then if we have new selection group, I suppose we can use it to generate Color ID map easy..(future request ^^;) Anyway thanks you clear guide, so I can avoid to take more time ( serch around hidden option for color ID ^^; )