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  1. tokikake

    [Feature] Sculpt on meshed with UVs

    I agree, gdball (my main purpose was generate VDM from sculpted and non sculpted mesh delta, then serch around related topics in forum , then found this request) So I just hope to sculpt with keep mesh vertex order. Then If sculpt brushes in retopo room will be offered, I hope it work better than old shape room (geometry editing room) brush, and it can use brush textures normal as same as sculpt room ^^; Anyway I may request again,, after 2021 released. (I understand, 3d coat dev team need to concentrate to fix or fine tune, already offered new tools for 2021 release (directly mail Andrew or open in mantis,, I do not know) I already made almost same topics in forum , sorry , if it bother others ^^; '(I could not think different thing, when I concentrate this issue)
  2. OK thanks The pity thing (for me) was, even though I already triangurate quad mesh (then 3d coat need not triangurate) in blender >> export to 3d coat sculpt room without voxelization >> export to blender 3d coat still change vertex order. ^^; (it never happen do same test with retopo room and use same mesh) (can I request, 3d coat may keep vertex order, al least when mesh is already triangurated (so 3d coat need not to change mesh at all in sculpt room with surface mode ), import and export mesh by sculpt room, keep same vertex order? or will add such option? Because my purpose is generate VDM, so it not matter mesh was triangulated when export. I can use same VDM for quad only version with keep UV..
  3. tokikake

    [Feature] Sculpt on meshed with UVs

    I bump  there should be way keep vertex order, Retopo(with UV) mesh A >> sculpt room , surace sculpt>> retrun to Retopo mesh B, meshA and meshB keep vertex count, (then ideally return as quad) and keep vertex order. Though 2021 seems offer way which improve how retopo mesh follow the sculpt mesh. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbWlDtBGiGA&ab_channel=3DCoat But it not solve as true meaning. I do not think, If I use it, retopo mesh perfectly follow same vertex postion of sculpted mesh (when their resolution is same) Ideally we need kind of multi sub-D modifier, which can keep base as non destructive. At least we need way, when Retopo mesh already sub-divided as high-reso,, we can sculpt it directly with sculpt brush . (surface mode)
  4. I think the reason why 3d coat can not offer sculpt mesh in sculpt room >> turn as VDM , 3d coat can not keep vertex order, when mesh import to sculpt room by triangulate process. To generate Vector displacement map, actually it only need to check delta of each verts in object(locall) space or tangent space from soruce mesh. then usually to get delta value, we need to keep each vertex order. and get delta compare with 2 mesh. (high-reso mesh and high-reso suclpted mesh) So it is not usual Ray cast baking, but need to keep vertex order to get delta of each verts from non sculpted mesh, and convert it as RGB , generate VDM. If 3d coat offer way, with surface sculpting mode, mesh keep vertex order (with apply sub-D option) then return mesh in retopo room , it can get delta of each verts as high resolution mesh. >> then it can generate VDM from the delta. I suppose most of 3d sculpt aprications usually offer way sculpt mesh (with sub-D) , but keep vertex order, as high-resolution mesh). I understand 3d coat voxel work-flow is unique, and can easy swap mode as surface and voxel, then it offer proxy silder etc, but offer option mesh can keep vertex order when triangulate mesh in sculpt room,( as high-resomesh) may offer VDM generator in 3d coat (with sculpt surface mode)
  5. tokikake

