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  1. nguyenhh

    PBR Smart Materials Store Beta !

    got it. Thanks Lesaint
  2. nguyenhh

    PBR Smart Materials Store Beta !

    How do I find out material cost in credits? thanks
  3. I need help/guides on how to install 3D coats contents such as: brush, shader, material... I have downloaded them but cannot figure out how to import/install them. Many thanks in advance Best Regards nguyenhh
  4. Bought. It took me a few days, but I have upgraded my PC to GTX-970. Regards nguyenhh
  5. Downloaded and installed. I will need to watch tutorial on how to use it. Will play around with it today and will make a purchase in a few days. Hope the sale will last a few more days. So far no crash 8-)) Regards hhnguyen
  6. Hi Michael My PC still have the antique GTX-260. Will I be able to use Instant_Light? I don't mind if it runs slow just as long as it runs thanks hnguyen
  7. So I see the $49 pre-order sale is over. hung