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  1. 3DCoatRocks

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    I have this problem with 3D Coat, Extra surfaces (faces) pop out of sharp corners. How do I avoid it? I am using v4.8.20
  2. 3DCoatRocks

    3DCoat 4.7 (BETA testing thread)

    When do we see the next updated version of 3D Coat?
  3. 3DCoatRocks

    Serious 3D Coat bugs

    But my DEEPEST RESPECT to DEVELOPERS for making this software. I feel the developers, we are getting way too much for our money considering the continuous updates we are getting. I would love to know the update price for Version 5, so I can reserve the money for it. I am a student. I saved a lot to buy the professional version. Amazing software still. I would just like to say that when the program becomes unstable and gives you an instability warning, and even if you save to other file. Both fiiles are emptied. this was in v4.0.7 on Steam. I do not know if the issue still exists in latest version, but just letting you know.
  4. 3DCoatRocks

    Serious 3D Coat bugs

    Why is my version 4.7.06 when everyone else is using 4.719? How do I access that through Steam or can I use the license as standalone for 3DCoat? I am sorry for so much rabbble here, but I really want them fixed. EDIT: Downloading the BETA version.Got to understand how to apply Steam License, etc
  5. 3DCoatRocks

    Serious 3D Coat bugs

    I also have the curves file attached here. It simply does not apply when I click the "Apply" button. Tried creating a new file, new root Volume/Surface, etc If this works can anyone please kindly send me the 3D object so I can apply it to my Jet Engine. CustomPipe.curves
  6. 3DCoatRocks

    Serious 3D Coat bugs

    3DCoat DX Version, just in case if it makes any significant difference to libraries and how they are called.CUDA is enabled.
  7. 3DCoatRocks

    Serious 3D Coat bugs

    Dear Developers, This is my bug experience since 30th November on Steam Version. I do have the file I would like to give you in private: - "Reset Hotkeys" Button in Preferences is actually Reset all settings to default - When you press the "End" key, sometimes "The shortcut is already assigned.." dialogue box shows up. To resolve this, I need to restart 3D Coat and "Redefine" it again. - Reassigning shortcuts breaks that function to which the custom key is assigned --> Curves - The "Apply" button does not work to "Curves" when you assign a shortcut. Sometimes you need to press "Reset Hotkeys" (aka Reset all settings to default) in order for it to work. - The Apply Button sometimes just doesn't work. I cannot "Apply" my curve no matter how much I restart, or Reset Everything. I even saved the Curve and it is not working. Thanks, 3DCoatRocks
  8. 3DCoatRocks

    [Solved] 3DCoat CUDA missing

    Hi people. I just bought 3D COAT, and I have an NVIDIA GTX 780M, and I do not see NVIDIA CUDA launch option. I see OpenGL, and DX but not CUDA. Please let know.