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  1. tokikake

    Blender Applink

    If I did simple mistake, but about recent blender 2.8 versions (beta), I can not find this add on. with preference. I usually use Git to make up-date and make release. untill compile, (make update by batch file) I delete old directory, . then it should install this add on in dafault add-on directory,, before I can easy find your add-on in preference but about recent version I could not . (but I see first generate cube always show custom property of this add on still) Is there new change, or I need to manually download this add on and set-up? Sorry,, do not mind please,,,, I forgot this add on is grouped as community and not check it when serch ,^^;
  2. tokikake

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Then I hope to report one problem which I now start to play new beta ^^; (3d coat 4.8.39 SL) windows 64bit (OpenGL) Usually I do not use full window, then I often edit window size, but when I edit window size, by just drug border of 3d coat window, it again and again open start menu,,(of course I closed it), ,I do not know why it happen.
  3. tokikake

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Though it may not cause any problem, but for other new users or if someone hope to know more easy way to use custom user directory, I recommend this link pdf (and Carosan already offer link in 3d coat forum topic too thanks) http://pilgway.com/~sergyi/Docs/CustomDocumentsFolder.pdf so you may only need to set enviroment "path" , as discribed. before I had used the "coat_data_path.txt" but, set enviroment path seems more easy and maybe we have set enviroment path , then know well how to set path (eg install python ,java etc)
  4. tokikake

    Blender Applink

    Yes! I really surprised because, I did not try to import textured mesh, from 3d coat to blender . (usually I start blender, then export and re-import, but sometimes I start in 3d coat, then did not know ,how plug in work with the case,,) and have not thought it is so easy! I really thanks. all your work and AbnRanger tutoriall . ( I hoped , AbnRanger would make blender applink tutoriall ^^, (because there was video for 3d max, and mode ^^; ) I always check and see AbnRanger training video when up-dated.
  5. Yes thanks! then I think, my mesh seems too thin when I generate with swept rotation. as Tony adviced,,, (so it cause double side mesh ) if I set plenty thickness when generate , and remove curve,, and voxelize, seems work.. ( keep thin voxel mesh for bake only, copy another mesh which add more thickness and voxelize,, may work I feel,, I may try again,, this workflow.
  6. Yes I understand what Tony mentioned. but I could not clean it well about the mesh (surface) generated by the swept rotate surface tool. I tried it change as voxel . then scale,, and fill or close hall ,smooth etc , but there seems issue here or there in volume. (voxel arrange is somehow different from usuall clean voxel mesh),, then after all,, test with Surface mode. As for me, I can not find issue about the mesh. but apreciate if you test the file. (up-loaded link)
  7. Thanks to take your time Carlosan. Then as you know, I made this mesh, to test new Swept Curve option (Rotate Surface), htne it seems not work for me. but when I made almost same shape (voxel), by Primitive tool (adjust curve graph) , then Strokes tool not cause issue. I think if mesh made by swept tool (surface mode) can keep edge shape good, but cause kind of problem when re-topo with strokes tool ,, Though there may be workflow, voxelize and clean it. (I could not do it well)
  8. Of course. I hope you test it please. Here is drop box link of the file. vase-surface.3b
  9. tokikake

    Retopo - next big Step

    I really hope it too. I requested it mantis before. because 3d coat already offer kind of soft selection with transform (scale rotate) for tweak room. The problem is the pivot only along to gloval axis , and the soft selection weight only colored for face edge (not for vertices I feel) , then the weight decided by brush alpha. And Ideally hope to use curve graph for selection weight . 3d coat offer many curve option (for fall off etc), then I think it can be used to decide selection weight too. But I get reply , the tweak room will be merged with retopo room (near future). So when merge tweak room with retopo room, I hope there will be more easy soft selection and trans form tool with use curve graph to adjust selection weight (not by brush alpha)
  10. Thanks advice, but when I use measure tool, it is almost 240 mm (24cm etc), and recently i just use default settings about scale things. Then do not know how 3d coat count mesh too tiny etc.. then as you suggested, I scale up 2.5 and increease resolution with surface mode. and try more simple short path, but not generate well. I know sometimes, if the path end or start are located bottom faces, (hard angle), the area cause issue, but usually middle stroke area generate well, but about this mesh (use new curve tool) I can not generate faces well,,It try with surface mode, dense mesh, (wire frame to check) Only bottom area , generate poligons.
  11. I have not seen this problem before (or could adjust some property then do again, it have wroked,,) But about sculpt mesh (made by rotate surface), I can not manually retopo with Stroke and path. it only generate 2 side(first and end) poligons around sculpt mesh. I change stroke ,path more short (just start from bottome to middle height of mesh) but it show same. (only 2 line poligons are generated) Can someone test this scene please? https://www.dropbox.com/s/fl1c0ucuthywvht/vasetest.3b?dl=0 At first I tried to keep Suface mode (sculpt mesh), and change as Voxel mode (with dense), after all not work. change Spline points density high and low, neither not work . So I think I miss use some option,, my 3d coat version is 4.8.38.SL (windows 64bit Open GL)
  12. tokikake

    Save Latice Shape in Primitives

    I think, v377 request (or serch) when we use primitive tool, to import voxel model , we can use lattice, but can not save current Lattice shape which auto-attached,, (save and load lattice option) without save as new voxel object. . I hope it too. (or if there is already way?)
  13. tokikake

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    I believe so ,it is most high-quarity version which I downloaded before (blender cloud, though I have no inention to PR blender cloud etc,,) then Gimp or xnconrvert viewer etc, can load it with color. (hdr version). daz studio too. So I do not know what cuase problem for 3d coat. I tried with directX version too, but it seems same. Then it is just test , (I hoped to see how it look, with use same HDRI for final render, to adjust metal mat) so it not cause me serious problem, But I hope , Andrew test with many format. (at leas about format, which t 3d coat support)
  14. tokikake

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Thanks Carlosan to report. I do not know what make difference to change as grey only about these HDRI, but I tried to re-save as Open-exr with Gimp from your reply. file size becom large,, from 340M to 430M when convert garage.hdr to garage.exr (16k) But when i try to import the new saved garage.exr , 3d coat deny it to open as enviroment map. just , say "incorrect extends, look like png" .
  15. tokikake

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Unfortunately I can not share them.(these are not free downloadable ones) I tried more low res version (eg 8k, 4k) about these maps, but no luck. On the other hand, I can import other HDRI EXR without problems. (So I have not found this problem)