    Blender Applink

    Thanks haikalle I have one request it related with VDM(vector displacement map) in blender with use other test add on, with import export blender to 3d coat (and return it) https://3dcoat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/25398-sculpt-with-surface-mode-and-export-with-keep-uv/ I now test the VDM add on (it mainly offered for daz user, to generate vdm map from daz HD morph file), it now add option, which can generate VDM from sculpted mesh and non sculpt mesh in blender. (so we only need sculpt mesh, and non sculpted mesh in blender), basically it is designed with multires modifier, but of course it still work, high resolution mesh, and sculpted mesh without multireso modifier. Then I plan to export high-res mesh to 3d coat sculpt room>> sculpt with surface mode>> return it to blender >> generate VDM to work it, I need to keep same vertex order when generate VDM. then I may only sculpt with surface mode, but 3d coat seems auto change vertex order, when import mesh Sculpt room(trianglulate process I suppose) and Export it. (without decimate). = keep vertex count. (So at least without app-link auto adjust vertex order, even though I use app-link to import, export, it not matter. Can you contact 3d coat dev, about this issue? I understand usually sculpt mesh not need to keep vertex order (at least current 3d coat not support such case for high res mesh), but can you contact dev, or you can solve it by your add on importer exporter, if you can? Of course I only use surface mode sculpt, and not decimate mesh, when return to blender. About other room , I already confirm, 3d coat can keep vertex order, so import , export by sculpt room seems only matter. If it work I may ask the VDM add on author, if I can offer link for 3d coat user. (at current it is test process, but basically it already work to add detail) . then I happend to find another your old topic which related with VDM, so if you plan to add those future, (sculpt in 3d coat, then return it as VDM with your blender add on exporter, ) for blender, I may add link of the VDM add on. ========== Though it not directly relate with 3D coat, but if it work (3d coat keep vertex order in sculpt room import-export), you can sculpt then generate VDM for base mesh, like this then use VDM for cube (non sculpt) as shader VDM node (adaptive sub-D for this test) You can imagine, if you sculpt (high- reso mesh) in 3d coat, with many your favor brush and tools, then return to blender character, now it can generate VDM map. (and the add on alread offer option, which generate VDM with use Blender displace modifier compatible image,(RGB-XYZ) so Eevee still work. (though at current I do not test it seriously) As best,, if 3d coat support simple VDM workflow, (it may more useful), but we may often hope to add some detail as Vector disp , for rig- character etc(then only activate VDM for final render), the test use 1m cube, but it can generate VDM for all UV tile which suclpted. So I hope if I can sculpt in 3d coat but generate VDM in blender with this test add on..
  6. I do not know when I use the option.. I directly import mesh without voxelazation in sculpt room as obj, and export it again as obj, but when triangulate mesh, (for sculpt), 3d coat seems change vertex order. I can confrim it with shape key (I set option for import export always keep vertex order as blender export-import option) , it break mesh. If I only use retopo room, or texture paint room, it never happen. but I need to sculpt in sculpt room . (so even though I could import export from retopo room, it not matter, I sculpt mesh and export it , it need to keep vertex order, as same as exported obj to 3d coat. (so I only use non voxelize, and surface sculpt only) Is there work flow, import high-resolution mesh to 3d coat>> sculpt (surface mode only)>> export mesh non desolve, to blender, then keep same vertex order? If you know work-flow, I really hope it.... The Vector displacement map generator (blender add on) is beta, but it work really well... (it not lay cast bake, but circulate from verts position then convert as RGB, and generate png (16bit) . I hoped to describe the work-flow (sculpt in 3d coat, then generate VDM for blender mesh (you can use sub-D modifier, or multiresolution modifier, with adaptive sub-D) , but at current I can not recommend the add on for 3d coat (and blender) user .. ,, it is pity for me..
  7. The problem is,, 1 I import mesh in retopo room with UV 2 Retopomesh > Sculptmesh 3. only sculpt with surface mode. 4. export sculpt mesh with out change resolution. (not decimate) as mesh sculpted 5. export non sculpt mesh from retopo room as mesh base the improt mesh sculpted and mesh base not keep same vertex order. I could confirm it. So is there any way, import mesh (in another aprciation) >> sculpt >> export mesh with keep vertex order, as same as before?
  8. Hi I now get new VDM(vector displacement map) generator, which can generate VDM from selected high sculpt mesh, and sub-D mesh (which already UV un-wrap) in other 3d aprication. I only need to it work, 1. high-resolution mesh with UV. = meshA, 2. sculpt meshA = meshB (but keep vertex order and count as same as meshA) Then hope to sculpt in 3d coat sculpt room, with surface mode. (so at least not change vertex count and not change vertex order, after import mesh in sculpt room) Do someone teach me, clear work-flow to it work? The complex thing for me,, sculpt mesh in 3d coat sculpt room with surface mode, then export mesh from 3d coat it not have UV. (of course) . I can import mesh with UV for Retopo room, but it can not use my sculpt mesh (can not directly return sculpt mesh to Retopo room as high-reso mesh I suppose) I believe there should be good workflow, (and it may not so complex), but hope to know the clear work-flow. so I can generate VDM as 3d coat scupt delta, for rig- mesh in another aprication, as VDM.
  9. I agree and request 3d coat team keep lock the 0 layer as default, (only offer to show newtral color, normal, and alpha 1.0) then user may add new base layer, and hide layer 0 when we need to check alpha etc) . a few years ago, I heard the layer 0 will be locked in another layer 0 related topic . but the plan seems forgotten
  10. @Carosan just to confirm, A. I have mesh with high-resolution, like 4x sub-d which already morphed and include all delta of detail. as obj A B. I have base resolution model, which only include base morphed delta for base resolution as obj B then 3d coat offer magic button which can bake and export "vector displacement map" from obj A to obj B? about this case, I do not sculpt anything. just hope to bake it (usually it need to work in retopo room I think) If you know clear step, I really hope to know how it can be.. (eg it only need paint room, I hope to know clear step,,thanks,,) And of course when I apply the displacement for the obj B , I need to change resolution level.. (so I may suppose it may better, I sub-d obj B and export it first.. as B' then bake and generate map (source = objA target = objB' /not base level mesh) anyway hope to know,, 3d coat already offer it or not,, because I have only 3d coat for sculpting or baking, (blender not offer function which can bake vector displacement. only offer vector displacement shader node, we can see it, with generated map.
  11. tokikake

