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  1. tokikake

    Spline painting help needed

    I suppose those tools may work well for many case (paint on smooth surfaces as convex) , but maybe OP case (path need to align with concave, or large angle curve, it may need to change almost 90 degree in 2 point (eg paint around cube with use those curve paint tools) I experienced strange issue before.. so I hoped if 3d spline tool will work for paint room too. maybe attach problem scene can help to test by Carlosan.
  2. tokikake

    Tweak Room - Transform Rotate Scale

    As mentioned, all request I asked about tweak room in matins (include your request) got same reply. So at current we may better to wait how 3d coat change.. Actually I sometimes use tweak room (geometry editor room) to make morph etc, or move part (in one mesh) temporally, to paint easy. The only clear merit is, in spite of Retopo room, we need not transfer mesh from 2 room ,with use different object. it often duplicate same mesh in paint room. I really hope to know how 3d coat change tweak room (retopo room) with new 2021 version. I already check youtube, then understand it enhance mach, at same time, how it work with paint room mesh. Is there option which auto exchange mesh in 2 room without user need to care difference. (room change is OK, but duplicate etc may not need when move same mesh in 2 room)
  3. From top menu, Edit>Relocate 3d coat, data. Then set directory (folda) which located in another Drive or volume. and check on "Copy existing data to the new folda" Oncey you set the path, 3d coat may use the new directory path to install blush etc. (At least for me it work so, but you may need to confirm if you often up-date new beta etc) (I do not clear remember which version added it, but maybe recent stable version offer the menu)
  4. tokikake

    New selection sets (poligon) for paint room

    I did not try to set retopo groups for UV room.. (Of course I do it when I transfer paint objects, to retopo room,, ) but I may try again your suggested way, thanks" (at same time, I understand it means set each material as each different UV set, so I hope we may need new selection group for material, it not change UV set)
  5. tokikake

    Smart material enhancement for simple decal

    Recent beta versions already count alpha which plug to color in smart material editor. Thanks and from projection view, now it can paint without tilling . So 1 and 2 already solved. Then when test new smart material decal, I found one new thing , then I hope to know how others think, about current smart material way to circluate alpha. With these change (I believe it improve to easy use alpha include textures like png ), I did not notice before, but at least paint with smart materials, it simply overwrite current layer painted are, with current smart material alpha. That means, if I set decal texture (with alpha background) for smart material color texture, then try to paint on the layer which already painted, it remove all color of the layer about background, then simply exchange with smart material alpha. What I expect is, when I paint with smart material, it not simply exchange painted area, but count alpha, then mix with (layered over) with use smart material color texture alpha, eg Now I paint one surface with light blue on layer 1. I hope to use it as base color of the layer.. then I plan to add decal (which include alpha for background) smart material. or add some tatoos which modulate with current forground color. But current smart material not layer over the tatoo, it exchange all color of the layer with alpha, so it change the red base as transparent around tatoo when Paint. (so you may see, Tatoo is colored, but non tatoo area are turn as transparent. To avoid it, I need to set new layer, then only use one decal material for each layer. then need to use mix layer options with base, or other tatoo layers. it may not problem, if I only add one decal with one smart material, but if I hope to use same tatoo (smart material), with change modulate color, or scale, or position, then paint 10 different scale (transform), color tatoos, on the body, I need to make 10 layers. it is not welcom.. I hope someone test it, and hope to know how others think. Then if you can agree, smart material may better which can layer over with alpha. (so we need not make new layer, but keep on same layer, then just exchange scale, rotation ,color etc) , hope you rrequest it too.
  6. tokikake

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Andrew thanks many-update I am trying to save money for 2020 ^^; (I do not know how it will cost when up-grade as pro version) Then about the smart material alpha, how you actually designed it? that means, everytime paint smart material with color opacity on same layer, it wiil be overrwritten with current opacity value, so not layer over? I found some cases, if I can layer over opacity of smart material on same layer, it make more flexible. eg, I make new smart-material as decal (only use color alpha), then I hope to manuall paint the decal around the mesh. with change size or rotation etc. But at current it not work. (because it remove already painted area, with current alpha value) you may see, what I mean, in the pic smart material viewer as if the buttefly green image can layered over on already painted ones (alpha over) , but actually if I paint, it remove with alpha 0 about already painted butterfly. so it not work.. If we can only use one Smart Material with one layer, it seems somehow limit possiblity of smart materials,, or every butterfly I may need to add new layer, then loate new one.. (it is somehow tedious work,, I hope to paint many butterflys without change layer,, with one decal, (change size, rotation, use color modulate etc)
  7. tokikake

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Yes even though I use 8K textures, and try direct paint in UV/texture editor, if I use default UV it remain place I can not paint the pixel. Of course I know there is resolution problem, but at least I expect it need to fill those area as blocky. (so we need adjust mergin) I tried many blush tool option (select poligon fill, or lasso etc), problem area can not painted (some non color area remain) Interesting thing (and it seems improved), when I simply fill material, the problem area now paineted (fill) . but manuall paint (not fill) can not fill some poligons with those tiny (or layered? ) area. mm,, no, it still remain only some part... (not perfectly fill) (though as for me,, I am not pro vendor so do not care ^^;)
  8. tokikake