    Spline painting help needed

    I suppose those tools may work well for many case (paint on smooth surfaces as convex) , but maybe OP case (path need to align with concave, or large angle curve, it may need to change almost 90 degree in 2 point (eg paint around cube with use those curve paint tools) I experienced strange issue before.. so I hoped if 3d spline tool will work for paint room too. maybe attach problem scene can help to test by Carlosan.
  12. tokikake

    Tweak Room - Transform Rotate Scale

    As mentioned, all request I asked about tweak room in matins (include your request) got same reply. So at current we may better to wait how 3d coat change.. Actually I sometimes use tweak room (geometry editor room) to make morph etc, or move part (in one mesh) temporally, to paint easy. The only clear merit is, in spite of Retopo room, we need not transfer mesh from 2 room ,with use different object. it often duplicate same mesh in paint room. I really hope to know how 3d coat change tweak room (retopo room) with new 2021 version. I already check youtube, then understand it enhance mach, at same time, how it work with paint room mesh. Is there option which auto exchange mesh in 2 room without user need to care difference. (room change is OK, but duplicate etc may not need when move same mesh in 2 room)
  13. From top menu, Edit>Relocate 3d coat, data. Then set directory (folda) which located in another Drive or volume. and check on "Copy existing data to the new folda" Oncey you set the path, 3d coat may use the new directory path to install blush etc. (At least for me it work so, but you may need to confirm if you often up-date new beta etc) (I do not clear remember which version added it, but maybe recent stable version offer the menu)
  14. tokikake

    New selection sets (poligon) for paint room

    I did not try to set retopo groups for UV room.. (Of course I do it when I transfer paint objects, to retopo room,, ) but I may try again your suggested way, thanks" (at same time, I understand it means set each material as each different UV set, so I hope we may need new selection group for material, it not change UV set)
  15. tokikake

    Smart material enhancement for simple decal

    Recent beta versions already count alpha which plug to color in smart material editor. Thanks and from projection view, now it can paint without tilling . So 1 and 2 already solved. Then when test new smart material decal, I found one new thing , then I hope to know how others think, about current smart material way to circluate alpha. With these change (I believe it improve to easy use alpha include textures like png ), I did not notice before, but at least paint with smart materials, it simply overwrite current layer painted are, with current smart material alpha. That means, if I set decal texture (with alpha background) for smart material color texture, then try to paint on the layer which already painted, it remove all color of the layer about background, then simply exchange with smart material alpha. What I expect is, when I paint with smart material, it not simply exchange painted area, but count alpha, then mix with (layered over) with use smart material color texture alpha, eg Now I paint one surface with light blue on layer 1. I hope to use it as base color of the layer.. then I plan to add decal (which include alpha for background) smart material. or add some tatoos which modulate with current forground color. But current smart material not layer over the tatoo, it exchange all color of the layer with alpha, so it change the red base as transparent around tatoo when Paint. (so you may see, Tatoo is colored, but non tatoo area are turn as transparent. To avoid it, I need to set new layer, then only use one decal material for each layer. then need to use mix layer options with base, or other tatoo layers. it may not problem, if I only add one decal with one smart material, but if I hope to use same tatoo (smart material), with change modulate color, or scale, or position, then paint 10 different scale (transform), color tatoos, on the body, I need to make 10 layers. it is not welcom.. I hope someone test it, and hope to know how others think. Then if you can agree, smart material may better which can layer over with alpha. (so we need not make new layer, but keep on same layer, then just exchange scale, rotation ,color etc) , hope you rrequest it too.