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    basically when we paint with Smart material, it overwrite the pixels with current material RBG and alpha value? (with keep gloval color opacity as 100 %) then it remove the pixel color which already painted,, with current smart material opacity value.. (so smart material do not alpha over (layered) in same layer) I understand, attach smart material may need to work so... but when I do not attach material, I had thought smart material will alpha over on painted pixel.... I tried to make stencil material (just for test), but smart material can not do same thing as stencill, (try with color map opacity, or set mask) it remove already painted color with the smart material alhpa. on the other hand stencil can paint over (alpha over) . then remain base color (for black part of stencil) on same layer.. I just hope to know if it is expected behavor or not. (smart material made so, then it can not use as stencil without add another layer)
  9. tokikake

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Thanks I will challenge it (though I do not think I hope do same steps to overwrite scene image) and I feel, though I see error message, but actually if 3d coat overwrite image , I did not test it.. anyway if it happen for all user, I may not care ^^; (but report for enhance) but when I check folda, time stamp seems old so I suspect if it not overwriet scene image.. (basically i simply believe " I can not do it" when info window tell me, "No you can not"
  10. tokikake

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Sorry it is not critical, but when I save "scenname.3b" file, (3d coat scene) in another hard drive directory, (in 3d coat user data directory) 3d coat can save the file (of course) but recently I often see message "unable to write file ".../.../ scenename.3b.jpg" like this. It seems when I overwrite same file, 3d coat not generate current scene image. (so not up-date scene image file, but can overwrite current scene 3b) if it caused by folda permission issue, I think it may deny to save 3b file too. so it seems there is tiny problem , when save (overwrite) 3b scene with current scene image.
  11. tokikake

    Blender Applink

    Then if it will work without problem, I usually use link duplicate objects, with material link with OBJECT. we can choose 2 way, to link material. one is link with OBJECT, and one link with DATA. so if you set material link with OBJECT, you can use "link duplicated mesh", in library, (so reduce size) then attach each material for each instance (Link duplicated mesh) It is useful, to keep many material sets (which may include 5 or 10 material slots for one object) for same Object. in your custom material library. (though I still not test,, if I set material link with OBJECT, how app link may work ,,basically I keep to set material link with DATA, then after generate 3d coat nodes and textues, manually change them and save each material set (link with OBJECT) in my custom library for the character, cloth,, hair, etc. Then when swap, I use blender link or append then copy the material sets. for each object. (so I can keep many material sets variation, for same item, without set each slot one by one)
  12. tokikake

    Blender Applink

    I send PM, (forum not allowed me to attach more than file) with 7z file. then you may not clear see, which button I click, but on last of this movie, I click "get buck" several times, with select the object. (which I epxorted before) If I do same-thing without shut down (stop work) and keep connection, it work without problem And I know, if I keep to use same texture name and path to export textures from 3d coat, ,, and once I generate 3d coat node,, even though I stop work, and retrun those textures will be overwritten. (it means simply edit the texture currently used in nodes, with keep same file name and path . 3d coat just overwrite same texture, when export with same file name options, so it not means app-link keep connection, I suppose ><; I can not up-load more than 8MB file in forum and PM so, I made link for drop box,, (could you download it? I seldom use dropbox, so do not know clear) https://www.dropbox.com/s/men4cwee7swodvm/coatlinktest.7z?dl=0
  13. tokikake

    Blender Applink

    wait please ,, (maybe you can do another work untill I export movie, so check again later please!)
  14. tokikake

    Blender Applink

    I think if it to work correctly I need to keep some rules.. with my test with somehow complex scene, after I save both blend file and 3b file, (shut down both aprication), then re-open later, and in 3d coat, " open in original app,", 3d coat generate (export) textures, but not generate 3d coat nodes, and set textures for material which I exported before,, I did not edit anything . then in blender re-select the one which I epxorted, then click "GetBack" button too. (I up-date plug in with in new git 2.92 verison yesterday,, so I suppose I use same version as you) Haikalle, do you think there is exceptional case it may not work? eg most of case, I do not epxort object (FBX) from 3d coat,, because I only need texture,, then use texture name as plefix, at same time I change export texture(obj) path from 3d coat, for each material set (it is related yoohasz question,how manage many assets and keep user made material set witch get buck from 3d coat.) Will it cause mater? And I often send again same mesh, (sometimes I duplicate it in blender, then set different materials (not use linked material to divide original materials) and export and import duplicated one) but when I click "get buck" about same scenes, (already open saved files in 3d coat,and blender) I only get this log which seems related app-link. DEBUG:root: restart_nodes() handler I may suppose,, to keep connection, at least we "get-buck" one time for the object when we "send" untill shut down both aprication. but it is just my guess (I like guess) ===== And if I do same test, (re export same mesh, and texture again, then return without stop and save, (keep connection until return) it generate nodes (of course) without problem. and can change materials. I may try same thing again,, (this time, at least once I generate 3d coat nodes for the object) No it seems not work for me at least with my export setting, once shut down (after saved both files), then re-open both file in blender, 3d coat, then "open in original app" and click "Get Back" in blender, it not overwrite or change materials.
  15. tokikake

    Blender Applink

    I have not test it, because I did not think it may work.. I will try thanks..